20 First Class Gifts for Wrestling Fans

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Did you grow up with WWE/WWF always on as a kid, until the interest carried to your adulthood? Did you have a particular wrestler you rooted for time and time again every appearance he or she had? Or are you here for a friend or family member not familiar with the entertainment style? Even if you know nothing about wrestling this list contains all the best gifts for wrestling fans – because Gift Brilliant said so! (as told by a true WWE fan)

1. Jeff Hardy My Life, My Rules DVD

The best high flyer of all time, Jeff Hardy dives freely from ladders, cages, and the infamous titantron. Anyone familiar with Jeff Hardy can agree he is a stunt driven respectable superstar. That’s why this DVD following the struggle of Jeff Hardy all the way to redemption sparking his WWE career decorated by title reigns and crowd cheers is the perfect gift for any wrestling fan!

2. Shawn Michaels Funko Pop

Heartbreak and attitude, Shawn Michaels has done it all from the 80’s to modern day crowd roaring returns. Sweet chin music after sweet chin music the icon has earned his way to the worth of a merchandise seller – and no WWE fanatic’s collection is complete without some kind of Shawn Michaels’ piece!

3. Eddie Guerrero Tribute T-shirt

Bell to bell and heart to heart, the icon nicknamed Latino Heat has won the hearts of the crowd time and time again. From his sunset to sunrise in the company and unfortunately in life, he won the hearts of many through humor and athleticism. From winning matches clean to laugh inducing creative cheating, sparking the “lie, cheat, steal” motto. No wrestling fanatics collection is complete without this tribute to the deceased legend.

4. TLC Tables Ladders Chairs DVD

The TLC match, created by The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz, and edge and christian. Was undeniably one of the best if not the best feuds of the attitude era, with constant high flying features between all three teams. Add this DVD featuring TLC matches of the duos to your wrestling fan’s collection!

5. Austin 3:16 Stone Cold Steve Austin T-shirt

It’s becoming clear that Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were the top dogs of the industry in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The matches were war between both sides and whoever you chose, both proved a valid entertainer for the masses. If you preferred to sid with The Rattlesnake Stone Cold, this is the gift for you!

6. Just Bring It – The Rock T-shirt

As previously stated, The Rock and Stone Cold were neck and neck contenders, feuding time and time again, leaving the fans to pick a side. If you chose the side of The Rock Dwayne Johnson, you knew the people’s champs many mottos. From “if you smell what The Rock is cooking” to the modern mention “just bring it”, show your loyalty to the legend through this fashionable tee!

7. Mick Foley Greatest Hits and Misses DVD

Arguably but truthfully the most hardcore wrestler in WWE history, from losing teeth, to losing blood, to being thrown from a cell in to a table by The Undertaker. Mick Foley is a performer worth the while of merchandise and a camera following, which is exactly this product documenting his greatest moments throughout his career!

8. WWE 2k Battlegrounds Video Game

Clashing the old vs the new, with a unique standout cartoonish character design, and customizable features. WWE 2k Battlegrounds is an interesting competitive platform for both gamers and WWE fanatics alike. Available for play on three consoles including Xbox one, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

9. Chyna WWE T-shirt

Sided with Triple H and Shawn Michaeals during the reign of D-Generation-X, Chyna was the top dog of the women’s division. Going toe to toe with the men’s division and leaving victorious against the likes of Chris Jericho, Jeff Jarret and others. She’s an impressive fist up for the female fans and a more than worthy merchandise sparker and no WWE collection is complete without a Chyna piece!

10. Undertaker Casket/Urn Mini Title

30 years until infinity, The Undertaker has bared decades of gimmicks, matches, streaks, and title reigns. Up until his recent retirement, which sparked the production of this collectible. A creative mixture between an urn and opening casket to fit the dark image of the dead man, decorated by the number 30 for his impressive career span, this is one gift that is bound to catch the eye of any wrestling fan!

11. Booker T King Booker figure

From decorated Wrestlemania contender to ring announcer of the modern era, Booker T is another legend through time. Feuding with the likes of Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the unforgettable comedic relief of dance amongst rivals. Inspiring kids and adults worldwide to follow the business and purchase such action figures equipped with the kings robe and staff!

12. Rob Van Dam One of a Kind DVD

The athletic and charismatic RVD, uniquely colorful in style yet not to be mistaken for soft. Comes the rare DVD highlighting his career defining matches, truly proving one of a kind as merchandise and as a wrestler alike. Sure to make a valued collective item to any wrestling fan no matter the company preference!

13. Kurt Angle Display Action Figure

The only WWE star decorated with an olympic gold medal, Kurt Angle and his infamous ankle lock, has earned the respect of athletes and entertainers alike. Truly one for the kids to idolize, causing action figure after action figure in release throughout his career span. Specifically this particular piece intended for a stand up display inclusive of his gold medals!

14. Hulk Hogan Since 1979 Hoodie

In the case of most legends mentioned among the yellow WWE logo, most are either deceased or long retired. However Hulk Hogan has proved by matches and general appearance to be still in the swing of things whether it be TNA or WWE. His last matches were recent when in consideration of age and an inspiring reason to get this hoodie showboating his impressive career span!

15. WWE Attitude Era Roster Poster

WWE attitude era poster makes a great gift for wrestling fans

The attitude era was debatably the peak for WWE, perfectly mixing athleticism with attitude and edge. Greatly represented by this handmade poster product featuring sideshots of familiar faces from the era. Including 20 portraits of superstars from the roster, guaranteed satisfaction to the right wrestling fan!

16. Lita Elite Action Figure

High flying side by side The Hardy Boyz aka Team Xtreme, for another valid fist up for the female division. Comes a collectible or for use action figure of the WWE diva Lita, who time after time proved herself along male contenders. Featuring a change of ring attire in box for whatever outfit the fan may choose!

17. Kane Pullover Hoodie

Both trendy and fashionable, this pullover hoodie featuring Kane himself will keep you warm and looking good at the same time. With “the big red monster” printed across one sleeve, this is a gift that makes for a great closet highlight of the wrestling fanatic.

18. WWE Championship Spinner Replica Belt

Before the modern remodel and around the time of the constant holding by John Cena in majority comes the spinning W – the WWE replica title belt for any fan wishing to be decorated by what they have seen on their favorite superstars. For either display or use and carry, this belt makes the perfect gift for any wrestling viewer!

19. WWE Hardcore Championship Replica Belt

Fought for by the most insane in the business of WWE, originating from the creation for familiar superstar Mick Foley. Passing through hands for years and years until retired shortly after the win of Rob Van Dam. The hardcore title is a go-to purchase for the edgy fanatics of WWE more lenient to the bloody and violent matches.

20. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Replica Belt

Clashing heavyweight contenders have fought for this title throughout time, having numerous reigns in numerous superstars until shelved in 2013 in Randy Orton’s hands. Just like the hardcore title, being retired increases the value of this collectible belt. All the more reason to surprise your biggest wrestling fan with this amazing gift!

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