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I’m Amanda, the owner and voice behind Gift Brilliant. I’m a mom, a wife, a writer and photographer, and I really like shopping. Actually, I love finding the perfect gifts for others!

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Gifts aren’t my top love language, but they are still pretty important to me. For every special occasion, I spend a ridiculous amount of time planning unique and special gifts that are perfectly suited for each person. I just love finding a gift that I know someone else will love. However, finding the perfect gift isn’t always easy – and that’s why I’m here to help you!

I have looked into the far corners of the internet to find you the best gifts for that special someone. In my gift lists, I compile the most useful, unique, creative, and special gift ideas that fit any budget so that you are certain to find a gift that fits your needs.

As you may have seen, my children also help me write a few gift guides. They have unique interests and experiences that I do not have, so they are much better able to give gift suggestions on certain topics – such as Anime Gifts or Gifts for Artists.

Eden profile pic

Eden is my oldest daughter, and has inherited my love of gift giving. She excels at choosing unique and thoughtful gifts that most people wouldn’t think to give. She has given me some amazing art and handmade gifts – and while that isn’t helpful for you, I include a lot of the gift ideas she’s bought in many of our gift guides here! Eden loves plants, pets of all varieties, gaming, books, yoga, music, and mental health, so you’ll see a lot of her gift suggestions centered around those themes. You can find her on instagram at @edenfeeden.

Kaiden playing drum

Kaiden is my oldest son, currently a multi-tasking high school student. Kaiden’s gift giving style is very different from Eden’s and mine; he tends to give more practical gifts or funny gifts that reflect someone’s interests and personality. Kaiden loves experience gifts and often recommends those to others. Being a kid himself, Kaiden is our go-to when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for kids and teens. He loves gaming, movies, music, travel, the outdoors, and all things funny, so you’ll see him write about these topics the most.

Many of our gift recommendations are gifts that we have personally received (and love!) or gifts that we have given. Other times, they are gifts that were given or received by people we know who have highly recommended the product(s) to us. And occasionally, we include gifts that we haven’t gotten yet, but we want to because we know they are awesome!

At Gift Brilliant, we’re passionate about helping you have the
best gift-giving experience possible.

When possible, we review new and upcoming products that we think will make an excellent gift option for that special someone. Our team researches, tests, and evaluates the best gift ideas across various categories, providing reliable, unbiased, and informative reviews to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

Our reviews are based on our personal experiences with hands-on testing, market research, and deep analysis of customer input and private reviews. We periodically update our reviews based on changes in product availability or new information to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date gift recommendations possible.

We use our own photos in place of stock photos when possible, so you can see when we are able to have hands on experience with gift recommendations. However, we will use stock photos of items if we no longer have the product or if we just can’t get a great picture of it ourselves.

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