27 Amazing Quinceanera Gifts She Will Love

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Her big day is coming up and you need to find an amazing gift quick! But what do you get for an (almost) 15 year-old girl? We have found the best Quinceanera gifts so that you don’t have to worry what to get for the birthday girl on her special day.

No matter what your budget is, we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift for the young lady and her Quinceañera celebration.

Our Top Quinceanera Gift Ideas

Whether your special girl is having a traditional quince party or a more modern one, these gift options have the perfect present for every kind of girl.

1. Rose Gold Bluetooth Headphones

These black and rose gold headphones are a popular choice and a very elegant look for the lady that loves to listen to music in style. Why go for plain when you can go for (rose) gold?

2. Rose Gold Bluetooth Speaker

Alternatively, gift her a rose gold speaker. Let her own her music while still being fashionable. Comes with a waterproof case as well.

3. Blush Pink Polaroid Instant Camera

Polaroids are back in style! Gift her this pink instax mini (or the black, white, purple, or blue ones!) and be prepared to have her take pictures of everything she loves on her special occasion.

4. Hot Air Brush

Everyone knows that heat activation can make or break a look – your hair becomes more malleable when you add heat and products activate when heat is added. This hot air brush removes the additional hairdryer or diffuser that is traditionally needed. This is certain to help her straighten or curl her hair is record time.

(FYI – I’m way past my 15th birthday, but this was one of the best gifts I gave myself last year!)

5. Artis Elite Black Brush Set

When it comes to the beauty scene, you get what you pay for. Gift her these premium brushes and she’s sure to be pleased with her makeup no matter what.

6. Bow Makeup Hair Band

Everyone knows that you have to pull your hair back in order to do your makeup (and if you didn’t, no judgement) or have a home spa day. This hairband allows her to do just that AND look cute at the same time!

7. Animal Sheet Masks

These sheet masks are adorable and are the perfect way for her to moisturize and care for her complexion. A great gift idea for the girl that loves everything skin care.

8. Smart Beauty Mirror

This mirror allows her to watch her favorite beauty YouTuber tutorials while applying her own makeup. She can also analyze her skin composition, track skincare products, view product recommendations, use a magnifier to zoom in on her look, and use the makeup studio view to try on different makeup styles. All she’ll ever need in beauty materials in one mirror.

9. Birthday Cake Candle Surprise

This candle is a fun gift that has a secret surprise at the bottom! Once the candle has been completely burnt out, she’ll find a ring at the bottom. Makes a gorgeous quinceanera gift that she can treasure forever.

10. Gold Skull Jewelry Holder

This gorgeous skull is the perfect place for her to put her new ring or any other jewelry she may have gotten at her birthday party. For the gold-loving quince girl.

11. Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid blankets are a cool and creative way to stay warm. The kind of gift that’s perfect for the teenage girl that loves warmth and comfort coming from outside-the-box ways.

12. Cotton Candy Pusheen Slippers

Everyone loves pusheen. Everyone loves slippers. Pusheen slippers? Now THAT’S a special gift.

13. Succulent Set

Give her the gift of life with a variety of succulents. For the plant lover or for the girl that loves a little green in her life.

14. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

birth flower necklace quinceanera gifts

Do you want to give your young woman a unique gift that’s special to her? A piece of jewelry like this resin necklace that holds her birth flower in a heart is a lovely, elegant choice for her to adore. This is one quinceanera gift that will be close to her heart, literally and figuratively.

15. Maya Angelou Scarf

Maya Angelou Scarf Quinceanera Gifts

For the girl that needs to stay determined and persistent when achieving her goals. To help her know she has support and is as strong as she allows herself to be.

16. First Edition Book Art

First Edition Book Art Quinceanera Gifts

A high-quality scan of the original book that allows her to have art of her favorite classic. For the book lover or the girl that simply thinks first edition books are aesthetically pleasing.

17. Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

Color Changing Cinema Lightbox Quinceanera Gifts

Does she love cinema lightboxes and cute aesthetic decorations? This might be the gift for her if she wants to see her name or favorite phrase as her room decor!

18. Hot Chocolate Sticks

Hot Chocolate Sticks Quinceanera Gifts

For the lover of all things chocolate. Plus, hot chocolate gifts are just cool, right? Right.

19. Joy of Missing Out Journal

JOMO Book Quinceanera Gifts

Allow her to explore the joy of missing out. For the girls that always turns her friends down but wants to enjoy her time alone.

20. Personalized Song

Personalized Song Quinceanera Gifts

Give her the gift of herself. Artist David Morgan will transform her life into a song made specially for her. Anyone will find this cool!

21. Peanut Butter Spoon

Peanut Butter Spoon Quinceanera Gifts

Finally, a peanut butter spoon. I think this one can speak for itself – she’ll know what to use it for.

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