25 Best Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

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Baby shower shopping can be a bit stressful, don’t you think? You want to get the perfect gift. A useful gift, but also one that shows you are caring and thoughtful. As we all know, prices are going up on almost everything, and baby stuff is no exception. With this guide, I have put together some of the best baby shower gifts that fall into a range of prices from cheap and thoughtful, to even the more expensive items that a group could put in for. Stress less and fret not, my friend. Just take a look and breathe easy. A new baby is on the way!

Baby Shower Etiquette

There are different standards for everyone, so it is important to know a few important details before throwing a baby shower. I have provided an easy to follow guideline to make sure that all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted, for your sake. A baby shower is a very important day. Celebrating a newborn baby. It’s easy to upset new moms, with their hormones flying all over the place. This section of suggestions will help keep her happy.

  1. The new mom, or mom-to-be should never host or plan her own baby shower.
  2. Today is all about the baby.
  3. Know the culture. Some cultures only allow females to attend, so double check before having males invited.
  4. All close family members and close friends should be invited. (Make sure that any evil step-sister who’s sole mission in life is to harass the new mom, is not invited).
  5. Alcohol does not have to be a part of the party. Mocktails or cocktails are an option; however, if the new mother isn’t a drinker at all, I would definitely confirm with her what would be ok.
  6. Invitations should be sent out 4 to 6 weeks before the party.
  7. The host is responsible for the cost of the shower, however, if a few folks want to pitch in and help, the more the merrier.
  8. As far as food and games go, typically baby showers consisted of light finger foods and fun games planned by the host. If you think the new mom may have some game suggestions, or any particular pregnancy cravings, it is perfectly ok to ask her.
  9. As far as guests go, never show up to a baby shower without a gift. The baby registry is a great place to look for some of the gifts. If you can’t afford the items on the registry, no problem. Some of the best practical baby shower gifts are inexpensive. You will find a list that I have put together down below.
  10. Avoid belly rubs or any talk about non-heartwarming subjects. Remember, today is about the baby. The rest of the world’s problems can wait.

Now that we have gone over some do’s and don’ts, lets jump into the best gifts for baby shower:

Why trust Gift Brilliant’s gift recommendations? We won’t overwhelm you with a huge list of gift ideas that people don’t really want. We share gift options that we have personally gifted or received, gifts that others have told us they loved, and a few gift ideas that we would love to have ourselves!

Useful Baby Shower Gifts

When looking for the perfect gift, you want to make sure that it is something that is needed. If you know they already have 250 baby outfits, I will advise you to not buy another outfit. In this section I have put together some very essential baby shower gifts that will bring nothing but pure joy to the new parents.

Subscription Box of Diapers

The ultimate baby shower gift. Yes! Did you know that in the first year of a baby’s life, he/she will have an average of 2,000 diaper changes! Then multiply that times the number of wipes that will be used for each change!

A box of diapers may not cost an arm and a leg, but the rate that a newborn goes through them adds up very quickly. A diaper subscription box can be for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. I guarantee the expecting parents will put this gift on the top of the list for the perfect present.

Hatch Baby Sound Machine

Oh the memories of nights with little sleep and the early days to follow. They say, “Sleep  when the baby sleeps”. That is all fine and dandy until you have a baby that will not sleep consistently, EVER.

Well, there is a magical device for the screaming baby through all hours of the night. A portable white noise machine that can be controlled with your phone. It is also a perfect night light, and can help teach toddlers when it is time to get up.

We have the original Hatch Rest in our kids’ rooms, but there are other options, including ones for adults! This sound machine helps turn your fussy baby (and you) back into your perfect bundle of joy!

Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are a definite must have when you have new babies. When it comes to having thoughtful baby shower gift ideas, a great diaper bag is very helpful.

lily jade diaper bag

This bag is perfect for all of the baby essentials. Large pockets for blankets and toys and all of the needed baby gear.

Portable Changing Station

Newly expecting parents usually have no idea how often babies need to be changed. With all the excitement of preparing the house for their new arrival, potty talk is far from their top priority.

Babies are great at only a few things, and going potty is on top of the list. It may be while you are stuck in a traffic jam, or maybe going for a walk. A portable changing station is honestly a great baby shower gift.

This mat is designed for the busy parents that are on the go. Easy access to wipes, even when it’s folded up. The material is designed for easy cleanup so it saves so much time and hassle.

Baby Grooming and Healthcare Kit

Babies need our help when it comes to grooming. They grow these insanely sharp fingernails and toenails that seem to be sharper than glass.

These little humans depend on us to keep them safe by cutting and/or filing their nails. This kit comes with other items to keep your baby looking and feeling right. 

Baby Bath Kit

Mothers are very protective of their children, especially their defenseless little baby. A great gift to give is something she doesn’t have to second guess.

Babies get messy and need to be bathed regularly. A specially formulated soap designed for sensitive baby skin is just what she needs.

The best part about this set is the natural lavender has an effective way of calming the baby down during bath time. A win-win if you ask me.

Baby Carrier

Having a baby is very time consuming. A baby feels the most comfort when being held. Let’s face it, life would be grand if we could sit around, day in and day out, holding babies. We would be happy. The baby would be happy.

But life doesn’t stop. Chores still need to be done. People still have to eat and shop. This is where the baby carrier comes into play.

It can be adjusted to different sizes, so as baby grows, he/she will still fit comfortably. A mom receiving one of these will be considered a best gift. Holding her baby and being able to clean house at the same time. Happy mom, happy baby. 

Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts

This day and time, most folks are stretched to their last dollar on most days. Prices of everything have gone up, and most wages have stayed the same. That being said, no one expects you to buy the biggest and most expensive gift on the registry.

If you made it on the list of invites, chances are, the mom-to-be knows you well enough to know you can’t come waltzing in with a $2,000 baby crib. Let’s be realistic. Everyone has their own life story.

Literally, anything that is contributed to a new baby, is helpful. I have provided a list of inexpensive gifts that will be needed and appreciated.

Gift Card

A gift card can be for any amount. $5, $10, $20. Or you could simply get a “Congratulations on Your New Baby” card and write a sweet message and put the card or cash inside, for a more heartwarming feel.

Keepsake Box

Mama’s want to keep everything when it comes to her baby. A wonderful way for her to keep many of these special moments together is with a keepsake box.

This one also comes with a memory book. Here, she can collect hand prints and foot prints, the first hair cut snippet, the hospital bracelet and the first lost tooth and many other important times in the baby’s life.

Burp Cloths

Earlier I touched on a few things that babies are good at. Potty time way number one. I will rename that category “Making a mess”. Aside from potty messes, babies make a big mess with food. Either they are playing in it, or spitting it up.

Babies need to be burped after every feeding. This helps get the excess air out of their bellies. A few pats on the back and a baby burp comes up. Sometimes it is followed by milk or food. These organic cotton burp cloths definitely come in handy when it comes to preventing and cleaning up messes.

Baby Blanket

New parents can never have too many baby blankets. I had so many! I made sure to have at least two stashed everywhere. They are not only perfect for swaddling the newborn baby, but they are also great for a shield from the sun, a spur of the moment play mat, a makeshift changing pad, an extra large burp cloth.

Baby blankets are great. They come in all different colors, so if mom likes to match stuff, it’s easy to do with baby blankets.

Plush Toy

Most of these items that have been listed are things that are beneficial to the parents. What about a baby gift? The world is a big place. Lots of loud noises and situations that a new baby doesn’t understand.

When mom or dad can’t stop what they are doing to hold the baby’s hand, who can? This teddy bear can. Soft and cuddly. A perfect friend for the baby to seek comfort from.

Soft Baby Book Set

Studies have shown that introducing books at an early age increases a child’s cognitive skills. This 4-pack of soft books is safe for the baby to play with and hold.

The crinkle pages and squeaker pages are great for improving motor skills. Of course as a newborn, the images won’t mean much, but these books are pretty durable and will last until the child can recognize and identify the images.

Baby Socks

One may ask, why does a baby need socks? It’s not like they are walking anywhere. No, they aren’t.

Babies do need to wear socks and shoes to protect them from the weather, hot or cold, or raining. Also, babies have a tendency to put their feet in their mouth. Socks add an extra layer of protection for that case.

Besides, this might be the cutest baby shower gift you can get for less than $20. Seriously – SO CUTE.


Lip Balm

A nice thoughtful gift for mom during labor is a good lip balm. We typically don’t think about the process of labor, usually until it’s time or too late.

Well, let me tell ya, things get hot and sweaty. And when you sweat, you lose your hydration. Sometimes labor can last for many hours. During this time, mom is definitely not thinking about herself. She needs something to keep her hydrated and her lips moisturized to prevent chapping.

This gift set combines lip balm, belly butter, and leg and foot cream into one cute tin that she can easily pop into her hospital bag.

Diaper Creams

I have mentioned that babies have sensitive skin. I’m here to tell you, diaper rash can pop up so quick, and if you aren’t prepared, it can get real ugly real fast.

One of my worst memories of my son is when he had diaper rash so bad, I had to let him be without a diaper for 2 days. I had creams, but his skin was so sensitive. This was one of the best non-prescription creams, that gave relief quickly (and was recommended by our pediatrician too).

Baby Shower Gifts for a Group

We would all like to be able to afford the biggest and the best perfect baby shower gifts for our friends and family. Some stuff is just really, and I mean REALLY pricey!

Well, the good news is that it is never frowned upon to make a group purchase. Have a few folks pitch in to get one of the more expensive gifts off the registry. I bet she would never expect to get that one thing that she added, just in case.

This will be a great way to start her journey towards being a new mom.

Snoo Smart Sleeper

This high tech baby crib is a bed time personal assistant. It does it all, aside from changing and feeding the baby. The constant rocking and rumble that is similar to what the baby felt inside the mother’s tummy helps sleep time last longer.

The crib can detect when the baby is getting fussy or restless and will increase the white noise and vibrations to help sooth the baby. It also comes with a mobile app that logs sleep times and you can also control the white noise sound, the crib motion, and cry sensitivity.

For more bedside cosleeper options, check out these recommendations from Parenting Nest.

Car Seat

Another perfect gift for a group to pitch in and buy together. A one-and-done car seat.

This is a 4-in-1 car seat that provides 10 years of child safety. It can be used for all stages of child growth. Rear facing, forward facing, high back and booster seat. That is amazing!

High Chair

This high chair is very useful. It can be used with a 3-point or a 5-point harness. It is very easy to transform into whatever size it needs to be. Stain resistant and simple to clean.

The biggest plus about this high chair is that it can also be used as a regular chair to add an additional seat for any guest. A 20 second adjustment and it turns into a full size chair.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Sometimes you want to give practical gifts to expectant parents, and sometimes you want to find that perfect baby shower gift that goes the extra mile. Something special that you can be sure nobody else will give them. Here are a few memorable gift options that any new mom or dad would be happy to have.

Diaper Cake or Diaper Wreath

Diapers are always one of the most useful baby shower gifts, but a diaper cake or diaper wreath is such a cute way to turn a boring present into a special one! I still have my son’s diaper wreath hanging on his wall. It is one of those memorable gifts that I just couldn’t bring myself to use.

diaper cake baby shower gift

Of course, I should have used the diapers when he was that tiny, but it was so special that it was made just for him. This kit will show you exactly how to create a unique baby shower gift that the new mum will surely love.

Personalized Baby Bathrobe

Personalized items just make gifts even more precious. A bathrobe is something that will definitely be used.

personalized baby bathrobe

All of my kids have one and I swear, you would think that was the only gift they ever received. It helps keep them warm after a nice bath, and it is soft and comforting.

Baby Onesie Cupcake Box

This is such a cute baby girl gift. The box contains 4 onesies that are rolled up into the shape of cupcakes.

baby onesie cupcake gift box

So, if you know the gender of the baby, these are perfect for girls, and maybe get some made into sports balls for a baby boy.

Personalized Onesie

This onesie is just super cute! “Alexa, call Aunt ____!” Perfect gift coming from the perfect aunt!

personalized baby onesie

Letters to My Baby

I love shopping at Uncommon Goods for outside-of-the-box gift ideas like this one. New parents can write “letters” to their new baby, capturing all of their thoughts and feelings in those early years.

letters to my baby shower gift

Then they just seal them up and save them to “deliver” to their child after they’ve grown up.

Personalized Blanket

I will say, a personalized baby blanket is a special gift. I still have my baby blanket that my aunt made for me. If you can’t make one, that is ok.

personalized baby blanket

In today’s world, not many people have time to knit or crochet a blanket. However, we have the convenience of online shopping and below I have provided a link to find the next best thing.

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You can find her on her main blog at amandaseghetti.com and on all social media @amandaseghetti <3

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