12 Gag Gifts that They’ll Never Forget

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Sometimes finding an appropriate gift isn’t what you want – but funny gag gifts are where it’s at for a good laugh! Maybe you are part of a white elephant exchange, attending a dirty Santa party, or you just want a good gag gift for your best friend or prankster family member. No matter what your reason for adding a little humor to the holiday season, you’re going to love our list of the best gag gifts on the internet!

Best Gag Gift Ideas

1. Weener Kleener Soap

We’re wasting no time here, starting things off with a fun gift for the guys! Make shower time a little more enjoyable with this donut-shaped soap for his intimate parts. His dirty mind will just stay dirty – they don’t make soap to fix that.

2. Toilet Timer

We all know someone who spends more time on their phone than actually doing their business. It’s wishful thinking that this toilet timer will make them go any faster, but they can laugh about it anyway.

3. Wine Bottle Puzzle Box

Yay, a delicious bottle of wine! But wait… they have to work for it first! This is the perfect gift that combines an actual good gift with a little bit of a prank. BYOB and enjoy your drink while you watch them try to solve this puzzle to get their gift.

4. Animal Paw Socks

A great gag gift for the avid hunter or animal lover, these animal paw socks will make them giggle every time they put them on. Many animals to choose from, including dog, cat, polar bear, and dinosaur.

5. Stop Beating Your Meat BBQ Cookbook

Perfect gag gift for the bachelor or friend who will be forever single. This cookbook will produce an eye roll and potentially a delicious barbecue meal for him to share with you! Contains crude humor, but you probably knew that already.

6. Emergency Underpants 3-Pack

If you want to give the gift of laughter, this gift is the perfect way to do it. For the mom that pees a little after having kids or the guy who over-trusts his farts – these emergency underpants are a cheap gag gift that might actually come in handy when sh*t hits the fan!

7. Dirty Thoughts Stemless Wine Glass

Finally – a dirty humor wine glass that you can drink around the kids! They won’t get it, but she will. Perfect for bachelorettes, new brides, grandmas, and wine lovers with a sense of humor. Give this popular gift by itself, or upgrade it with a bottle of wine for them to enjoy.

8. Cock, the Way Grandma Liked It Cookbook

It’s chicken – get your mind out of the gutter. Learn to fill your kitchen with “thicc thighs” and juicy breasts. Perfect for college grads and new homeowners – and brings a new meaning to “gag gifts”!

9. That’s What She Said Party Game

You’ll be the hit of the Dirty Santa party with this one… and then everyone will want to play it! Think like Michael Scott from The Office as you play this Cards Against Humanity-style party game.

10. Wine Condom

Here’s a gag gift that will bring a hearty laugh but is actually surprisingly useful! Fun and functional, these wine condoms will keep your opened bottles of wine tasting fresh! As seen on the “Today” show and CNBC’s “Make It” and enjoyed by celebs like Amy Poehler and Mila Kunis.

11. Humping Animals Adult Coloring Book

They say coloring is a great way to relieve stress. Laughing is pretty effective too! Good luck keeping your crayons in the lines while you giggle at these inappropriate animals.

12. The Screaming Goat

Love those screaming goat videos on YouTube? Make your own! Press the goat to make him scream, and read the 32-page guide for lots of goat trivia and facts.

13. Funny Coffee Mug

Need a gag gift for your office white elephant party? This coffee mug says what everyone else is thinking: “I survived another meeting that should have been an email.” Just a quick piece of advice… only give this mug if you have a boss with a sense of humor!

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14. The Golden Girls Chia Pet

The Chia Pet was a funny Christmas gift in the 90’s and early 2000s, just as an animal or weird plant thing. But combine the Chia Pet with Sophia from The Golden Girls, and you get a gag gift that even plant lovers will howl over!

15. Screaming Goats Button

If the lucky recipient of this gift isn’t familiar with the famous Screaming Goats, they will be! This hilarious button lets out a goat scream when pushed, which is a fun way for anyone to release their frustrations throughout the day.

16. World’s Smallest Violin

Know someone who just loves to moan and complain about every little thing? How about gifting them the world’s smallest violin and see what they have to say about that! This dollhouse-sized violin model comes with a bow, a case, and a tiny music stand. It doesn’t actually play music, but we’re sure they are able to “wahh wahh wahh” on their own.

17. Shower Margarita Machine (Empty Box)

JK, a margarita shower machine isn’t a real thing. It would be awesome if it was, but alas. It’s just an empty box. Fill it up with whatever you want to gift your person, but enjoy their face when they unwrap this box and see this!

18. Fish Flops

I don’t think we even have to explain this one. These silly shoes do come in various sizes though, from toddler to adult, so you can prank just about anyone.

19. Campfire Roaster

campfire roaster gag gift

This hilarious campfire roaster will do all the roasting for you! Perfect for anyone who loves to go camping… or maybe even for someone who only goes camping when forced. Add in some marshmallows for the total gift.

That’s all folks! Those are the best gifts we’ve found on the internet this year – 21 awesome gag gifts so you can play practical jokes or be the talk of the Dirty Santa party for years to come. Out of all these great gifts, which of these gag gifts is your favorite? Is there something we’ve left out that you think we should include? Drop a comment and let us know!

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