21 Cool Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

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Buying gifts for boys is tricky but buying gifts for teenage boys is nearly impossible. If you ask what they want you might get a grunt or a shrug or you’ll get a list of video games and high-priced items that can’t possibly be met. In this list, you’ll find 21 great gift ideas for 13-year-old boys that are fun, affordable, thoughtful, and sure to please.

That’s right, we are certain that this list of gifts for a 13 year old boy contains something that your intended recipient will love. That’s because we consulted an actual thirteen-year-old boy for approval of each gift idea we’ve shared here!

When your young guy is no longer into blocks and trains, it’s time to move on to the newest technology, novelty items, and gear that fits the latest hobbies and obsessions. Make sure to check out our gifts for anime lovers too! Here are our top picks for the best gifts and stocking stuffers for this year:

Top Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys

1. Candy Care Package

Every teen loves candy, right? For an awesome gift that he will definitely appreciate, give him this care package full of popular candies. This assortment is fun and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

2. Axe Throwing Target Game

Want to cut down on his screen time and give him a cool gift to get him outside? This foam axe throwing game is a great way to do just that! The entire family can have fun – indoors or outside – challenging each other to see who can get the highest score.

3. “I Paused My Game” Hoodie

Teens love hoodies and this one has a funny but probably true message. If he’s into video games, he will love this gift. Available in different colors.

4. Laser Tag Set

This was recently a Lighting Deal on Prime Day, and it is one of the best gift ideas! Your teen will love playing this fun game with his friends – and the whole family. This high quality laser tag set comes with enough gear for four people and is rechargeable. (This gift is totally worth it – check out the rave reviews online to see for yourself!


This bestselling book covers essential boyhood skills such as such as building tree houses, learning how to fish, finding true north, and more.

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6. Bluetooth Beanie

Help him keep his head warm while he listens to his favorite music! This beanie has a Bluetooth speaker inside, so he can jam out as he rides the bus to high school.

7. Big Joe Chair

One of our top gift ideas for the teen years, this comfy chair is compact and portable. It’s also easy to clean which is perfect for teen boys! (And let’s be honest – for teenage girls too.)

8. Catan Board Game

f he likes playing board games, or if you’re looking for a great game that he will enjoy on family game night, Catan is a good gift to get. My 13 year old loves this game, and our only regret is that we don’t play it enough! It’s a great strategy game and is so much fun for the young teens and adults in the family.

9. Portable Power Bank

Don’t let a dead battery keep your teen from keeping in touch with friends or calling you to check-in. This portable power bank will keep all of their electronics fully charged.

10. Portable Speaker

Teens can take their music anywhere they go with this portable speaker. It may even encourage them to spend some time outdoors!

11. Basketball Mug/Bowl

He can shoot hoops while he eats breakfast. This mug is perfect for cocoa, cereal or other yummy treats. What sports-loving teen boy wouldn’t love this?

12. Mini Can Fridge

He can keep his favorite soda right at his fingertips with this mini can fridge. Does he NEED his own mini fridge? Definitely not. Would it be a special gift that he would love to brag to his friends about as he turns his bedroom into a mini man cave? Absolutely. It’s portable too!

13. Solar Robot Kit

As a mom and former teacher, I love educational birthday gifts. This solar robot kit just happens to be a STEM activity that my own son approves of! It is perfect for teen boys who love science and building. The pieces can be configured into 12 different possibilities.

14. Stereo Gaming Headset

Every game-loving teen needs a great headset. This one is an excellent choice with built in lights and microphone and works great with all the major gaming systems.

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15. Wreck This Journal

Artistic and creative teens will love “destroying” this book to create something as unique as they are.

16. Mini Quadcoptor

Teens love RC cars and drone and this quadcopter is a lot of fun in a little package. It’s easy enough for a beginner and is easy to store because of its compact size. If you live near the water, this RC boat is another good idea!

17. Survival Kit

Does your teen love spending time in the outdoors? This emergency survival kit is ideal for all outdoor lovers.

18. Color Changing Light

Help your teen change up the look and feel of their room with this color changing light. It has 4 colors with 12 shades and several flashing effects. Works in any standard light fixture.

19. Nintendo Switch

This handheld and portable personal gaming system will be a hit throughout their teenage years. My kids LOVE playing on the Switch. Pair this with a couple popular games, or add in a gift card for them to buy their own.

20. Blue Blocker Glasses

Protect your 13-year-olds eyes from harmful blue light rays emitted by most electronics. Blue blocker glasses are comfortable and stylish.

21. Electric Skateboard

This has been a popular gift in our area, as I see teens and young adults riding them all the time! With 3 speed modes, your teen will have a blast riding around (without going at breakneck speeds). Don’t forget to grab a helmet too!

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