23 Top Gifts for Anime Lovers

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You may not be the biggest anime fan, but chances are you know someone who is. You don’t have to know the difference between Goku and Kakashi to give the perfect gift. Here are our top gifts for anime lovers, chosen exclusively by true anime lovers. (And trust us, your gift recipient will go Super Saiyan over these.)

Top Gifts for Anime Lovers

It’s An Anime Thing Sweatshirt – Quite possibly the most accurate sweatshirt anyone can give an anime lover, because there’s a good chance we definitely don’t understand. Available in black, red, and pink.

Naruto Desk Lamp – This LED lamp has a 3D effect with 16 different color options – all accessible by remote control! A great gift for any Naruto fan.

Pikachu Cosplay Kakashi Model – For the anime lover who enjoys Pokemon and Naruto, gift this model of Pikachu dressed as Kakashi! Great detail and quality.

My Hero Academia Charm Bracelet – This bracelet is full of charms representing characters from the anime manga series My Hero Academia.

Anime Girl T-shirt – Just a shirt for “Just a girl who loves Anime.” Comes in a variety of colors and fits (youth, women’s fit, or men’s).

If It’s Not Anime T-shirt – Fun and cheeky t-shirt for anyone who loves anime and video games – text says “If it doesn’t have to do with anime, video games, or food, then I don’t care.” If that doesn’t scream angsty teen, I don’t know what does.

Tokyo Ghoul Hoodie – Stylish sweatshirt for men or women, this hoodie displays a large Tokyo Ghoul design. Multiple colors and design styles available.

Doggo Plush Toy – The beloved Shiba Ibu dog in a super soft overstuffed plush. Much adorable. Very fluff.

Super Saiyan Tank Top – This works whether your anime lover is also a fitness fanatic or if they just have a heck of an explosive personality. “Training to go Super Saiyan” on a black, red, or blue background.

Anime PopSocket – This “I’d rather be watching anime” PopSocket fits on the back of a phone to make holding or propping easier. You know, to watch anime even longer.

Naruto Bifold Wallet – This Naruto bifold wallet features orange canvas, blue faux leather, and a “Naruto” text design displayed across the back. The metal badge features the symbol for Hidden Leaf Village across the front. Officially licensed Naruto fan merchandise.

Dragon Ball Z Mug and Coaster Set – This magic mug and coaster set features a heat-change design. Watch Goku and Buu’s epic battle unfold as your drink heats up or cools down!

Naruto Leaf Village Necklace – This necklace features a charm representing Naruto leaf village. Simple yet makes a statement.

3-in-1 Backpack – Luminous backpack, shoulder bag, and pencil bag absorb light during the day and glow in the dark. Additional styles available with USB phone charging options.

Japanese Candy Gift Box – This assortment of 30 pieces of Japanese candy that will satisfy any anime lover’s sweet tooth.

Dragon Ball Z T-shirt – I’m not Saiyan, I’m just Saiyan. This shirt is going to make someone Goku koo. Available in multiple colors, but we all know they will want the black shirt.

Drawing Tablet – For the future anime artist, this drawing tablet board kit connects to the computer to provide easy drawing capabilities. Pair it with the How to Draw Anime book for a complete gift.

I Only Care About Anime Shirt – This might only be a good gift if you’re one of those “maybe 3 people.” But it’s worth the chuckle either way.

Ceramic Tea Pot Set – This Maneki Neko ceramic tea pot set serves four people. Contains 1 teapot (20oz) with strainer and wooden handle, and 4 tea cups packaged in a set box.

Eevee Makeup Brush Set – This 9 piece makeup brush set covers all your makeup and contouring needs.

Dragon Ball Z Herb Grinder – Premium 3 piece herb grinder crafted with zinc alloy and quality aluminum. Comes with bonus scraper and gift box.

Sailor Moon Music Box – This anqique-style engraved wooden music box makes a beautiful gift for the Sailor Moon fan.

Buildable Pokemon Figure – Buildable Gyarados figure with fully articulated body for ultimate poseability. Stands at 9 inches long.

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Anime Lovers

If you aren’t an anime lover yourself, it can be difficult to buy a gift about something you don’t understand. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect gift that your anime lover will truly love:

Find a witty t-shirt

Once you know which anime title they love the most, find a fun t-shirt or sweatshirt that represents a main character. Whether you’re going with a Pikachu shirt, a Sailor Moon hoodie, or a generic anime top, you can’t go wrong!

Grab an original book or recording

Look for a boxed set of their favorite books or TV shows. Bonus points if you find a collector’s item!

Choose anime-themed items they can use

Household items like an apron or bowl set, or even a bath towel can be a fun and useful gift for your anime lover.

Go for anime decor

Keep it simple with a poster or go all out with a beautiful canvas.

Opt for Japanese-themed items that aren’t anime specific

Gift them a delicious dinner at your local sushi restaurant, perhaps grow a bonsai tree together, or hand over a gift box of snacks they can’t resist!

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