17 Hilarious Meme Gifts to make you LOL

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Memes. They get us through the work day, the school day, and through our time in the bathroom. Whether you are a fan of dank memes, dark memes, or wholesome memes, there are funny memes out there to suit your particular personality and humor. Use our collection of the best meme gifts to share a laugh with your bro — after all, what could be a better gift than a laugh??

Best Meme Gifts of All Time

What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game for Meme Lovers

This card game is the meme version of cards against humanity, and is hilarious, but for adults. (Seriously, this isn’t a game for kids - it's intended for ages 17+.) What Do You Meme is the perfect gift for someone who loves memes as much as they love playing games.

(FYI - I personally allow my 13 year old to play this game with adult family members, but I did screen every card and remove the more "questionable" ones.)

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Well That's Not A Good Sign T-Shirt

Stating the obvious, this is not a good sign. But, the fact that anyone that who gets it will be happy, is kind of a good sign. Your gift recipient will enjoy the smiles this shirt brings. Comfy pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt, regular fit, lots of different colors to choose from.

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The YEET Button

The yeet button is the ultimate meme, but a terrible gift for your kids if you don’t appreciate annoying sounds. Hit the yeet button as you toss stuff around the house. Yeet the laundry into the washer, even. It makes life more fun!

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Funny Stonks Banner/Flag

This stonks flag is a great meme gift for anyone who is into stocks or finances. Made of 3x5 feet of durable polyester fabric, this flag has grommets to easily and safely display this hilarious piece of home decor awesomeness.

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That's What She Said Easy Button

Fans of The Office probably hear Michael Scott in their heads any time someone says something with a slightly dirty meaning. With one of the most famous lines, this “That’s What She Said” button sounds just like everyone's favorite boss. Guaranteed to get a good laugh, you’ll want to hit it all day (TWSS).

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Ok Boomer Candle

Giving funny gifts is my favorite thing to do. This handmade soy candle confidently mocks the Boomers in the room. The perfect mix of a gag gift, a meme gift, and a gift for a grandparent - this is actually a really nice candle that they will enjoy using! Choose from a variety of scents (bamboo coconut is our favorite).

You HAVE to click through to see other candle options, including the WAP scented one and one with Bernie and his mittens.

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Bob Ross Meme Mug

The best way to enjoy a warm beverage is by drinking from an awesome mug. The perfect combination of Drake and Bob Ross memes, this ceramic mug will bring a smile to anyone's face who uses it. It’s definitely not a mistake, or even a happy accident, to gift this meme coffee mug!

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Barry Wood Funny Light Switch Decal

Listen. I'm not explaining this one. IYKYK. It's a decal that can be applied above a light switch. When the light is on, it's on. *blush* Makes a great gag gift for meme fans with questionable humor lol.

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St. Nicolas Christmas Ornament

If you're looking for a dirty Santa or gag gift this holiday season, you can't go wrong with this Saint Nicolas Cage Ceramic Christmas ornament.

This 1-sided Nicolas Cage face design is crafted from a high-quality ceramic material so this national treasure's face will last a lifetime. Even the ribbon for hanging is included so St. Nicolas can jump right onto the Christmas tree.

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Meme Stickers

Pretty obvious what this is. It's a bunch of stickers - 100 to be exact - of the best memes on the internet. Game of Thrones meme, hooray kid meme, The Shining meme, cute cat meme, Dwight Schrute meme... much meme. Such laugh. Many fun. Wow!

(Psst: we think these make a great stocking stuffer, and even would be an awesome gift for a middle or high school teacher with a sense of humor!)

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The Child "When Your Song Comes On" T-Shirt

The Child is never wrong, even when it comes to music. This is a great gift idea for any Star Wars lover (or Mandalorian fan) to jam out with!

Available in men's, women's, or child sizes, with various color options to choose from.

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MEME Desk Mats XL 1 #Rage Faces

Maybe the most popular internet meme, this desk mat is covered with a variety of rage faces. Not only is this item funny, but it's useful for keeping surfaces free from scratches and stains. Made with a smooth polyester surface and a non-slip natural rubber base. Durable, long lasting without fraying or pilling. Optical and laser mice are supported.

I actually just ordered this for my son, since his glass top desk requires a mouse pad. Can't wait to see his face!

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Mulan Dishonor Coffee Mug

You may be familiar with the dank meme… but this is the Disney meme. I bet you can't read this without hearing it in Mushu's voice. This funny coffee mug is great for someone who likes to laugh as much as they love Disney and coffee.

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Doge Plushie Pillow

The Doge meme has been here for a long time, but I still don’t know how to pronounce it. Who cares? This Shiba Inu is the most adorable doggo ever and has captured basically all of the meme lovers’ hearts. Much floof. Very bark.

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This is Fine Dog Pop! Vinyl Figure

We can all identify with the hot mess express "This is Fine" Dog meme. This limited edition Pop! Vinyl figure is a must-have for any meme lover. One of the best gifts for someone who needs to be reminded to stay calm, it's all ok.

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Grumpy Cat T-Shirt

We can’t end our list of meme gifts without the MVP himself – Grumpy Cat! This t-shirt is the perfect mix of Grumpy Cat, the State Farm tagline, and the feelings of everyone over the past few years. SIX FEET!

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