19 Best Gifts for Minecraft Lovers

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Looking for the best Minecraft gifts for someone who would rather play the game than eat or sleep? We’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best gifts for Minecraft lovers – whether you know anything about Minecraft of not! Check out these top Minecraft gift ideas for kids and adults that they will absolutely love!

Cool Minecraft Gifts for Kids

1. Minecraft Sticker Collection

These 50 colorful Minecraft stickers feature everything from mobs of the game to items and YouTuber icons. Ideal for any Minecraft super fan who loves to slap some awesome stickers…well…anywhere!

2. Glowstone Lamp

If you’re looking for super cool Minecraft bedroom decor, this Minecraft lamp is perfect for the lighting up your gamer’s room! At 14 inches high, this LED lamp makes a great accessory for their bedside table.

3. Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch

Take your Minecraft game to your Nintendo Switch with this action-packed fun for the family multiplayer game. With dungeon after dungeon to explore and conquer and multiple upgradable items. From start to finish, this game is ideal for the Minecraft fan! (also compatible with other consoles)

4. Minecraft Mini Mobs

Cute and compact figurines of the infamous Minecraft mobs including a Zombie, Enderman, Creeper, and Ghast. These pieces are fitting for the shelf display of any Minecraft fanatic!

5. Minecraft Diamond Sword

No Minecraft fan’s home is complete without this diamond sword. Inspired by the in-game combat machine of the diamond sword in real life form. Your little fan will enjoy hours of fun pretending to play Minecraft in real life!

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6. Minecraft Light-Up Building Blocks

This cool Minecraft toy doubles as a functional light! Including 16 blocks to rearrange into various combinations. This gift is another piece made to light up the Minecrafter’s home creatively while providing entertainment and fun.

7. Minecraft Pig House LEGO Set 

Complex yet creative, this LEGO and Minecraft mashup delivers the perfect gift for any Minecraft and LEGO fan! With 490 pieces, this is one cool Minecraft toy that both the kids and adults will enjoy playing with. (Recommended for kids 8 and up)

8. Minecraft Potion LED Lamp

Whether its combat or a liability in enhancing the Minecraft experience, potions are a big part of the building based game. That’s why this light up color varying LED lamp is perfect for you to keep at your nightstand year round!

9. Ender Dragon Plushie

The game ending boss of the iconic game turned cute and cuddly plushie for the collector or the kids, this adorable Ender Dragon is ideal for almost any gamer!

10. Underwater Minecraft LEGO Set

The underwater update was no doubt a great addition to the game, adding dolphins, treasure, sunken ships and much more to explore. This Underwater Minecraft LEGO set is an amazing mixture of two favorite brands and a great toy to build and display!

11. Minecraft Beekeeper LEGO Set

The wholesome intentions of the save the bees movement collided with Legos and Minecraft to form this Minecraft Beekeeper LEGO set. What more could you ask for in this buildable nature based game aesthetic!?

12. Minecraft SquishMe Series 2

Combining the mystery pack joy with the stress ball feeling of these squishes, the Minecraft “Squishme” series is a must have for the collector! With numerous mobs and a unique opening to individual packs, cross your fingers and hope for your favorite mob with this cute gift!

13. Minecraft TNT Storage Box

Based on the infamous TNT block, this Minecraft storage box is accurately depicted down to every pixelated detail. Perfect for storing all the best Minecraft toys – or even to be used as a gift box for Minecraft Christmas gifts!

14. Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements Poster

Science fan and gamer? This Minecraft periodic table of elements poster is perfect, as it parodies the periodic table in Minecraft form!

15. Minecraft Story Mode for Xbox One

For the fans of a campaign who want a story based Minecraft game, this is perfect for the fan and follower especially when made by the company Telltale! (also compatible with other consoles)

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16. Minecraft Wolf Companion Plushie

Name a better companion than the original Minecraft Wolf! Many can’t as it’s the go-to for exploring the biomes by yourself or with friends. That’s why this replica plush is perfect for cuddling or displaying on your bed year round!

17. Diamond Armor Steve Funko Pop

An Amazon Choice product, modeled after Steve coated in full diamond armor, this Funko Pop is a perfect gift choice for the collector or combat based Minecraft veteran!

18. Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

We can pretty much guarantee if you buy this Minecraft creeper hoodie for your favorite fan, it will never get taken off! With a full zip-up feature that encloses the head like a mask (with net safety panels, of course), this hoodie is great for daily wear to stay warm as well as for role play or an easy Halloween Minecraft costume!

19. Minecraft Creeper Mug

We know not every Minecraft fan is a kid, so we want to include some Minecraft gifts for adults too! This square creeper face mug is high quality for either hot or cold drinks. Microwave and dishwasher safe too!

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