20 Beatles Gifts for Beatles Fans

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Debatably the best band of all time, The Beatles paved the way for many unique musicians. It’s no surprise that in addition to creating some of the most amazing songs and albums, they also attracted millions of loyal fans – including myself! For all the fans of the Beatles out there, from the avid collectors to those of you who are just looking for a unique gift for the Beatles lover in your life, we have some great gift ideas for you. Here is our list of the best Beatles gifts on the web today!

Best Beatles Gifts and Collectibles

The Beatles LEGO Art – Searching for a challenge for yourself or a loved one this season? Are you as much of a LEGO fan as you are a fan of The Beatles? Why not combine the two with this collectible Beatles LEGO building kit?

With 4 different build options, you can create, destroy, and build again – or display your masterpiece on a shelf.

The Beatles Here Comes The Sun Music Box – Music boxes aren’t just for kids! Cutely compact and portable, play this beautifully decorated music box and hear the heart and soul of Abbey Road Studios.

Here Comes The Sun is a favorite song that defined decades of positivity and optimism. This is one trinket that fellow Beatles fans would love to have as a desk ornament or adornment on their bedside table.

The Beatles Guitar Picks – Whether it be displayed or used by a guitar player, follow the footsteps of the iconic decade defining legends with your own guitar picks themed and based around The Beatles.

Including an impressive fifteen guitar picks, featuring the colorful or monochrome familiar faces and album covers. Strum away to the tunes of your favorite Beatles song!

The Beatles Drums Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers – Do the Beatles metaphorically bring you flavor? To your ears and general mood, spicing the room through each rotation of their records. Well with this product you can make it quite literal, theming salt and pepper shakers off of the legendary group is sure to make for lovely home decor for your lucky gift recipient!

The salt shaker has The Beatles printed on its face, while the pepper shaker features Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The Beatles Hot Wheels – Do you ever see a product in a store and think to yourself how in the future it will most likely be a rare collectible? Well in a sense of foreshadowing, this is probably one of those products. Tending to rake in a large asking price years down the road, seeming to only see them rarely while bidders run wild with financial ranges. So grab one while you can and proudly say you hold a rare milestone to Beatles merchandise!

The Beatles Monopoly Board Game – The Beatles signature yellow submarine, clashed with the creative family friendly go to board game. A wonderful layout of the colorful and wonderful Pepperland, based on the movie and album. The game makes for a very fun family get together featuring 6 play pieces and 22 locations. Get your Monopoly set and plan a fun game night!

If you’re a true fan, test your knowledge with the Beatles Trivial Pursuit Game too!

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Yellow Submarine DVD – Journey down the roads of Pepperland in this 1968 musical animated film, for the entertainment of children and the admiration of adults. One for the elders and the kids, all around the household! Sing along with your favorite Beatles songs as you watch this classic.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Hot Wheel set – Fan of the hipster aesthetic formed by The Beatles film and album concept? Perhaps you wish for your kids or youth you know to share interest in good music through toys. Either way, to whatever your preference may be, this set inclusive of 6 colorful packaged hot wheels themed around the group, is a great example for either preference!

The Beatles Abbey Road poster – Is there anything better than this side view shot of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison? The group who managed to trademark the simple concept of crossing a crosswalk symmetrically. In addition the ear blessing album they used this cover art for, arguably being the best and most recognizable Beatles album.

This Abbey Road poster is one piece of fun decor that belongs on every Beatles fan’s gift list!

The Beatles Abbey Road jigsaw puzzle – Picture this… listening to your favorite Beatles records, drinking something yummy from your home bar, and putting together this awesome jigsaw puzzle of one of your favorite albums.

One of the best things Beatles fans love is when a personal hobby collides with their favorite band – as in this 1000 piece puzzle of the 1969 Beatles Abbey Road release. They will love to piece this together with the family and friends over and over again!

The Beatles gift handwritten lyrics display

The Beatles original handwritten lyrics display – This unique Beatles gift is the kind of piece you would see on a wall display at a family friendly beloved local diner, or even on one of the band members walls. Framed for safe keeping is this collection of The Beatles original handwritten drafts of lyrics. Including an impressive 10 songs across all the handwritten pieces, you’ll find Here Comes The Sun and the infamous Hey Jude. This is one gift that a true Beatles fan would be thrilled to receive!

Beatles Abbey Road Ceramic Coaster Set – Officially licensed Beatles merch is a great way to keep your table clean and display your favorite band at the same time! This ceramic coaster set makes a great stocking stuffer for your favorite fan or an every day personal gift for the music buff who cares about furniture and home decor as much as classic tunes.

I say hello, You say goodbye doormat

I say hello, You say goodbye doormat – For the welcoming and for the leaving, this doormat of The Beatles iconic stroll down Abbey Road has it all. Approaching a gift to those both in and out the door of your home or any other desired location for the mat to fit. Sparking conversations to any fellow follower of the group, all within one visit. Grab this beautiful porch decor now and enjoy the topic among guests!

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The Beatles Abbey Road figurines

The Beatles Abbey Road figurines – What better way to show your loyalty and idolization of any pop culture piece, than some good old fashioned desktop figurines. This 3D printed and hand-painted set is a unique item any Beatles fan would love. Grab this desktop topper today for a valuable piece to start or continue a collection!

The Beatles light up bottle

The Beatles light up bottle – For the fans with the vsco style aesthetic appreciative of the pieces to fit beside a tapestry. Note this product for the room scattered by beautifully dim lights, to match the vibe of the wonderful atmosphere. Formed from the appearing wine bottle, transparent and decorated by all four members of The Beatles and aesthetically pleasing lights on the inside. Pick up this very worthy unique piece today!

The Beatles pin button collection – Looking for a small and subtle nod to the fab four being The Beatles? This collection set of pins is the perfect gift for you and your fanatic following! Perfect for many locations whether it be your backpack, camera bag, jackets, or purse. With 17 buttons to choose from, you’ll be able to put them everywhere!

Magical Mystery Tour Beatles VHS night light

Magical Mystery Tour Beatles VHS night light – Rainbow atmosphere beautifully produced, especially when brought to you by none other than The Beatles and their timeless classic VHS. The classic hippy style sparking an infinitely colorful feeling brewing positivity and peace all within this battery charged product. Whether it be an ironic ownership to no use for the collector or an actually useful night light for the kids. Grab this piece for an epic collection!

The Beatles Albums Collage Poster – Undoubtedly The Beatles have had numerous releases whether it be full length albums, deluxe editions, remastered projects, or compilations. This product immediately portrays the feeling of a record shop in your own home, inclusive of countless titles across the artists discography. Spanning everywhere from pieces in the 60’s to modern pre recorded releases, The Beatles always prove to weather the storm decade by decade remaining familiar until infinity.

Handcrafted Abbey Road Stained Glass

Handcrafted Abbey Road Stained Glass – An absolutely epic Beatles gift, this piece is arguably the most impressive on the list. With the talent of crafting stained glass, this is all worth the value for the Abbey Road theme. Perfectly hit by the sunlight or moonlight for the artistic eye and fanatics yearning for the view of beauty. Whatever the purchase is fueled by this is the ideal gift for any Beatles fan.

Beatles Handmade Wooden Candle Holder

Beatles Handmade Wooden Candle Holder – Silhouettes formed uniquely by light rather than darkness, comes the perfect gift for any upcoming season to your friend or family familiar to The Beatles. A nice piece with the lights on and a stunning piece with the lights off. Where all 4 sides of the box has different forms to display members of The Beatles on your wall!

Which of these Beatles gifts is your favorite? Is there an amazing gift option on your wish list that we’ve missed? Let us know!

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