16 Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

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Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your parents who seem to already have everything? It can be challenging to come up with gift ideas for parents who have accumulated a lifetime of possessions and experiences. However, showing appreciation and love for our parents is essential, and gift-giving is an excellent way to do that.

In this gift guide, we have compiled a list of the best gifts for parents who have everything. Whether your parents enjoy relaxing at home or exploring new experiences, you’re sure to find something that will make their day special. Check out these gift options we’ve found (some that we’ve given our own parents) and discover the perfect gift for your parents!

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Unique Gift Ideas for Parents Who Have Everything

Nixplay Smart Digital Photo Frame

A photo album is wonderful for a trip down memory lane but they can be difficult to keep up to date. A digital picture frame like this one by Nixplay is a useful gift for older adults, especially those who have family members living far away. It is a wonderful way to keep dad or grandpa in touch with what's happening now.

Easily send photos to this digital photo frame with email or by using an app on your phone so that your favorite family member can easily see updated photos and daily life of their family and friends. Available in multiple frame sizes, and display on a shelf or easily wall mount in minutes.

We actually gifted this picture frame to my mother-in-law last Christmas, and it has been really easy to email new photos of the grandchildren so she can see current pictures instantly!

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Personalized Family Name Pillow Case

Celebrate your family in style! Parents love showing off their children, so make it easy for them with a personalized pillow cover showcasing their kids’ names.

Measuring at the typical 18"x18" size, this pillow is perfect for snuggling up with on the couch or placing on a bed as an accent piece. It's also a great gift idea for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasion that celebrates family.

This personalized family name throw pillow cover is made to order, so you can choose from a variety of names and fonts to create a truly unique and personalized look. With its timeless design and superior quality, this gift is sure to become a cherished family heirloom for generations to come.

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Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Ahhh yes, the delicious gift of liquid energy. The Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle. It produces 4 servings of smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds and is less acidic than traditional coffee brewing. Any parent would love this gift, especially a new parent running on broken sleep.

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

This is a gift that I want for myself! The award-winning Ember Travel Mug and Ember Mug are the most advanced coffee mugs on the market, allowing you to set and maintain your preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages. Mom will never have to worry about reheating her coffee for the 3rd time again!

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Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Mother's Guided Journal To Share Her Life & Her Love

Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story will guide a mother with prompts and questions, making it easy for her to share the stories of her childhood, teens, and adult years. This will be her life, her victories, her challenges, and her lessons. This sentimental gift is perfect for a mom of any age or stage of parenthood, and will be treasured by her children and grandchildren forever.

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Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story: A Father's Guided Journal to Share His Life & His Love

Dad, I Want to Hear Your Story will guide your father with questions, assisting him in sharing the stories of his childhood, his teens, and his adult years. This will be his tale, his triumphs, his challenges. This will be the story of your hero.

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Personalized Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage these days, so why not make it extra special with personalization? Your special gift recipient can entertain in style or enjoy a cozy night at home with a snacky dinner served on this beautiful personalized, handmade charcuterie board. 

You choose the type of wood and customization options with 5 styles available.

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The Everything Travel Blanket

This well-loved style is a best seller, and if you try it out it's easy to see why. Designed for life on the go, the compact and lightweight Travel Blanket transitions from a scarf to a blanket in a snap. Pack it into its safe-keep bag to use it as a pillow in a pinch.

The Everything Blanket is the perfect gift for someone who likes being comfortable but doesn't always want to stay home.

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Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Mate is an all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items like keys and bags. My husband uses his Tile almost daily to help find his car keys and his wallet. The easy-to-use finder and free app work with iOS and Android. Keep track of more for less or give them to your friends and family as a gift.

(These started as a stocking stuffer in our home and now we can't live without them!)

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PhoneSoap Cell Phone Sanitizer & Charger Box

If you like giving practical gifts, this is one they probably don't already have! This unit houses two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize an entire phone, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. In addition, the unit offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging. This gift is great for anyone, but would especially be useful for anyone who may be immunocompromised, or someone who travels often and is exposed to lots of germs. There's nothing better than the gift of health (or something to help keep them healthy)!

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Want a gift idea that will make them howl? Try these 12 Gag Gifts that They’ll Never Forget!

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

There's always room on the tree for a special new ornament. If you want a more personalized gift, this ornament is a sweet and safe option. A simple gift that includes their last name along with the first names of each family member - just the personal touch needed to make this gift really special!

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Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Sleeping Headband

Everybody deserves a good nights sleep (or midday nap) every now and then. Help them block out the noise with these bluetooth sleep headphones. The speakers inside the super-comfy sleep band are flat and padded, making these sleeping headphones comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on their side. Makes a great stocking stuffer, and they are pretty affordable too!

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Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Enjoy 16 expertly-curated coffees from the world's top producing regions. Each bag consists of 1.8 ounces of freshly-roasted whole bean coffee, tasting notes and brewing tips, for a total of 1.8 pounds of coffee. We recommend going with whole bean and adding in a quality bean grinder for a complete gift! 

I've personally given Bean Box as a gift, and have tried it for myself - and every flavor was just as amazing as the last! This is a gift that any coffee-loving person would love to have.

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Friendship Lamps

For loved ones who live far away, this set of friendship lamps will make them feel a little bit closer to you. Touch your Friendship Lamp and their lamp lights the same color as yours. When they respond by touching their lamp back, the two lamps will light a new color! This is a super sweet gift that will help your relationship grow stronger even with distance between you.

(Note that they send BOTH lamps to ONE location, so if you want to send the set of lamps to two different locations, you have to make two separate orders each for a SINGLE lamp.)

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Echo Show 10

And they say the older generation can't learn new technology. Get your parents' home up to speed with a set of smart home devices! Set up the new Echo Show and teach them how to use it for reminders, shopping lists, cooking timers, weather, and more. Add in some smart bulbs, smart plugs, and a smart thermostat and they will be entertained with their new "toys" all year long!

Our parents have been able to learn how to use their Echo devices quickly, and enjoy their new tools!

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Aromatherapy Shower Steamers Set

When it comes to stress relief, these shower steamers are the next best thing to a spa day. Your gift recipient can kick off their morning with the rich aromas of eucalyptus, cocoa orange, citrus, or grapefruit, or wind down at bedtime with lavender, tea tree, jasmine, chamomile, rose, or milk and honey shower steamer tablets. Turn their shower into a spa with these 30 long-lasting discs that release soothing essential oil blends. 

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Gifts for Parents who have everything
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