15 Best Gifts for Drummers to Fit Every Budget

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Drummers are notoriously hard to shop for, because they usually just want new drums, cymbals, or sticks! I should know – my son is a drummer and he’s constantly asking for this drum accessory or that one. If you’re looking for a unique gift that will really wow your drummer friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for drummers, ranging from practical gifts like drumsticks and earplugs to more fun gifts like custom drum heads and beer cozies. Whether your drummer is a beginner or a pro, we have something for them on this list.

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Why trust Gift Brilliant’s gift recommendations? We won’t overwhelm you with a huge list of gift ideas that people don’t really want. We share gift options that we have personally gifted or received, gifts that others have told us they loved, and a few gift ideas that we would love to have ourselves!

Drumming Accessories Every Drummer Needs

Finding the right gift to support your favorite drummer doesn’t have to be too difficult! In fact, there are a ton of awesome drumming accessories to help their playing go to the next level.  

Check out these awesome drumming accessories…

Flexzion Drum Stick Bag

The Flexzion drumstick bag is one of the best ones on the market. Drummers are known for being a little… chaotic, so getting them a durable stick bag to hold their most important tool is a great idea this holiday season. It's a great option and good drum stick holder.

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Vic Firth Stick Caddy

A stick caddy is a useful gift and great gift idea for drummers to help stop the constant wonder of where their drumsticks are. It clips to the drum and provides the perfect holder to make sure they can keep track of their sticks. 

It's a great addition to a drum set so you can hold extra drum sticks in case you drop them while recording or at live performances.

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Many of these gift ideas are available with Amazon Prime’s fast free shipping (often arriving in just one or two days!). If you’re not already a Prime member, you can get a 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime here!

Electronic Drum Set

This electronic drum set is perfect for anyone always itching to practice. Not only does it roll up for easy storage and make different sounds, but it comes with headphones so they don’t have to distract the entire neighborhood. It even has a bass drum!

Whether they are going on a road trip, practicing in their room or at a picnic table at the park, your favorite drummer can keep up with practice. 

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Silent Practice Pad and Sticks

As the mom of a drummer, I am here to tell you about the essential drum pads and why it is a great choice, and the perfect gift for drummers. 

Simply lay the drum practice pad over the drum head and it will muffle the sound that the drum makes. What does this mean? It means that your drummer can practice all day and all night without the neighbors (or you!) complaining. 

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Drumstick Ballpoint Pens

This drumstick pen set is so cute, how could it not be added to the gift for drummers list? 

Complete with 2 pens in the shape of drumsticks, your drummer can get their work done before they start practicing again.

This is a good choice for a birthday gift for your drummer friend, or a great stocking stuffer at an affordable price.

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LED Light Up Drumsticks

Light up drumsticks are a fun way to celebrate the drummer in your life. Not only do they come in just about any color, but they are a fun way to highlight the drummer during a concert.

Make sure to get the right sizes for your little drummers hands. This LED light up pair of sticks will get any drummer excited to start playing this next year!

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The Best Clothing Gifts for Drummers that Money can Buy

So your drummer friend is a fashionista? Well, you can’t go wrong with some great drum themed clothing items! Here are some cool gift ideas for your drummer boyfriend, friend, or family member.

Retro Vintage Drum Shirt

While there are a lot of drummers shirts out there, this one is my favorite and will absolutely end up being my son's Christmas gift this year. With the word ‘DRUM’ written in 4 different retro colors, this is the perfect shirt for the holidays.

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Rock Drumstick Pendant Necklace

For any drummer looking to show their passion for drums, this rock drumstick pendant necklace is an excellent gift. Made from sterling silver, this high quality necklace is the perfect accessory to any drummer's look. 

If your friend isn’t into wearing silver drumsticks, you might try this silver drum necklace if that is more their style.

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Room Decor for Drummers

One of the best drummer gifts is giving them fun ways to decorate their space with drum-themed decor. Whether it’s their office, bedroom, or garage where they practice, these gifts will help spruce up any room. 

Check out these awesome gifts for drummers rooms…

Drum Wall Hook

To help decorate any area for a drummer - be it their room, office, or jam out space, this drum wall hook is perfect. It can help hang keys, jackets, or anything else that they may need help keeping track of. 

The heavy duty brass material helps raise the quality as well as the industrial look to it. Plus, this drum wall hook comes with self-adhesive glue to help prevent any damage to walls! 

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Drum Lamp

This drum light is a unique piece - so of course it had to be on the list of drum-related gifts.

Whether you are looking for a night light for sleepers that prefer to not sleep in complete darkness to a fun office decoration, consider giving this light!

Set up on a desk or side table and the 3D drum can turn on to create an awesome image. Even better? It comes in 7 different colors - red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, pink, white, and color changing.

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Drummer Parking Only Sign

What a fun addition to any wall! Even if your drummer isn’t of driving age, this sign is a fun decoration for any room. 

My son will probably put this ‘drummer parking only’ sign on his door to try and keep everyone else out!

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Zildjian Cymbal Clock

I love this cymbal clock! The simple design is a perfect addition to almost any room's decor - especially for musicians. While you can’t actually play the drums with this cymbal, it is a great way to keep track of the time and show off your passion for playing the drums.

Made from recycled Zildjian drum cymbals, this clock is an excellent gift this holiday season!

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Other Novelty Gift Ideas for Drummers

Drum Set Patent Cutting Board

This cutting board is a good idea for that drummer who also loves to drum things up in the kitchen. Prep food on the wood side and use the display side as a serving board.

Comes with a drilled hole to easily store or hang the cutting board on the wall for others to enjoy!

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Drum Key Bottle Opener

This gift is one with 3 parts and will fit any price range! It comes with a T-shape drum key, a continuous motion speed key, and a bottle opener - for when he needs a cold one during practice sessions.

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Which of these drum gift ideas is your favorite?

We hope this list of gift ideas was helpful! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your drummer friend or family member, be sure to check out our other posts for some awesome gifts.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends – drummers are notoriously hard to shop for, so we could all use some help!

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