15 Best Gifts for 90 Year Old Men and Women

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Reaching the age of 90 is a big milestone and deserves to be celebrated. Choosing the right gift for a senior citizen can be tricky because they have everything they need and they may be limited on some activities due to mobility issues.

Choosing the right gift for a 90 year old is important whether they are celebrating a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. Even if you are buying a gift just because, you want to spend money on something an elderly person will love and use.

We’ve made this list of gifts that are useful, fun and easy to use. Whether you are buying gifts for 90 year old man or gifts for 90 year old woman you are sure to find several ideas that they will love.

gifts for 90 year old man
gifts for 90 year old woman

Gifts for 90 Year Old Men and Women

Digital Photo Frame

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A photo album is wonderful for a trip down memory lane but they can be difficult to keep up to date. A digital photo frame like this one is a useful gift for older adults, especially those who have family members living far away. It is a wonderful way to keep dad or grandpa in touch with what’s happening now.

Easily send photos to this digital photo frame with an app on your phone so that your favorite senior can easily see updated photos of their family and friends.

Funny Coffee Mug

Photo via Mauag

Perfect for coffee, tea or any beverage, a funny coffee mug is a great gift for 90 year old women or men that have everything. Enjoy a laugh while you enjoy your morning coffee.

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Digital Weather Center

Photo via La Cross

Older generations seem to always want to be on top of the weather forecast, and the best way to do so is with a digital weather center. This neat gadget will get a lot of use as they can easily keep up with indoor and outdoor temps, humidity, and the daily weather.

A wonderful gift for elderly people (and honestly I want one too!).

Family Tree

Photo via Foxbairn

This may be the most perfect 90th birthday gift ever, and would be a fantastic way to celebrate their special day. Any 90 year old likely has a beautiful family legacy. Help them to visualize it with a custom personalized family tree that shows their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all in one place.

You can choose from two to six generations and customize the wood finish and size.

Whiskey Glasses

Photo via Vita Saggia

A set of old fashioned whiskey glasses and ice stones is the perfect present for a man in his 90th year. He can toast to good health and share a drink with his best friend (or a special lady) without his favorite beverage getting watered down.

Heated Jacket

Photo by Ororo

The body does interesting things as we age and senior citizens often feel cold. Even if he The body does interesting things as we age and older women and men often feel cold. Even if they don’t live in a cold climate, an older person will appreciate a thoughtful gift like this rechargeable heated jacket to keep warm.

Heated Chair Massager

Photo via Comfier

Help your elderly parents or older relative work out all of their sore muscles with a heated shiatsu chair massager. Attach to any chair for a full body massage with heat and compression. This ideal gift is the perfect way to relax.

Window Bird Feeder

It can be easy to watch TV all day and not even realize how much time has passed. A window bird feeder brings the outdoors close and it’s the perfect gift for 90 year old women or men.

Include a bird identification book and some birdseed for a unique gift that they will enjoy all year long.

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Moccasin Slippers

Photo via Hanes

Moccasin slippers will keep your dad or grandfather’s feet warm and the anti-slip rubber soles will help to prevent falls and injuries. These Hanes slippers also have odor protection.

Good Book

Photo via Amazon

A good book can be read in a chair or bed, and reading is the perfect activity to do just about anywhere. Consider picking up a book about a hobby or a historical guide or a nice leather-bound version of a classic favorite.


Photo via Buffalo Games

A puzzle is a great activity for a 90 year old. Not only will it provide a fun activity, it stimulates brain function and keeps their cognitive skills sharp. This special gift can be worked on alone or with friends or family members.

Raised Garden

Photo via Best Choice

Bending over and getting on your knees may be difficult for senior citizens but that doesn’t mean they can’t continue to garden. A raised bed standing garden is the best gift for a 90 year old because it allows them to continue a hobby while maintaining independence.

If you want to build it yourself (and make this more of a sentimental gift), check out this DIY raised garden bed tutorial!

Heated Throw

Photo via Sunbeam

Getting warm and staying warm can be difficult for older people. A heated throw blanket can be used on a bed or in a chair and is a great way to keep your grandmother or grandfather toasty warm.

Device Tracker

Photo via Key Finder

Keeping up with keys and other small items is difficult for everybody but becomes increasingly more difficult as we age. Key finder easily attaches to your keys and helps you easily locate them when they are misplaced.


Photo via Hickey Freeman

A cashmere scarf is warm and soft and perfect for colder months. They come in a variety of patterns to fit any style and look classy as well.

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Gifts for 90 year old

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