15 Awesome Star Wars Gifts for Men

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Star Wars has been around for over 40 years and is more popular than ever. So of course chances of you having one (or more) gifts for the men in your life that happened to be obsessed with Star Wars are fairly high. 

My family is full of Star Wars fans – from 3 to 43 years old – so I know a thing or two about what a Star Wars lover would really think are the best gifts. To help you out with present ideas, I created this post of some of the most popular and well rated gifts that all the men in your life will love opening this holiday season. 

Ready to see what Star Wars gifts for men made the list? Keep reading to find out….

star wars gifts for men

How to Pick the Ideal Star Wars Gift

There is so much Star Wars merchandise out there, so how can you decide which are the perfect Star Wars gifts for him? There are a few things that you want to know, if possible:

  • Who are his favorite characters from the Star Wars story? This could be Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, or even Darth Maul.
  • Is he more of a Dark Side person, or does he align with the Jedi Order?
  • Which of the Star Wars movies is his favorite?
  • What hobbies or interests does he have that could lead to a Star Wars themed gift? For example, someone into video games may love an awesome Star Wars video game, or someone who loves cooking may be thrilled to have a Star Wars slow cooker.

One of the coolest Star Wars gift ideas I can think of would be a trip to Hollywood Studios at Disney World. Hanging out in Galaxy’s Edge, seeing various Star Wars characters walking around, it was almost more than this family of Star Wars nerds could take in.

But even better than the location itself, is Savi’s Workshop where you can build your own real life lightsaber. Any Star Wars fan would absolutely love to experience that!

But since that type of gift isn’t something that everyone can do, we have this list of cool Star Wars gifts that are a pretty good backup. Here are our top picks for this year!

Star Wars Gift Guide

Darth Vader Apron

darth vader apron

Have any Darth Vader fans on your list this holiday season? Check out this fun apron for any culinary chefs and master BBQers in your life! They even have an option to get the adult and kid matching set.

Whether you are shopping for your brother, cousin, or husband, this gift is sure to excite anyone obsessed with Star Wars this year. 

Death Star Bluetooth Floating Speaker 

This Death Star floating speaker is so amazing that he will think that you went to a galaxy far, far away to get this gift. The Death Star levitates and the sound quality of the speaker is actually pretty good! He can listen to his favorite music while he works or relaxes.

Help him impress his friends and coworkers with this unique Death Star accessory that can help any Star Wars fan decorate their home or office with flair. 

Millennium Falcon Lounge Pants 

Sometimes you just feel like a scruffy looking nerf herder, and you just don’t want to wear real clothes. Then again, anyone obsessed with Star Wars – specifically the Millennium Falcon and a Young Han Solo – will love these cozy pants. 

If you want to take the coziness to the next level, check out these Star Wars Starry Themed socks to take this gift over the top!

Baby Yoda Whiskey Glass 

It’s a universal truth – Baby Yoda (or Grogu) is one of the most adorable characters to come onto our screens these past few years. Celebrate his adorableness with these fun Baby Yoda whiskey glasses for any fan in your life. 

Star Wars Box Set: The Complete Saga 

The Star Wars movies are absolute classics, without a doubt. 

If you have someone on your list looking to show their Star Wars obsession, then they have to own this Star Wars Box Set. It comes in BluRay with the complete saga so they are ready to binge the story from beginning to end. 

Heat Reveal Star Wars Coffee Mug 

This coffee mug is a super cool way to show anyone their Star Wars obsession. 

Normally, the coffee mug looks like a regular black coffee mug. Once its activated with heat, however, the world famous Star Wars logo magically appears. 

Pour some coffee or tea and get ready to surprise everyone in the office with this awesome gift. 

Easy Cooking Across the Galaxy Slow Cooker 

Every master chef needs a slow cooker – it’s the world’s most perfect invention for busy people looking to make food from scratch. Want to make your slow cooker even better? Grab this Star Wars themed slow cooker! 

Whether they are making chili for your family or your famous buffalo dip for the office potluck, this slow cooker will be loved across the galaxy. 

Vinyl Record Star Wars Wall Clock 

This Star Wars clock is so cool! 

Seriously, this is the perfect gift for any bachelors on your gift list this holiday season, or would make some great decor for a guy’s man cave. 

Cut from a vinyl record, this unique clock has famous Star Wars scenes etched into them and would definitely excite any Star Wars fan. 

Star Wars Kitchen Gift Basket 

Complete with everything your man needs to cook dinner, this Star Wars gift basket is a great gift. From engraved bamboo spoons to magnets to an awesome apron, this basket is a fun way to say ‘Happy Holidays’. 

Even better? Add on the cookbook mentioned below! 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook

This cookbook is famous, and for good reason. The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook is jam-packed with recipes unique to create meals that are so delicious they taste like they are from a galaxy far, far away. 

If your favorite Star Wars fan likes to spend time in the kitchen as much as he likes to enjoy his favorite movies, then he will love being able to place some delicious themed dishes on his dining table!

You can also find a few yummy recipes for the next Star Wars Day here. May the 4th be with you!

Stormtrooper Helmet Lego Kit 

No matter how old he is, he’s never too old for cool Star Wars toys – and Lego Star Wars is my personal favorite. There are a lot of Star Wars themed Legos out there, but this type of building kit is by far one of the most popular. This Lego set featuring a stormtrooper helmet has 647 pieces and comes with a base and nameplate for display.

I also really like the Darth Vader Lego set with 834 pieces, which would make a great addition to his collection (and might just be one of the Christmas gifts I am giving this year!).

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker 

Any waffle maker with a theme is a good idea for a holiday gift, but a Star Wars waffle maker is simply out of this world! Make a Death Star shaped waffle for your little Star Wars family all year long with this awesome waffle maker. 

BB-8 Bluetooth Speaker 

A bluetooth speaker is something that anyone can use, so why not give him one in the shape of the adorable BB-8? (It’s actually a scientifically proven fact that BB-8 is the cutest Star Wars character ever. At least to me.)

Simply connect the speaker to a phone or computer and set out for a music party! 

Whether he wants music for his workout, his office, or around the house, this BB-8 bluetooth speaker is a cute gift for this holiday season. 

‘Wookiee of the Year’ Star Wars shirt

This ‘Wookie of the Year’ star wars shirt just melted my heart, so of course I had to add it to this Star Wars Gifts for Men gift list! 

This is the perfect gift for any man in your life that loves Star Wars and wants to show off his obsession wherever he goes. 

Lightsaber Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

Show him how much you support his love of Star Wars this holiday season with these fun Lightsaber Electric salt & pepper shakers! 

This electric salt and pepper mill are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Not only are they the perfect table accessory, but they help season any meal to perfection.

So tell me… what did I miss? What are some of the best Star Wars gifts that you think should have made the list? Tell me in the comments below!

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15 star wars gifts for men

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