23 Best Gifts for Engineers To Get Their Gears Turning

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Are you an engineer or are you trying to find the perfect gift for an engineer friend? We’ve searched the internet for all of the top gift options for you to choose from. Here are 23 of the best gifts for engineers – for all kinds of engineering professions and all kinds of budgets – featuring useful gift ideas as well as funny ones.

Why trust Gift Brilliant’s gift recommendations? We won’t overwhelm you with a huge list of gift ideas that people don’t really want. We share gift options that we have personally gifted or received, gifts that others have told us they loved, and a few gift ideas that we would love to have ourselves!

Gifts for engineers

Unique Gift Ideas for Engineers

Blue Screen of Death T-Shirt

Oh no! Not the dreaded Windows error! This unisex shirt is a great gift for a computer engineer and is sure to get a laugh out of them. The fibers are soft and smooth with a high thread count, thanks to it being made with jersey-knit 100% USA-grown cotton.

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Leather Portfolio

Want to stay organized while on the go? Having a business portfolio is one of the best ways to do just that. With several pockets for you to organize your things, you can do your work, be nice and neat, AND look pretty cool and professional.

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Tesla Patent Prints

For the electrical engineer that loves to look at and/or admire blueprints, these patent prints are a great way to gift them just that. Not only does it just look cool, but it gives an in-depth design explanation of a Tesla. Pretty cool, right?

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Circuit Board Coasters

These circuit board coasters are MADE from waste circuit boards. A set of 6 means that everyone in the family can enjoy them, or you can just have them in multiple places, ready and waiting to be used. 

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Many of these gift ideas are available with Amazon Prime’s fast free shipping (often arriving in just one or two days!). If you’re not already a Prime member, you can get a 30-day FREE trial of Amazon Prime here!

101 Things I Learned® in Engineering School

This gift idea is a great resource for engineering students, graduates, professionals, and even just general people. This book presents the physics and fundamentals of engineerings and gives advice on how to get you in the engineer's way of thinking and solving problems. Included are real-world examples and problems to solve.

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ArcEnCiel Tactical Messenger Bag

This back can be converted into a handbag briefcase OR a tactical sling backpack - meaning you can either hold it by hand or on your shoulders. There are several different pockets and dividers, so you can head out into the world with everything organized and in its place. Plus, it's scratch-resistant and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about the weather worrying away at your bag.

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Engineer Nutritional Facts Mug

On the more funny gift side of things, this mug perfectly explains exactly who an engineer is. Critical thinking? Check. Unrivaled skill? Check. Determination? Check. Pride and caffeine? Check. Wrong answers? Nope, none to be seen here!

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Multi-Plier Titanium Multitool

This multi tool is a great thing to have when you just need a little extra help. This has different options to choose from, and it comes with 12 integrated components. With this handy multitool, you're sure to get the job done in no time.

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I'm Good with Math T-Shirt

Another funny gift! It's alright if your English isn't the best when you're an engineer. All you REALLY need to know is math and how to be good at it. No one's gonna judge you if you struggle with English, even if you can't remember how to spell your own profession.

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The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

This novel covers IT, DevOps, and how to help your business grow and be successful. Available for kindle, audible, hardcover, and paperback, this is known as a must-read for those in the IT world that are wanting to grow and stop failing IT projects.

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Aviator Safety Glasses

These aviator-style safety glasses are scratch resistant and are a perfect way to be safe in style. This way, you can look cool while doing your job!

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Apple iPad Air

Now, hear me out. An engineer's greatest tool is having a way to create blueprints and simulations. The best way you can do that is by utilizing the features that an iPad Air has to offer. It truly is a good investment and is sure to help you with many of your projects.

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She Engineers: Outsmart Bias, Unlock your Potential, and Create the Engineering Career of your Dreams

This book is filled with feminine engineer power. This is the perfect guide to any female engineer and is a great way to help develop yourself and career. Plus, it's always just nice to have proof that feminine power exists.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro has everything an engineer needs in a computer. Between the portability, touchscreen, and processing capabilities, this truly is a great investment to make. While we definitely recommend the iPad Air (above), this computer is a great alternative.

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Wink Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

One of my favorite gifts for chemical engineers is this set of salt and pepper shakers that look like flasks in a chemistry lab! We actually think this complete chemistry spice rack set is even better, but the salt and pepper shakers are a fun option.

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Magnetic Liquid Sculpture

Used as both a decor piece and a fun fidget, the SPIKE Ferrofluid Display is a mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture containing a paramagnetic liquid called ferrofluid. Ferrofluid was originally created by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel, unique in that it could be fed into rocket engines using magnets in zero gravity. Use the magnet and watch as it forms large spikes and other organic shapes!

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Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator

And then we have gifts for engineering students that aren't exactly "fun" but are incredibly useful instead. This high tech calculator bundle with protective case and accessories will ensure that your student is well-prepared for those high level college classes.

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Engineer Cutting Board

We know a person isn't defined by their job, and that includes engineers too! If your favorite engineer is someone who loves to make magic in the kitchen, then this cutting board will make a great gift for them. They'll love using it to show off all of their delicious talents!

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Engineer Christmas Ornament

Specifically looking for Christmas gifts for engineers? This glass ornament is the perfect piece! Your engineer will proudly display this on their tree after laughing at the definition on it. And we highly recommend you take a second to read the full description on Amazon to see exactly what is and isn't included with your purchase -- just click over and you'll see what we mean.

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Electronic Word Clock

Honestly we think this unique word clock is a pretty cool gift whether you're an engineer or not. Highly rated on Amazon, this Sharper Image clock serves as both a timepiece as well as attractive home decor. Perfect for your engineer's office or at home - or, well, pretty much anywhere.

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3D Printer

Possibly the ultimate gift for engineers (and an item on our list as well), this 3D printer is how grown adults can justify playing with what is essentially a toy. Enjoy exploring and creating with this amazing piece of technology - the gift that keeps on giving!

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