15 Gifts for History Buffs

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Do you know someone who can spout off more American history trivia than any Jeopardy champion? Finding the perfect gift for a history nerd can be one of the more overwhelming tasks when it comes to the fine art of gift giving. After doing some shopping of my own for a history lover, I curated this list to help you find the best gifts for history buffs in your life.

History Gifts That Any History Lover Will Enjoy

Benjamin Franklin Statue

For those on your holiday gift list with a deep love of Benjamin Franklin, this statue is a fun and thoughtful gift this year. Sitting at just over 11 inches, this bronze statue is the perfect addition to any office, history classroom, or home. 

I love this gift for anyone that gets excited over the founding fathers!

Interesting Stories for Curious People

Has history always piqued your interest and curiosity? Well this book packed with interesting stories for curious people is ideal for you or your loved ones. Maybe even a history class for the teacher in a colorful and happy style. Regardless, this book makes a great gift idea with the likes of these familiar faces of history icons!

Monopoly: World War 2 Edition

Everyone loves Monopoly! This classic board game is a fun gift for history buffs to help them share trivia and try to make it to the end. 

This World War 2 edition of Monopoly is fun for everyone, and the perfect way to engage those obsessed with warfare.

Replica World War 1 Trench Whistle

This replica World War Whistle is a fun gift for anyone that loves to study American history, specifically the first world war. 

Stamped with the year 1916, this whistle is a unique gift for a history fan. 

Want to add icing to the whistle cake? Add on this World War 1 memorabilia pack to really make your gift over the top.

Abraham Lincoln Funko Pop

Not gonna lie, I was surprised and thrilled to find an Abraham Lincoln Funko Pop – and of course I had to include it in the list of gifts for history buffs! The American History collection is new to the Funko Pop series but sure to catch the eye of the history buff. Whether that be you, your family, your friends, or even a beloved history teacher, this adorable conversation sparker deserves a spot in the history collection!

Edgar Allan Poe Funko Pop

Nevermore to an empty collection of figurines, this Edgar Allan Poe Funko Pop is a great nod to the dark and gloomy icon. Perfect not only for history buffs but poets and goth culture alike. Equipped with an all black outfit and skull in hand, fashionable uniquely for the time and a perfect display piece.

This Day in Women’s History Calendar

Year round information of women’s mark on the world with the flip of a page and a new day. Brought to you by the History Channel itself, this is perfect for the appreciation of history and in this particular case, exclusive to women’s impact on the world and the movement further as a society! Gift this educational calendar and learn something new every flip of the date! (You may also want to check these books on women’s history for kids and teens too!)

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

The story of Princess Kaguya amazingly reimagined through the animation talent of the infamous Studio Ghibli. Picked perfectly from the roots of its ancient japanese legend with loyalty to the lore and a great voice casting. All the more reason to pick up this piece for the fans of history beyond America’s story!

Statue of Liberty LEGO Set

A gift from France and rotting uniquely to a colored perfection, it goes without saying that the Statue of Liberty is an iconic landmark. With an iconic landmark can come unique figurine or collectible form, such as this buildable Lego set. Fun to build and beautiful to display for the history fanatic looking for a challenge!

Eiffel Tower Lego Set

Paris, France holds an absolutely beautiful aesthetic undoubtedly, so get this piece of the worldwide noted landmark of the Eiffel Tower and other majestic France based locations. With a buildable challenge to go along with it before your displayed final product!

Display Piece of The Berlin Wall

Division of a nation, demolished in 1989 staying up for all too long dividing East Germany and West Germany. Now brought to you a genuine piece of the Berlin Wall for an amazing and affordable display. You can now own this piece of history right in your living room! We can’t think of any history gifts that would be better than an authentic piece like this one.

Titanic Memorabilia Pack

Replicated documents of the infamous Titanic, affordable and worthwhile, this pack consists of letters, advertisements, post disaster news posters, and more. Perfect for purchase, framing, or even passing around a history class!

Replica Childrens War Ration Book

Equipped uniquely with replications of decade old newspapers and other memorabilia items that would be packed into a children’s ration book in the 40s. Perfect for shelf display or on the go history fanatic bragging rights!

Titanic Newspaper Poster

Tragedy broken to the citizens by The New York Times during the time of disaster, unique and rare to the time in its classic printed state. Recreated by this impressive and fair sized poster, for the room or classroom of the history fanatic especially to in particular favor of the Titanic’s history!

I Survived – 10 Books Boxed Set

If you’re looking for history gifts for kids, you won’t find any better set of books than the I Survived series. Perfect for kids in grades 3-6 who love thrilling chapter books based on real events in history.

Framed Declaration of Independence

We’re pretty sure this is the ultimate gift for history buffs. At least those who are passionate about American history. This beautifully framed reproduction of the original Declaration of Independence is a must-have for any history lover. Hang it in an office, in the living room, or anywhere you want to admire it daily.

Ides of March Pencil Holder

Not all history gifts must be serious – there are funny history gifts out there too! While Julius Caesar might not think this pencil holder is funny, we certainly do. Stab Caesar in the back with your pens and pencils. Just use your own judgement when gifting this to your boss or best friend.

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