21 Matching Promise Rings for Couples Under $100

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Looking for that special gift that says you’ll be together forever, but want to match each other and don’t have a huge budget? Here we’ve gathered our favorite promise rings for couples that match and can help bind you two in beauty – all for under $100.

These beautiful promise rings can serve as commitment rings, a symbol of your promise of love to one another. Some are just a simple band for each of you, while others are beautiful enough to serve as an engagement ring and wedding band set.

With our list of the best couple rings available on a budget, you’re sure to find the perfect promise ring – or the perfect gift – at an affordable price.

Gorgeous Matching Promise Rings for Couples Under $100

1. Heartbeat Rings

These stainless steel rings have a heartbeat engraving on the outside. Inside, they state “I love you” on the woman’s and “I love you too” on the men’s. The designs won’t rub off, and the steel is highly resistant to scratch, rust and tarnish. This pair of rings will last a long time, just like your love for each other.

2. His Crazy Her Weirdo Heart Rings

Inside, they say “Always & Forever” – on the outside, “His Crazy” for her and “Her Weirdo” for him. These are also made with black stainless steel, and the engraving won’t rub off.

3. Titanium Ring Band Set

These titanium rings with sparkling cubic zirconia stones are gorgeous and are an elegant way to be promised to one another without breaking the bank. The women’s set can double as a black faux diamond ring and wedding ring set one day, and nobody has to know it was once a set of cheap promise rings!

4. His Beauty Her Beast Rings

Want a cute nod to a famous Disney princess story? These rings are a great way to do just that! Have your own unique rings by choosing to engrave the inside as well.

5. Engraved Heart Rings

These unique promise rings make a matching pair, one with black, one with rose gold. The inside engraving reads “I love you” on both. Note that the men and woman’s rings are listed separately.

6. Pinky Promise Rings

Pinky Promise Rings Under 100

On the outside, this set has an engraving of a pinky promise. Engraving the inside is optional, and you can choose the font yourself!

7. Black Rings with Heart

Black matching promise rings under 100

This set is more on the plainer side, but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Included is also a free engraving!

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8. Silver and Rose Gold Rings

Silver and Rose Gold Promise Rings under 100

With these, you have the option to forego engraving or to only do the outside, inside, or both. A more classic look on promise rings.

9. Sun and Moon Rings

Sun and Moon Promise Rings Under 100

You have two different sun and moon styles to choose between, as well as the option to only buy one instead of two. Simpler but no less beautiful or creative.

10. Black Gold and White Gold Twist Rings

Silver and Black Twist Promise Rings Under 100

These simple yet stunning rings are the perfect discreet way to profess your love for one another. Comes with a free engraving (although you CAN get one on both sides) and the option to get two black or two silver rings.

11. Matching Heart Rings

Heart Rings Under 100

His is missing a piece in the shape of a heart, hers has the heart he needs. Sold as a set. You can also include an engraving on the inside.

12. Mountain Promise Rings

Mountain Promise Rings

Similar to the set above, these rings are matching in that they complete the mountain range for each other. Engraving is, again, optional and free.

13. Wave Promise Rings

Sea Promise Rings Under 100

From the same shop, these rings show a wave – inscription included but not required.

Promise Rings Just Over $100

14. Gold Heart Rings

These gold rings are extravagant and are perfect for the couple that loves a finer style. They come together to form a heart and symbolize that your love is strong even when apart.

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15. Rose Gold Set

These unique rings have a gorgeous design and are more outside the box in terms of design. Enjoy rose gold more than standard gold or silver? This is the set for you!

16. King and Queen Rings

These Tungsten black rings are fit for a couple that loves to feel like royalty. Engraving optional but not included.

17. Round Cut Sapphire Rings

These gorgeous sapphire rings are beautiful and are perfect for couples that love sapphire. Engraving not advertised.

18. Orange Sapphire Rings

While similar to the set above, this set is made with orange sapphire and holds a different design. Engraving, once again, not advertised.

19. Floral Rings

These have a slight yet intricate floral design and are a gorgeous yet still simple choice.

20. Matching Heart Rings

This simple pair can, when joined together, form a heart! Gorgeous and elegant all in one – I mean, two.

21. Simple Bands

These are lined with stones but are simple and elegant. Perfect for if you don’t want too much detail.

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