23 Ridiculously Funny Coffee Mugs You Need

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Coffee is a necessity. Coffee in funny coffee mugs is the icing on the cake. Or the cream in the coffee. However you look at it, these hilarious mugs would make the perfect gift for any coffee lover. (That includes gifting them to yourself, by the way. We won’t tell.)

Want to make a funny gift even better? Pair one of these funny coffee cups with some gourmet hot chocolate, delicious coffee, or whatever their favorite beverage might be. Package it in a gift bag or box and they’ll enjoy a good laugh along with a hot beverage!

Without further ado, here are some of the funniest mug ideas we could find – no inspirational quotes on these hot liquid containers. Whether you’re shopping for your best friend or the family members you can tolerate the most, these great mugs will make an excellent gift for sure.

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The Best Funny Coffee Mugs We Could Find

Stay Inside Because It's Just Too Peopley Mug

To be completely honest, I think we've all felt this at some point. Forget the real world, and chill at home with a nice cup of caffeine because it's just too peopley out there. This mug is the perfect gift for an introvert.

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Have a Nice Day Funny Coffee Mug

I'm a nice person! *sips coffee* No I'm not. This black mug does two things: fills your coffee craving, and ends arguments. It might not be the best gift for your boss.... or then again, maybe it is.

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You Are Awesome Funny Mug

Who knew a mug could boost your self-esteem? Drink coffee, stay happy. Another funny saying that may not be safe for work, but is definitely a great way to start a Monday morning.

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I Do Not Spew Profanities Mug

I think we all know a woman who could make a sailor blush, and this mug would be the perfect gift for her. She knows what she's thinking and she doesn't hold back, no matter how offensive her words might be. This white ceramic mug will make a great addition to your foul-mouthed friend's mug collection.

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Eeffoc Is Coffee Spelled Backwards Mug

Here's a funny coffee mug for someone who has a dirty mouth but is a little less obvious with their foul language. A cheeky quote like this is sure to get a chuckle!

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Having A Moment Coffee Mug

If you know someone who isn't a morning person until they've finished their first cup of morning brew, this fun mug is sure to match their unique personality.

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That's What She Said Mug

You can't argue. Why? Because that's what she said. One cup of Michael Scott's classic lines and memes, hot and fresh!

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Coffee Makes Me Poop Funny Coffee Mug

And this is why we spend so much time in the bathroom, huh? Eh, I'd say it's worth it. This humorous coffee mug would make a great Christmas gift for that family member who goes straight from the coffee pot to the toilet every morning.

Want to make this gift even funnier? Add a Toilet Timer inside for the ultimate gift!

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King George Chorus Funny Hamilton Coffee Mug

The perfect mug for someone to sit down and watch Hamilton with a nice cup of coffee. I am not throwing away my shot (of espresso). If you are shopping for a history buff, this awesome coffee mug is sure to be a good thing.

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Lego Brick Coffee Mug

This is the perfect mug for your kids! Finally we don't have to share anymore! Oh who are we kidding, we all know adults love playing with Legos too.

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I Dont Like Morning People Grumpy Cat Mug

Just like Grumpy Cat, some of us are... well... grumpy. Especially before we get a full cup of coffee in our system. This funny yet adorable is one of our favorite meme gifts and is the perfect way to start your day with(out) a smile!

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Oh For Fox Sake Mug

Oh for fox sake, who drank all my coffee?!? This hilarious coffee mug is great for someone who needs a caffeine fix.

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Savage Classy Bougie Ratchet Mug

This is a savage gift for any TikToker or Megan Thee Stallion fan who loves coffee as much as they love a good song. "Tired of dancing? Uh, not with my coffee I'm not!"

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I've Got Your Back Ceramic Coffee Mug

Get this funny sarcastic mug for your friend and they will never trust you again. Perfect for a coffee addict who likes to laugh.

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Unclecorn Funny Coffee Mug

This is a great gift for your favorite uncle! Hope he likes coffee! X)

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Heat Sensitive Zombie Mug

File this under funny gifts for the horror connoisseur! If you don't tell them otherwise, they will think you've just given them a plain black coffee mug. But once they fill it with hot liquid, this heat reactive mug will change and show a creepy scene as if someone is trapped inside. Deliciously horrifying, but a fun gift to give!

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"u up?" Funny Coffee Mug

Funny coffee mugs are always a good idea, no matter how long you've been together. However, this mug is perfect if you're still in that early stage where you still text to see if the other is awake.

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Frog Butt Mug

I knew there were chubby frogs, but this frog is DUMMY thiccc. There isn't much to it, it's a frog mug with included dump truck. Available in 11 or 15 ounces (might as well go big). You can also choose an all-white mug, or one with a green inside and handle.

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Fetch These Dog Middle Finger Mug

Warning: NSFW! Give this hilarious coffee mug to your special dog person. Enjoy 11 ounces of hot beverage while telling the world how you really feel. Who feels like fetching anything before coffee anyhow? Not Spot!

This sarcastic conversation starter is microwave and dishwasher safe and is a great gag gift for any occasion. The best part of waking up is humor with your cup!

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Mulan Dishonor Coffee Mug

You may be familiar with the dank meme… but this is the Disney meme. I bet you can't read this without hearing it in Mushu's voice. This funny coffee mug is great for someone who likes to laugh as much as they love Disney and coffee.

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Bob Ross Meme Mug

The best way to enjoy a warm beverage is by drinking from an awesome mug. The perfect combination of Drake and Bob Ross memes, this ceramic mug will bring a smile to anyone's face who uses it. It’s definitely not a mistake, or even a happy accident, to gift this meme coffee mug!

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Should Have Been an Email Funny Coffee Mug

Need a gag gift for your office white elephant party? This coffee mug says what everyone else is thinking: "I survived another meeting that should have been an email." Just a quick piece of advice... only give this mug if you have a boss with a sense of humor!

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The Prescription Coffee Mug

When you're feeling fatigued, coffee makes everything better! This coffee mug is designed to look like the print of a prescription medicine bottle. Labeled coffee in the place of a name of medication and other funny notes, any sleep-deprived person will chuckle as they sip their coffee in the early mornings. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

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