21 Best Dinosaur Gifts for Kids

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Do your kids have a love for dinosaurs, down to their bones and the mysterious life they had? Little kids are pretty easy to shop for, but with serious dinosaur fanatics you’re going to want to make sure you pick a great gift – especially with all the dinosaur stuff that’s out there. This is the list to help you pick the best dinosaur gifts for kids of all ages. I guarantee you will dig up the perfect present for your little dino lover!

dinosaur gifts for kids

The Best Dinosaur Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Dino Crew Play-Doh

This fun dinosaur play-doh set comes with 3, play-doh filled eggs, a pterodactyl and a chomping T-Rex. The T-rex makes chewing, crunching and burping noises as he eats the treats that the kids feed to him. The dinosaurs have molds on their feet for your kids to form tasty dino treats for the dinosaur to eat.

2. Jurassic World Mini Dinosaurs

This pack of mini plastic dinosaurs has 10 replicas from the Jurassic World movie Camp Cretaceous. These dinosaurs are small enough that they can be paired with matchbox cars, making it easy for travel play.

3. Hungry T-Rex

This is a great toy for the older kids (6 and up) and is sure to be a good time for a dinosaur-obsessed child. The object of the game is to shoot the 8 foam balls into the mouth of the tyrannosaurus rex. This is great for improving hand-eye coordination. Safe for indoor or outdoor use.

4. Dino Dig Sand and Water Table

Let the fun begin with this awesome sand and water table. This table comes with four cute dinosaurs your child can use to explore the water pool and the volcano side. Remove the volcano to discover the sand pit. Once your little dinosaur lover digs to the bottom, they will find dinosaur footprints!

5. Remote Control Dinosaur

Your child is sure to enjoy this electronic dinosaur robot. He can perform quite a number of actions, including walking, roaring and shaking his head. He also has a setting, where one push of a button will have him perform multiple actions in a row. Great for kids ages 3 to 7 years old.

6. Dino Fossil Dig Kit

Any young paleontologist will love this dig kit from National Geographic. Inside this dig rock, there are three fossils, including dinosaur bones! Watch their amazement as they make their discovery and read about what fossil they have found.

7. Dino Egg Dig Kit

This dinosaur egg kit is perfect for any party or as a single gift. It includes 12 dinosaur eggs that contain different dinosaurs. No eggs contain the same dinosaur, making it a great learning experience. The kit comes with fact cards to match with the discovered dinosaurs, making it a great educational toy for little boys and girls.

8. Dinosaur Backpack

What better way to carry around all your favorite dinosaur action figures than in this dinosaur backpack? My little guy had this and the little dino stuffie was just the cutest thing! This is the perfect gift for younger children (and there are other animal options too!).

9. Volcano Expedition Base Camp

This lifelike toy is sure to keep your child interested for hours to come. Add water to the volcano for a steamy experience to accompany the glowing lava and rock explosion. So many awesome details come with this toy.

10. Dino Bath Bombs

Most young children love bath bombs. They are sure to love this set where each bath bomb is filled with a special surprise, a new dinosaur toy!

11. Dinosaur Puzzle

This dinosaur puzzle is great for younger kids. Only 100 pieces and it comes in the shape of a dinosaur. Five of the pieces are also shaped like dinosaurs. Pretty ROARsome!

12. Dinosaur Playing Cards

If you are looking for educational gifts for a dinosaur lover, this deck of playing cards is perfect. Not only can it be used for any classic card game, but it also has dinosaur pictures on all 52 cards and shares facts about each dinosaur on the card. The entire family can enjoy this great dinosaur gift on the next family game night!

13. National Geographic Mega Fossil Kit

Give your child the experience of a real paleontologist with this fossil kit. Containing real fossils, your child can break away the clay block to make their amazing discovery.

14. Never Touch the Dinosaurs Board Book

This dinosaur board book is silly and fun for small children. It has multiple touch pages that teach your child textures and how to count. Children always enjoy when they are allowed to touch pages in a book.

15. Converse Dino Shoes

We all know kids go through shoes quicker than we can drive to the store. Get your dinosaur lover a new pair of dinosaur shoes! These Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Dinoverse sneakers are so hot, I want them in adult sizes for myself! (For toddler velcro options, check out all the dino styles on the Converse website.)

16. Dino Necklace

personalized dinosaur necklace

For those kids that are wanting something flashy or fancy, try giving them some jewelry. A beautiful personalized dinosaur necklace with bright colors will be a perfect gift.

17. Dinosaur Replica Model

What’s the next best thing to having your own dinosaur? Having a replica model that looks just like a real dinosaur! This 36 inch scale model has 51 realistic pieces to create a T. Rex skeleton.

18. Dinosaur Lego Set

Legos are some of the best additions to add to any household, due to them being so versatile. Any dinosaur obsessed kid would love to receive this dinosaur lego set.

19. Plush Dinosaurs

If you are shopping for a baby or toddler, you may need to shop for soft toys. This pack of plush dinosaurs allows them to safely play dinosaur games with no worries of anyone getting injured.

20. Dinosaur Bedding

kids organic dinosaur bedding

Turn their bedroom into Jurassic Park with bedding that features their favorite prehistoric animal! This organic dinosaur quilt has amazing pictures of dinosaurs in different colors, all labeled with their dino names. Don’t forget to pick up the sheets and pillowcases to finish off their new bedroom decor!

21. Dinosaur Taco Holders

dinosaur taco holders

Maybe your kid has too many simple toys and you want something they can use for a long time. This pair of dinosaur taco holders is the perfect gift! Fun for any kid from young child to young adult (let’s be honest – it’s cool for older adults too), this is going to take dinner time to the next level.

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21 Best Dinosaur Gifts for Kids

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