16 Best Gifts for Hairdressers at Christmas

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Have a hairstylist for a best friend? Maybe you’re just looking to show a nice gesture to your awesome hair stylist this holiday season. If you’re looking to buy a more thoughtful gift than just gift cards and chocolates, it’s important that you look at the right gifts and don’t risk buying them something they already have or wouldn’t like. This year, treat the special hairdresser in your life to something special!

To help you out a little, we’ve gathered these holiday gift ideas for this Christmas to help you show your love and appreciation to your favorite hairdresser.

Ready to see what gifts made the list? Keep reading…

Gifts for Hairdressers at Christmas

Best Hairdresser Gift Ideas

Bags & Totes

There are so many things that a hairdresser needs to carry every day, why not help out your favorite hairdresser with a new bag or two this Christmas season?

Cosmetology Supply Tote Bag

For a simple and practical gift, this professional salon organizer is the perfect gift for Christmastime! 

This bag is created with two sections divided by a secure compartment wall, so there's plenty of space for them to store their equipment. Very helpful for a stylist with a ton of equipment who has to travel or can't leave their supplies in their salon!

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Trust me, this will be used a lot and is the perfect gift to support a stylist’s new business. 

Coffee Lover Cosmetics Bag for Hairdressers

Everyone needs a cosmetic bag from time to time! Not everyone can have a makeup artist on speed dial to set their face before and during work. Help them keep their look together and easy to touch up with this fun pouch!

The design is super cute, so this gift is a guaranteed win for any coffee loving hairdresser on your gift list this year. 

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Personalized Salon Tote Bag

If you'd like give a unique gift with a more personal touch, this fashionable tote is the perfect way to spoil the hairdresser in your life. It has mesh pockets on the side so she can easily find her small tools and accessories. Coming in different colors and with an optional 13 pocket organizer, you can put the stylist's name on the outside of their bag for a truly special gift.

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Who wouldn’t want a cute and unique bag all of their own?

Leather Salon Shear Holder

Although we'd love to recommend a high-quality pair of scissors for you to give them, shears can be pricey and stylists can be picky on which ones they use. Instead, why not give them a shear organizer instead?

This professional leather salon shear holder is a great gift for any hairdresser in your life! Not only is it professional looking, but it is sturdy so it won’t break down easily (which is super common - ask any hairdresser!). 

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Coffee Mugs for Hairdressers

Whether they prefer coffee or tea, one thing is true when it comes to being a hairdresser – caffeine is a necessity. With that in mind, I had to add an entire category of coffee mugs to the list of gifts for hairdressers at Christmas. 

Hairstylist Nutrition Label Coffee Mug

Complete with every ingredient a great hairstylist has to have like therapist, master artist, and amazing, this label is the sweetest gift for hairdressers at Christmas.

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I like to add in some of their favorite chocolates or some extra cash when giving a new coffee mug to take a little gift to the next level. 

Scissors Handle Coffee Mug

For the hairdresser that is a master with their shears, this scissor novelty coffee mug is so fun and is overall a funny gift to give. With the handle designed to look like the rings of a shear, your hairdresser can enjoy their coffee all day long with this fun gift. 

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Keep Calm Hairdresser Tumbler

When you can’t help but notice that your hairdresser is always sipping on her tea or coffee during your trip to the hair salon, this hairdresser tumbler is a perfect present at Christmastime. This way, they can enjoy cold drinks as well!

Complete with fun colors and the phrase ‘Keep Calm and Let Me Fix Your Hair’ on the side - they will love this Christmas gift!

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Want more coffee mug gift ideas? Check out our Funny Coffee Mugs gift guide!

Charm Bracelet

If your hair dresser loves to wear jewelry or already has plenty of mugs and bags, show her your appreciation with one of these beautiful charm bracelets!

Minimalist Shears Charm Bangle

No matter how long they have been a hairdresser, this rose gold charm bracelet is a beautiful gift. Also available in silver and gold, this adjustable bangle can fit most wrists.

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Infinity Collection Hairstylist Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet comes with several charms all designed around a hair stylists tool kit. It also comes with a jewelry bag for safe storage.

From scissors to blow dryers to combs - this charm bracelet comes with it all! We especially love the "Live Love Hair" charm!

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Hairdresser Gifts with Funny Messages

With a career in hairdressing comes a great sense of humor – so of course we had to add some silly gifts to the list! Give your hairdresser Christmas presents like these that will make them – and their colleagues – laugh all year long. Be it a funny quote or witty quip, we’ve picked the best gifts for everyone.

"I Will Cut You" Funny Coffee Mug

This fun coffee cup comes with a warning to all of your split ends. Make sure you don't poke this stylist too much or else they'll poke back!

With the phrase ‘I will cut you’ on the side, they will love this snarky coffee cup.

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"I Can't Fix Stupid" Funny Cosmetic Tote

The ideal gift for a stylist with a dark sense of humor, this cosmetic tote is a simple black and white design with the phrase, ‘I can’t fix stupid, but I can fix your hair’ written on the side. She can store any extra makeup, snacks, or anything else that she might need for her day with this bag.

Level up your gift by adding a monetary gift or a useful tool inside!

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"Good Hair Isn't By Accident" Funny Salon Decor

Any seasoned hairdresser knows the value in having a fun station! Help them keep their appointment books full and their faces smiling with this fun sign that says, "good hair isn’t by accident, it's by appointment." It will cause laughs all around the salon and will hopefully encourage new clients to book another styling session.

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Funny Wine Glass

Every hairdresser knows that at the end of a long day, a glass of wine is great way to relax. Why not spruce up their busy days with this silly wine glass designed for hairdressers? If you happen to know their favorite bottle of wine, feel free to include that in your gift.

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Add in this Wine Pourer and Aerator to make this gift super thoughtful! Trust me, they will love it.

Hairdresser Clocks

Keeping time is extremely important for a hairdresser. You don’t want to make your next appointment wait because you took too long with your current client! Help them out by giving the gift of time with a fun new hairdresser-themed wall clock!

Hairdresser Tools Analog Clock

Want to give a useful gift to your hairdresser at Christmas? Some new decorations for their shop is always a good idea. Why not get them a unique clock with hairdresser equipment in place of the numbers? This numberless analog clock is a cute yet simple addition to a hair salon.

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Want to give the gift of stress relief? Check out our Unique Stress Relief Gifts!

Beauty Salon Vinyl Wall Clock

Cut from a vinyl record, this beauty salon clock is a gorgeous piece of art that also tells the time. Salon owners need a great statement piece for the lobby of their salon, so why not give them something that's sure to be a nice touch to their entrance?

Beauty and function - what’s not to love?

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Farmhouse Style Salon Clock

For the hairdresser that loves the farmhouse style, why not give them a salon clock designed with restored wood?

Trust me - they will love this clock!

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There are so many thoughtful (and fun!) gifts for hairdressers this Christmas. From bags to charm bracelets to fun items that will make them laugh – there is something for every hairdresser on your gift list!

So tell me… what hairstylist gifts did I miss? What is something that you think every hairdresser needs to get this Christmas? Tell me in the comments below!

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Awesome Gifts Your Hairdresser Will Love
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