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We all get stressed sometimes. When we get overwhelmed, though, people always give out the same advice: light some candles, drink some tea, journal, color – you get the idea. If you know someone who is particularly stressed, you may be looking for a great gift to help renew their mental health.

While you may not be able to give them the gift of relaxation, stress-relieving gifts are probably the next best thing. In this gift guide, we’ve gathered the best and most creative stress relief gifts so you can help someone (or yourself) chill and handle those problems without using the same old routine.

Stress relief gifts

Stress Relief Gifts for Ultimate Relaxation

For some family members and friends, a gift card to help them buy the perfect gift for themselves is what they really need. But if you’d rather give a thoughtful gift yourself, here are some ideas to make a great addition to your holiday shopping list.

1. Fidget Toy Bundle

This bundle has a lot of various fidgets to use when you’re feeling anxious and just can’t sit still. Perfect for people who has sensory needs and just want something to fidget with. And even if you don’t, fidget toys are still fun to play with.

Listify Journal

This writing journal is the perfect way to start practicing mindfulness. By listing and journaling your way through the anxiety, you'll come out feeling balanced and like you're taking better care of yourself.

When I'm stressed, I'll list as many colors that I can think of. This stress-relief tool uses a similar method and forces you to fixate on something less stressful.

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3. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you enjoy relaxing to soothing scents filling the air, an essential oil diffuser may be a great investment for you. You can put a few drops of your favorite scents inside and sigh in relief as they fill the air, or can try mixing scents to see what your favorite blend is. I like using lavender essential oil or a similar calming, soothing scent. The second I smell lavender oils, I always feel my shoulders drop.

If you aren’t a fan of essential oils, you can get similar benefits from using aromatherapy candles.

4. Adult Weighted Blanket

Everyone could use a weighted blanket. Coming in three different sizes and seven different weights, the Gravity Blanket is perfect for anyone who has anxiety or stress in their life. I’ve found it’s relieving to hug yourself while you have the blanket wrapped around your back, since it simulates the feeling of someone hugging you – hugging is one of the easiest ways to get your body to relax.

5. Put Your Worries Here Journal

I know, I know, another journal – but hear me out on this one. Whenever I felt anxious or couldn’t stop worrying about all the possibilities in life, I would turn to this mindfulness journal. With a lovely green color scheme, each page was filled with different exercises that helped get down all the worry and anxiety onto paper, allowing me to release it from myself. Schab encourages you to analyze those worries, acknowledge them, and then release them. Some of the writing prompts include writing down your worries and then ripping out the page and throwing it away, drawing or describing the stressor in your life, and even just filling pages with doodles or creative writing. While not a substitute for therapy, it IS recommended that you turn to this book in addition to speaking to a professional in order to better understand your feelings in a non-judgmental way.

6. Color Happy Adult Coloring Books

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a real “how to destress” post if I didn’t include at LEAST one coloring book. Coloring can be a very cathartic self care activity when you’re anxious or stressed. This coloring book has a large variety of pages and is perfect for when you just need time to sit down and destress. Being able to just sit down and color a page or two really can work wonders for stress, especially since there’s no expectations or pressure when it comes to being artsy.

7. OLLY Goodbye Stress Gummies

OLLY is a great way to supplement different factors of your nervous system health, especially when it comes to destressing. Although not a replacement from prescription medicine, OLLY Goodbye Stress includes GABA, L-Theanine, and lemon balm in the ingredients, and all three can play an important part in helping supplement your needs when it comes to keeping calm. I personally have been taking these for a while and can really feel the difference in my mood!

For more gift ideas, click over to our list of gifts for people with anxiety.

8. Neck Massager With Heating Pad

When I’m shopping for relaxing gifts for mom, I look to gift ideas like this first. The miracle a heating pad can work on your shoulders and upper back after a long day is truly wondrous. Any time you feel a little tense or pressure in your shoulders, heat the pads up and relax as the heat seeps into your tight muscles. I recommend pairing this gift with some scented sachets for optimal relaxation before bed – keep reading to see the ones I recommend!

9. Tempur-Pedic Pillow

A very important thing to focus on when stressed is your sleep schedule and habits – now, be honest with yourself: how comfortable and supportive is your pillow? If you wake up a lot in the middle of the night due to discomfort (or even if you don’t), it may be time to invest in a Tempur-Pedic pillow. I have one and I absolutely swear by it. It helps keep your neck and back properly aligned while you sleep since it follows the natural curve of your body. Having therapeutic support is very important; you don’t want to wake up in the morning with a crick in your neck, sore, and already feeling stressed or otherwise negative. Waking up calm and rested is a great way to combat stress, and this Tempur-Pedic pillow is absolutely worth the investment. Comes in four different sizes, including a special cooling feature in size medium.

10. Wine Holder

This one’s for the wine lovers out there – although, you COULD drink something else in the wine glass, but that’s not the point. Have you ever wanted to get in the shower or a hot bath but didn’t want to leave your drink of choice? With this wine holder, you can easily get clean while sipping you wine- I mean, “adult juice”.

11. Massage Chair

A massage chair is a big investment that’ll help you work out those tense and tender spots on your body, but it’s TOTALLY worth it. Trust me. I have my own massage chair at home and use it every single night as a way to relax and decompress. Back massagers are ok, but this is the best gift with tons of health benefits. It may seem like a lot, but when you can relax those tense muscles at home you’ll see why this is a must-have.

12. Turntable

Listen, sometimes you just gotta get up and get moving! Having a (bluetooth!) turntable is similar to having a regular bluetooth speaker. The only difference is that in MY opinion, a turntable looks MUCH cooler, and is perfect if you happen to be a vinyl collector. It’s also portable, so you can dance and otherwise jazz out to music wherever you want.

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13. Acupressure Mat & Pillow

Maybe instead of the massage chair, you get this acupressure mat. Acupressure helps to naturally release muscle tension and releases endorphins that block pain, as well as improve many areas of your overall health. I have tried it myself and the warming sensation you get from acupressure is so relaxing. The included pillow supports your neck so you can have more holistic pain relief as well.

14. Meditation Cushion

Meditation is a great way to calm a racing mind, lower the heart rate, and reduce muscle tension. All you really need is a relaxing space and some deep breathing, but a comfy cushion is nice too. This meditation cushion comes in three different colors and includes a bag for portable use. Just relaaaax.

Yoga is great for de-stressing! Check out our top yoga gifts for more ideas!

15. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

This bath tub tray that converts into a bed table is a great tool to use when you want to have a relaxing atmosphere. Be it watching Netflix in the tub or in bed, you deserve to relax with style and entertainment.

16. Crystal Candles

crystal candles gifts for stress

These stunning handmade candles are the perfect addition to a nice bath soak. Their fragrance is calming and soothing, and you can repeat affirmations while focusing on the crystal. I’d highly recommend these to candle lovers or anyone who enjoys the finer things in life.

17. Lavender & Chamomile Sleep Sachets

Lavender and Chamomile Sleep Sachets stress relief gifts

Sleep sachets are my favorite things to have when I’m going to bed. I place them right next to my pillow instead of all the way under it and enjoy breathing in the calming scent of lavender and chamomile as I drift off to sleep. The perfect way to end a stressful day.

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