25 Unique Gifts for Your Boyfriend He Will Enjoy

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Is your boyfriend hard to shop for? Looking for a gift that’s a little more thoughtful than just a new video game (if he’s the gaming type)? Here we’ve gathered our best gifts for your boyfriend to help you think outside of the box!

Top Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Leado Lavender Scented Candles

These candles have a unique little saying that’s sure to make him smile (or even laugh, if you’re lucky!). Bonus points if you gift this on a decade birthday.

2. ROBO BIRD Men’s Personalized Engraved Watch

This stylish watch has a hidden twist: underneath is a personalized message for your boyfriend stating how much you love him. This thoughtful gift is the perfect way to show him how much he means to you.

3. Personalized Boxer Briefs

Want to give him a more humorous boyfriend gift? Coming in multiple different styles, these boxers are a hilarious way to gift him a picture of himself – or you!

4. Funny Keychain

Isn’t this the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever seen? Tell your boyfriend how much you love him by promising you’re all his.

5. Soprano Ukulele

Gift him the gift of music! This ukulele is perfect for beginners and is a great way for him to start learning how to play (songs for you of course). For the musician boyfriend.

6. Loog Pro VI Acoustic Guitar

Another gift for the musician, but this one is a beginner’s guitar. Comes with flashcards with chord diagrams and is compatible with the Loog Guitar app that will teach him everything he needs to know as a beginner. Great for if he wants to learn an instrument but maybe doesn’t know how or where to start. (We actually own this guitar and love it!)

7. Tactical Pen

This 12-in-1 pen is the perfect gift for the guy who feels the need to be prepared for anything. Or, you know, the guy who always ends up in situations that he’s never prepared for. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

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8. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Who needs headphones when you can just wear a beanie? For the stylish men that love their music but don’t like the feeling of headphones or earbuds.

9. Beard Grooming Kit

Does your man have any beard whatsoever? Even just a little stubble? This grooming kit includes all he needs to maintain his look – all he needs to do is bring himself and the facial hair.

10. Wood Docking Station

This docking station comes with an additional valet tray and earphone holder. Perfect for the man that loves to be organized or for one that is always losing his things.

11. Fleece Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the perfect gift for him to stay warm… that you’re absolutely gonna steal back and make it yours.

12. Funny Candle Gift

Tell him how you really feel with this special candle! Sure to make him understand just how important he is to you.

13. Blanket Hoodie

Give him the gift of wearable warmth! Made from microfiber and sherpa, comes in several different colors and patterns. Could potentially be stolen back.

14. Champion Hoodie

Let’s face it: this is basically just you giving yourself a gift. Perfect for the guy that has a partner that loves to steal his hoodies.

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15. “u up?” Mug

Hey Google, find gift for boyfriend that will make him laugh. We’ve all been there. For the boyfriend who loves gag gifts.

16. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

For the coffee lovers out there! Enjoy a fancier way to make coffee together with this elegant pour-over coffeemaker.

17. Bro Mask Face Mask

For the boyfriend that gives a sh*t about his facial appearance. Beard-friendly, filled with hydration and perfect for any man.

18. Modern Hanging Planter

For the plant dad. Genuine leather, perfect for cacti and succulents. Comes in tan and black.

19. Mobile Game Controller

Made for iPhone and Android. Perfect for the gamer boyfriend that wants to take his gaming skills to the cloud.

20. Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the chef boyfriend. High quality olive oil imported from Italy can truly make or break a dish.

21. Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

This clock allows you to fall asleep with the sunset and wake up as the sun rises. This is a great way for him (and you!) to wake up more peacefully everyday.

22. Tool Kit

Everyone needs a tool kit. Just in case. For the boyfriend that enjoys the more handyman side of things – or simply doesn’t have a tool kit.

23. Wine Decanter

Aerate your wine using this decanter, then pour it from the glass or pour back into bottle and serve from the original wine bottle. For the wine lovers that love a little fanciness in their lives.

24. Manduka Yoga Mat

For the zen-minded. This is the perfect gift for he who likes yoga, working out, or just likes to say he does yoga but really doesn’t.

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25. Weighted Blanket

For the boyfriend that just wants a hug. Weighted blankets are perfect for de-stressing and lessening anxiety and are the perfect way to show you care – everyone deserves a weighted blanket in their life.

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