21 Man Cave Gifts That Are Sure to Please Him

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Nothing says “I love you” more than a gift that encourages him to spend time doing whatever he wants, in his own space in the house. For his next birthday (or Christmas or next Tuesday), give him one of these man cave gifts that he will love!

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Man Cave Gifts for Him

1. “Welcome To My Man Cave” Sign

It only makes sense that the first gift on this list be a warm welcome to his man cave. A man cave can be shared with others, after all – that is, if he wants to. Good for the man that doesn’t mind sharing his space.

2. “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Sign

You know the phrase “money can’t buy happiness”, right? And while that phrase isn’t WRONG per se, it is ALSO true that money can buy something that WILL bring you happiness, right? Right.

3. “Steak Timer” Sign

This is absolutely an accurate way of gauging how ready a steak is. Totally. 10/10 recommend.

4. “It’s All Shit and Giggles” Sign

Ok, this one’s just plain dirty. But if you like dirty jokes, this one’s for you!

(Maybe I need to get one…)

5. Adjustable Murphy Bar

Murphy Bar Man Cave Gifts

The perfect addition to a man cave is a bar. An even better addition is a bar that saves space and can be closed. And even if you don’t drink, this is a way you can store unopened beverages. Pretty cool, right?

6. Whiskey Decanter Globe

This Whiskey Decanter set comes with a globe, two etched globe whiskey glasses, and some whiskey stones for you to use. It’s up to him if he wants to drink whiskey or apple cider.

7. Mixology Bartender Kit

This set includes everything you’ll need from a home bartending kit, minus the booze. Comes in copper, silver, and gunmetal black. Wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to mix your own drinks?

8. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Another whiskey-related gift! This one includes eight whiskey stones, two old-fashioned glasses, a storage tray, metal tongs, two slate coasters, and whiskey cocktail cards. The stones are made of 100% natural granite and are sure to chill your drink without watering it down.

9. Corkcicle Cigar Glass

Ok, you gotta admit this one’s pretty neat. This whiskey glass has a built-in cigar rest, so you don’t have to constantly hold your cigar while you drink. You can’t tell me this isn’t cool – well, you can, I just won’t believe you.

10. 50 Cal Shot Glass

Having a set of two shot glasses shaped like 50 caliber bullet casings? That’s really cool, especially if the man in question has a thing for guns.

11. Mini Bar Beer Fridge

Everyone needs a place to store their alcohol – or soda… or water. With this particular mini fridge, alcohol is the assumed choice, but feel free to put whatever you want in it.

12. Skull Ashtray

For the smoking man. This skull ashtray is a necessary addition to a man cave – you wouldn’t want to ruin the place by letting yourself ash everywhere, right? Of course you don’t.

13. Ox-Horn Drinking Horn

Now, hear me out. Everyone needs a little extra in their life. This drinking horn is the best way to obtain that level of extra-ness. Regardless of if you actually use it or not, it just looks cool and is sure to be an amusing talking piece.

14. “Take Your Top Off” Bottle Opener

With the screws included, it’s time to take off your top… of your bottle. I see no innuendos here. Absolutely none at all. This is a perfectly good gift with zero double meanings in sight.

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15. Giant Bean Bag Chair

Who doesn’t love bean bags? This is a comfy yet casual way to spice up a man cave – who needs regular seats? Comes in microsuede, pebble, ultrafur, and plush faux fur, as well as several different colors and patterns.

16. Massage Chair

The perfect seat for a man cave, this reclining massage chair is sure to help him relax and relieve tension. Helps with lumbar tension and overall is just a great way to relax your muscles.

17. Wireless Bluetooth Music System

Everyone needs a speaker, especially in a man cave. This speaker is compatible with the Alexa echo dot, and works with FM radio, internet radio, bluetooth streaming, and has wi-fi connectivity.

18. Bluetooth Turntable

If you don’t want a speaker or happen to be a vinyl enthusiast, then this turntable is the one for you. Not only does it look cool, it’s also high-tech and is a great vinyl player to have. Alternatively, you can just stream with bluetooth and enjoy your music that way.

19. Shotgun Shell Coasters

For the gun lover. Or just someone that doesn’t want their table ruined.

20. Funny Coasters

Also for someone that doesn’t want their table ruined, but this time featuring colorful language.

21. Batcave Mat

Finally, a welcome mat with a funny reference to pop culture. If he likes DC, he’s sure to like this.

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