17 Best Gifts for Medical Students

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For med students approaching the medical field, our gift list has it all. With gift options that are useful for medical school, funny, or just kinda cool, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite medical student that they will love!

gifts for medical students

Useful and Cool Gifts for Medical Students

1. Human Anatomy Coloring Book

Sure to help them learn anatomy through a clean and colorful way, this anatomy coloring book will help them relax while they learn all those little body parts. Who said learning human anatomy had to be boring?

2. Medical Lab Coat

Every future doctor needs a lab coat, right? This lab coat is an Amazon choice and trusted for a reason, stylish yet simple and ready to be worn for their white coat ceremony (as well as every work day after that).

3. Medical Skeleton Model

A useful gift for the future doctor or nurse practitioner, this life sized medical skeleton model deserves a spot in your classroom or home. Sure to help any med student learn more of the human anatomy to be a respected and trusted professional! Also doubles as a great Halloween decoration later, just saying.

4. 3M Littmann Classic Stethoscope

No better way to monitor your patient and their needed health statistics than this all black classic stethoscope. This best seller makes the perfect stocking stuffer for medical professionals everywhere!

5. Scrubs Uniform (Unisex)

Another super practical gift idea? Scrubs. Anyone in the medical profession needs them, and is always thankful for a new set! This uniform includes both the pants and shirt, featuring 16 color varying choices from pink to black and everything in between.

6. X-Ray Socks

A funny gift for that special loved one in the medical field, these long gender neutral socks feature a print of an X-Ray on your feet. Silly and simple but sure to be a favorite of that nurse or doctor in the family!

7. Coffee Prescription Medicine Mug

Another funny gag gift for your medical friend, this coffee mug is based on the print of a prescription medicine bottle. Labeled coffee in the place of a name of medication and other funny notes, any sleep-deprived college student will chuckle as they sip their coffee in the early mornings before class. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

8. DNA Pendant Necklace

Cute and stylish for that nurse or doctor friend who is into fashion, this DNA pendant makes a great gift idea! It could be a symbolic graduation gift for your medical school graduate, or a token to say thanks for all of their hard work.

9. Syringe and Bone Pens

Funny and silly but also useful, these pens are designed after syringes and bones and come in a wide variety. A great gift idea to give your coworkers in the medical community a future ballpoint pen favorite!

10. Stethoscope Heart Tee Shirt

Wholesome, heartfelt, and sweet, this tee has it all, including the medics familiar stethoscope by a heart and pulse rate. This shirt is a fun way for them to show their med school friends how close their future profession is to their heart!

11. Espresso Machine

Tired of the late nights, long shifts, and early morning med school and doctors office schedule? Get this espresso machine for a caffeinated start and a wide awake morning with their favorite coffee flavors! Those long hours will feel a little shorter when they have that extra pep in their step. The perfect Christmas gift for the new graduate or a college student who spends a lot of time in long study sessions.

12. Electric Foot Massager

This electric foot massager is one of those thoughtful gifts that isn’t often thought of! After a long day on their feet in med school or at the doctors office, this machine is a great way to relax from a busy day on the go. (Honestly, this is an awesome gift for any family member – especially anyone who has to stand for most of the day.)

13. Acupressure Mat and Pillow

Another gift idea for relaxing after a long day, this product features both a relaxing mat and pillow. The pressure points create a warming sensation over the skin that helps the entire body to relax in just minutes! No time to waste when you just want to chill and rest.

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14. Personalized Med Bag

For those in the profession with a large list to carry, this bag is designed to hold all your medical products with the addition of a personalized option to label your name!

15. Personalized Marble Medical Bookend

Another personalized gift that we just couldn’t leave out! Medical advice is within arm’s reach when you can hold your med school trainee books together using this duo marble bookend. Showcase your favorite books in style with a medical logo and your personalized medical ranking and name!

16. First Aid Kit

No matter what profession you are in, a first aid kit is one of the best gifts to have! Be prepared in an emergency situation, proving how professional you are as a doctor or nurse. Packed with quick and needed medical products, ready to heal hurt on the go!

17. Fingertip Monitor

Need to read a pulse rate or heart rate quickly for an emergency situation or simple checkup? If so this product is ideal for you, small, portable and ready to read statistics on the move!

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