25 Best Gifts for College Guys

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If you’ve ever attended a college drop-off day, the stark contrast between guys and girls is eye-opening. College girls come prepared for everything with their cars filled to the brim. Guys appear with a single duffle bag and an “I’ll figure it out” attitude. These 25 best gifts for college guys will give them a leg up when it comes to being prepared and may save them a bit of stress or a late-night trip to the closest store.

After sending my own young adult off to live in a college dorm, I learned a few great ideas for college student gifts. I’ve picked out the best and most popular items that college boys are going to love. From useful and convenient to fun and trendy, we’ve covered it all. Any college guy is going to love these gift ideas.

Whether you’re buying a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or celebrating your son, grandson or friend heading off to college for the first time, you are going to love this list of the 25 best gifts for college guys.

Our List of the Best College Gifts for Guys

Gifts for Preparing for College

Heading off to college for the first time can be exciting and a little scary. These gift ideas for a college-bound student will help ease the transition from high school to college campuses and make for a comfortable trip whether they stay in-state or head across the country.

  1. Freshman Survival Guide

For many, the first year of college is their first time out on their own. Mom and dad are no longer around to direct your every move, and it’s time to start making big decisions for yourself. The Freshman Survival Guide is a great book that speaks to college kids in a way they can relate to making those big decisions.

2. Duffel Bag

Photo via Carhartt

Even if he’s not taking a ton of stuff, a large and durable duffel bag like this high quality Carhartt Duffel will be very much appreciated.

3. Water Bottle

Photo via Yeti

Perfect for packing for class or taking to the gym, this Yeti Rambler is insulated and includes the chug cap to make drinking water easier.

4. Travel Mug

Photo via Hydro Flask

Make it easy to roll out of bed and head to class with only moments to spare with a travel mug that will keep his drink hot for hours if it lasts that long!

5. Laundry Bag

Photo via Azhido Store

An extra-large laundry bag and an invitation to come home for laundry day can be comforting. Make a whole college care package and include some laundry detergent and a roll or two of quarters if making it home isn’t possible.

6. Backpack

Photo via JanSport

He isn’t in high school anymore, and there’s a good chance his backpack needs an upgrade! Get your favorite college student a good backpack with a large capacity – enough room for a laptop and a few books is perfect for toting around to classes and the library. A good quality bag like this is likely to last him through his senior year.

7. The Naked Roommate

Photo via Amazon

College can certainly bring you out of your comfort zone. You will likely see and experience things you never imagined–both good and questionable. The Naked Roommate is a great gift designed to help you navigate some of the best and strangest college experiences.

8. Recipes Every College Student Should Know

Photo via Amazon

For many college students, this will be the first time they have ever lived on their own. Being responsible for your cooking and cleaning isn’t difficult, but it’s a good idea to figure out how. Recipes Every College Student Should Know is a useful gift that includes a host of recipes that can be made with just an electric kettle or a microwave.

Dorm Room Gift Ideas for Guys

9. Alarm Clock

Photo via Rocam

As my own college student can tell you, you can’t always rely on your cell phone to wake you up – especially after late nights of studying (or house parties). Never be late for class or a test with a dual alarm clock with adjustable volume. This clock also doubles as a USB charger for your phone and other smart devices.

10. Electric Kettle

Photo via TotalEze

Traditional cooking isn’t allowed in a dorm room, but young men can learn to do a lot with a little boiling water! An electric kettle heats the water quickly so you can make ramen noodles, mac and cheese, hot tea and a host of other foods and beverages without a microwave. Plus, it’s small and portable, and this model has an electric shutoff and boil-dry protection.

This is definitely one of those college gift ideas they will keep (and use) for a long time.

11. Coffee Maker

Photo via Keurig

Actual college students will tell you that this coffee maker is the perfect gift idea for this holiday season. Its compact size makes it perfect for dorm rooms or a small apartment where there isn’t much space for bulky gadgets. Your college kid can brew the perfect cup of coffee every morning with a Keurig SMART coffee maker. But let’s be real – this will be more important when they are up late studying and coffee shops are all closed.

12. LED Desk Lamp

Photo via Weareok

Be prepared for late-night study sessions with an adjustable LED lamp that’s dimmable and has five lighting modes, plus USB ports for charging devices. The bright light illuminates their desk area perfectly, so they won’t disturb their roommates.

13. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Photo via Hamilton Beach

This dual breakfast sandwich maker is the ideal gift for hungry college students. Make a complete, healthy breakfast in just minutes.

14. Mini Fridge

Photo via RCA

A mini-fridge is perfect for storing small meals and drinks. It’s perfect for late-night snacks and times when the student union is closed.

15. Bedside Shelf

Photo via BedShelfie

College students spend a lot of time sitting on their beds. A bedside shelf is a great way to hold essential study tools, phones, ear pods and more can keep everything right at hand.

16. Snacks

Photo via Maruchan

College students never seem to have enough snacks! Load up with essentials like popcorn, ramen noodles, and chips.

Study Essentials for College

17. Portable Charger

Photo via AyeWay

Between scrolling social media and looking up important info online, a college student’s cell phone charge doesn’t last very long. And a dead phone battery is the worst. Stay connected no matter where you are with a portable charger that’s lightweight and charges two devices in a hurry.

18. Blue Light Glasses

Photo via Livho

People are spending much more time on computers and smart devices nowadays. The light can be harmful to our eyes and increase tiredness. Help protect your eyes with a pair of blue light glasses that block harmful light emissions and reduce eye strain.

19. Watch

Photo via Amazfit

This Alexa-compatible smartwatch and fitness tracker can monitor heart rate, sleep, steps and keep them on time for class, tests and study sessions.

Personal Care Gifts for College Guys

20. First Aid Kit

Photo via DormDoc

The DormDoc First Aid Kit includes medicine and supplies for wound care. Provide your child with a little TLC even when they are far away from home.

21. Toiletry Kit

Photo via Amazon

Toiletries are essential but can be expensive. Start them off right with a toiletry kit that includes basics like shampoo, deodorant, razors and tooth care.

22. College Sweatshirt

Photo via IvySport

Every college student needs some gear to show their school pride. A college sweatshirt will keep them cozy and warm at football games and other school activities.

23. Flip Flops and Shower Caddy

Photo via Under Armor

Most guys’ dorms are equipped with community showers. Make shower time easier with a pair of shower slides and a shower caddy. Keep all your supplies together, and never worry about your bare feet touching a floor that’s not frequently cleaned.

Fun Gifts for College Guys

24. Bluetooth Speaker

Photo via JBL

Play the perfect study playlist whether you’re in the dorm or studying in the park. A bluetooth speaker lets you take your tunes for a jog or when you are hanging out with the guys.

25. Spike Ball

Photo via Spike Ball

Spike ball is one of the most popular sports games amongst college students. This gift will get your favorite college guy outside with his friends. College is as much about fun and relationships as it is about studying.

We know your college-bound guy is going to love any of these gifts. If you still aren’t sure, you can never go wrong with gift cards. I can’t imagine a college guy who wouldn’t like getting a surprise gift card in the mail every now and then anyway!

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