21 Colorful Gifts for Artists That’ll Make Them Gogh Crazy

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Any artists out there looking for something special? Or maybe you’re looking to find the best gifts for artists to make that special someone happy? As a self-proclaimed artist, I’m here to help you find the perfect art-themed gift – even if you don’t know the difference between a crayon and a colored pencil. Here we’ve gathered the best artist gifts that will definitely either make them laugh or will add to their supply of art tools and projects to make. (and never finish, am I right?)

The Best Gifts For Artists That Aren’t Sketchy At All

1. Arteza Drawing Set

This 33-piece drawing set is the ultimate gift for anyone that sketches or prefers to draw with pencils. It comes with 18 drawing pencils of different hardness, 3 charcoal pencils, 1 white charcoal pencil, 2 woodless pencils, 1 black inkonic fineliner, 3 paper blenders, 1 metal sharpener, 3 erasers, AND 1 hobby knife. It’s an amazing price for an extensive haul!

2. You Are An Artist Assignment Book

Boasting more than 50 creative prompts, this workbook is great for when you have artist’s block and just don’t know what to draw when you have that urge to art. Also great for those who just want to have a daily prompt to cultivate their skills.

3. Cashmere Art Scarf

This soft, light (and colorful) scarf is great for someone who loves to not only create art, but wear it too. With plenty of choices of famous art pieces, this is a great addition to an artist’s wardrobe who loves the classics.

4. Portable LED Tracing Board

Have you ever made an amazing, detailed piece but wanted to go back over it with pen? Or maybe you’ve got a finished a draft and are ready to start the final product? This portable(!) LED board is the perfect solution to your problem. The bright light it emits allows you to go over your masterpiece and get it ready for the finishing touches.

5. Leather Journal With Page Marker and Pen

This one’s for all the leather-bound book lovers. Allowing you to draw and sketch in style, this artisan book is a wonderful gift to add to someone’s collection. Each journal is uniquely crafted, so you’ll have your own special book that has no identical match. Plus, it just looks cool, right? Right.

6. Falling in Art Easel Box Acrylic Paint Set

This set includes every paintbrush they could possibly need, plus 12 tubes of acrylic paint, 2 canvas panels, a palette and a mixing knife. The beechwood table box easel keeps supplies organized and portable, to take art on the go.

7. Paint Palette Earrings

These cute charm earrings are another great gift for those who like to wear art. They are made with a zinc-alloy, are eco-friendly, and are nickel and lead safe. Other options include different colors, necklaces, and charm bracelets – perfect for if you don’t have piercings or would just prefer something different.

8. “Just the Tip” Shirt

For all you naughty artists out there, this gag gift is sure to give you (or your recipient) a good laugh. This one is more directed towards tattoo artists or otherwise inked people, but it’s sure to get a laugh out of anyone.

9. Calligraphy Pen Set With Gift Box

For the calligraphy artists out there, this gift box comes with everything you need – besides paper and yourself, of course. The dip pen is made of rosewood, the replaceable nibs stainless steel, and the pen holder gold. It also comes with three different bottles of ink, so you can choose which color you prefer.

10. Zen Water Board

Not unlike a Buddha board (just bigger), this water painting board is a great gift for the artists that needs a little zen in their life. The water allows for easy cleanup and reusability, and the size of the board allows you to make larger projects. Comes with a stand for the board and your brush, as well as 3 different size brushes.

11. Palette Charm Necklace

This necklace is another palette design, however the paint is made of gems in this piece. Perfect for the artist that wants a little extra glam in their life.

12. Compression Hand Gloves

Ever had your hand start hurting while you art (yes, art is also a verb)? These gloves are a great solution for your problem. The compression allows for you to use your hands without having the added pain hit you so quickly. They also can protect your project since you won’t be getting as much hand oil on your paper, no matter what medium you use. These gloves make a great stocking stuffer for artists!

13. “Let It Gogh” Shirt

Nope, this isn’t a Frozen shirt. This gag gift is for the artists that love the classics or simply want a funny art-related shirt. You can also Gogh ahead and get it for yourself. Come on, you know you want to!

14. Bob Ross Apron With Pockets

Everyone loves Bob Ross, right? Right. (It’s totally ok if you don’t.)

This apron is great for when you don’t want to get your clothes dirty, or for if you just really like Bob Ross on an apron.

15. 365 Days of Art Book

Here’s another workbook, but this one gives you creative exercises everyday for a whole year. The journal is great for artists who want to work on fundamentals, since this one has you drawing specific styles or coloring in specific ways. The supportive quotes help, too!

16. Morse Code Artist Bracelet

Morse code artist bracelet

Ok, this one is just really cool. A bracelet that spells out “artist” in morse code? Come on. You can’t tell me that’s not cool. (Unless, you know, you just don’t like it. That’s cool, too.)

17. Monogrammed Palette and Paint Cup

monogrammed palette and paint cup gift for artists

This gift set comes with a monogrammed palette and a water cup that holes where you can place your brush. Perfect for someone that loves customized gifts.

18. Paint Water Cup and NOT Paint Water Cup Set

paint water mugs

Another customized gift set, however this one gives you a personalized paint water mug AND a mug for… well, not paint water. In the middle of creating a masterpiece, no artist wants to drink from the wrong cup! The vibrant colors make it extra cool, as does having your name on it.

19. Custom Art Clock

custom art clock paint palette gift for artists

But for real, having your own palette clock with your name on it? This is a great one for art teachers or just someone that happens to like customized clocks.

20. “It’s a Good Day to Make Some Art” Shirt

its a good day to make some art tshirt

This shirt is made with lovely soft colors and makes a great gift for people who love artsy yet somewhat more minimalist shirts. A great deal for an even greater shirt!

21. Digital Artist Glove

digital artist glove

For all you digital artists out there, this one’s for you! Nobody likes it when their hand brushes the tablet and makes your project smear or otherwise mess up. This glove is the perfect solution, as the fabric allows your hand to rest on the tablet without the tablet recognizing your hand.

Looking for Specific Artist Gifts?

While these gifts are ones that would be universally loved by artists of the drawing, painting, and digital art mediums, we know there are some artists out there who consider themselves writers, knitters, and creators of many other kinds of art. They would love having a gift that is specific to their style and community!

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