21 Top Beach Gifts for Beach Lovers

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Do the sand, waves, and sunsets speak to your aesthetic and style? Do you enjoy sunbathing on the warm sand or swim the tide for the cool feeling on your skin? Do you share shade under an umbrella with loved ones, or relax alone with the sound of the ocean? Do all of these things tend to lure you back to the beach and all it has to offer? Whether shopping for yourself or a friend who would rather have fins than legs, these beach gifts for beach lovers are our top picks for you!

Beach Lover Gift Ideas

1. Professional Metal Detector

For the beach wanderers and treasure yearners comes the professionally made and trusted metal detector. Reaching an impressive 11 inches in depth to detect the metal below the sand. Equipped with a shovel for aid to the process of digging the found and expected valuables. All content within portable casing for the motion to any beach of your choosing, so explore and find what beaches have to offer with this product adventurer!

2. Extra Large Mesh Beach Bags

What’s worse at the beach than sand inside your bathing suit? Trying to juggle everything that you have to carry from the car? This mesh beach bag has multiple side pockets and can hold up to 4-6 towels. You’ll have space for everything from towels to sunscreen to water and snacks!

For the ultimate beach gift, give this bag full of all those beach necessities listed above!

3. Waterproof Phone Pouch

At the beach, simple small accidents such as dropping your phone into water are bound to happen. Prevent disaster with this waterproof phone pouch! Guaranteed to float on the water surface for a quick grab. Not just waterproof, this case also keeps out dirt, dust, and sand.

4. Insulated Waterproof Backpack Cooler

Tired of hand carrying coolers around bearing the weight on your wrist? Throw the weight between your shoulders and ease your problems and worries. Carry a cooler on your back with your favorite beverages, insulated to keep your icy cool drinks cold. With lots of colors to choose from, you can be ready to chill on the sand all day!

5. I Love You to the Beach and Back sign

Love and the beach: two things that come in pairs, whether it be day strolls hand in hand with your lover or a night time cheers by the beachy bonfire. Share your love of the beach and send your wholesome heartfelt message with a lovely decor sign perfect for a holiday gift or random occasion to be cherished!

6. Beach Umbrella Hook

Beachgoers tend to carry countless possessions to the shoreside during trips, a lengthy list of keys, towels, hats, blankets and much more. Without the proper resting place all of it can tend to be a burden. As not many want to leave their belongings on the bare terrain to gather sand and ocean water. All the more reason to get this very handy product that wraps around the base of an umbrella featuring hooks for most of your carried possessions!

7. Beach Wall Art Set

Undeniably the beach has its own unique aesthetic and atmosphere, between the sand and the waves. The seashells, the seagulls, the crabs, and many more blessed by mother nature and the art she wields. Creatively the beach has truly become its own theme to be admired, by die hard religious visitors and even newcomers. So why not decorate your home with the very aesthetic of the beach, with this set of 4 hangable artwork pieces!

8. Sea Glass Necklace Handmade in Hawaii

Crafted in Hawaii, directly from the home of the heart and soul of beaches and sand lovers, comes this gorgeous necklace guaranteed to match the beachy outfits of whoever wishes to wear it. Wrapped in wire and paired with a beautiful hibiscus and a freshwater pearl, this will keep the ocean close to any beach lover’s heart.

9. Beach Bum Hoodie

beach bum hoodie beach gift ideas for beach lovers

Palm trees and sandcastles, whatever the reason to return, beach bums always find themselves returning to the sandy terrain by the pier. This comfy beach bum hoodie will keep your beach lover warm when the cool ocean breeze rolls in. Available in a variety of beachy colors, this is one beach gift that they will want to wear all the time!

10. Schwinn Beach Style Cruiser Bicycle

What’s better than a walk on the beach? Riding your bike at the beach! With a comfy seat and a single speed, you can ride along for miles. The cargo rack on the back and basket on the front will help you store everything you need!

11. Spiker Beach Drink Coaster

The beach is key to relaxation and inner peace, guard down with the sunlight gracefully against your skin on a laid out towel with a drink by your side. However there’s a halt to the time meditating as no drink can balance in the wavy floor of the sand causing spills, causing stress. That’s why this product designed to spike in to the sand and hold any beverage balanced without caution is the perfect product for those in relaxation through the days of seagulls singing.

12. Collapsible Beach Wagon

For when the carry on luggage on the beach visit becomes more than a bag full, when the tag along guests increases to double digits and it’s an all day visit. The capacity to carry becomes a hassle and general burden, that’s why this color variant foldable beach wagon is the perfect product for the vacation lover. With an impressive weight capacity and front wheels able to meet full rotation purpose for all terrain in its path. It’s all worth the pick when exploring products of transportation for the family beach enjoyment.

13. The Beach is my Happy Place sign

When stress approaches, we all tend to envision ourselves somewhere with closed eyes, particularly a beach maybe? Imagining the sound of the waves on the rocks dividing the city or even the sand for the low tide love, removing the spirit from heated scenarios and into peace provoking locations. Through history we have all had a happy place and its proved therapeutic, if the beach is this for you, this product is perfect for the familiar representation!

14. SeaCrate Subscription Box for Beach Lovers

SeaCrate subscription box for beach lovers

SeaCrate is the ocean & beach subscription box that brings waves of fun whenever you’re not near the sea! Every month you get the best nautical treats plus surprise beachy bonus items delivered to your door. Plus a portion of proceeds benefits the Ocean Conservancy, so it’s the gift that keeps giving! Taste the ocean each month when your gift box arrives.

15. Sunset Beach Painting

signed art for beach lovers

Colors seem to bless the sky in a light show before the dark, infamously the sunset is always eye catching. At the paintbrush of others blessed with talent, this can be captured through paint form. For example this beautiful piece, capturing the red, orange, and yellow the sky produces near the lighthouse by the waves. All the more reason for the beach fanatics to add this to or use to start a fascinating art collection!

16. Beach Bookmark

Beach Bookmark

What’s a better duo than a good book and a beachside view under palm trees? It’s obvious not much can match that nature provided high, but with a great reader comes the eventual urge to break. Maybe to take in the view, that’s why this bookmark, seemingly a preserved transparent view of the exact things that would be washed up near the foam extent of the sea, is the perfect gift for the beach fanatic in union to the average reader.

17. Limited Edition Beach Print

gifts for beach lovers beach artwork

Art is subjective and to the perception of the beholder, every piece can portray emotions differently to the eyes scanning art. However it can go without saying that the houses by the beach usually contain some form of artwork recognizing the beauty of the beach. Whether the work be a classic portrait or more lenient to the abstract aesthetic such as this one. Any good beach dwellers home deserves this artwork or generally artwork of their choosing!

18. Hand Painted Beach Chair Wine Glasses

handpainted beach wine glasses

Beach chairs by the beach in a pair of two and wine glasses in a pair of two to match, perfect for lovers yet still lovely for the lonesome. Impressively hand painted for the lovers loyal to art and the sandy destination alike, delicately formed by artists hands. So enjoy a glass by the pier or porch front of your own home, with an envisionment in the glass of a miniature beach!

19. Majestic Wave Fused Glass Sculpture

Majestic Wave Fused Glass Sculpture

Naming highlights and favorites of the beach, undoubtedly the ocean’s wave will be mentioned along the way. Whether it be the still calm water or the raging turning tides tipping swimmers and surfers alike. Regardless it all holds a unique beauty, which is rather to a near perfect portrayal in this sculpture of the watery waves in a fascinating loop. This handmade glass sculpture of a beautiful wave makes the perfect unique gift for any beach lover.

20. Beach Bathroom Decor

Beach Bathroom Decor

The feeling given when those lights light up the pier and the shops surrounding is an infinite high for the lover of the nighttime aesthetic by the docks. It’s the unique feeling balancing neon and nature, the perfect mixture and balance of the two. All the more reason to purchase this product filled to the brim with seashells and glow, so turn off the lights and enjoy this gorgeous piece!

21. Day at the Beach Gift Box

Day at the Beach Gift Box

The scent of the ocean and its features cross your skin cleansed, all simply within an affordable and worthy soap kit. Scented by the tide and sandy paradise with sea turtles sitting majestically on the bars of soap. Perfect shower and bathroom decor for use or simple sinkside enhancements, guaranteed to satisfy those who watch waves relentlessly. Whether that be you or others, get this perfect product for you or your friends soon!

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Gifts for Beach Lovers

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