12 Super Cool Minions Gifts for Adults

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Buying the perfect gift for someone special can feel impossible sometimes. I recently needed to buy a present for an adult Minions fan and I was actually surprised at how many great gift ideas with cute Minions I found online! I was so impressed that I spent some time making this gift guide for anyone else looking to purchase Minions gifts for adults.

And just in case you’re looking for a unique gift for your own minion, there are a few great Minion gift ideas here that are good for little kids too!

Minion Gifts for the Adult Minions Lover

1. Kevin the Minion Coffee Mug 

This minion mug is the perfect gift for any minion fan looking for ways to show off their obsession with their morning coffee or tea. 

BPA-Free, and made of ceramic to hold in the drink’s heat, (not to mention it is adorably shaped like Kevin, my favorite character) this collectors mug is the perfect present this holiday season. 

Looking for a different minion shape for their minion mug? Here’s Stuart the Minion instead!

2. Reebok Classic Minions Shirt 

Talk about a fun twist on a minions t-shirt! This Reebok Classic shirt was designed for any adult minion fan. 

The shirt designer took the famous Reebok logo and made it with thousands of tiny Minions. That’s right – from far away it’s hard to see this fun design, but as you get closer you begin to see how fun it really is. 

I love this shirt and I think that it is the perfect gift this holiday season!

3. 150 Despicable Me Temporary Tattoos 

A pack of over 100 temporary tattoos is the perfect addition to any gift this year. They are so fun to place and have for a few days. 

For anyone that loves the adorable yellow guys, this gift will keep them entertained for hours.

This pack of 150 Despicable me temporary tattoos make the perfect stocking stuffer, or a great addition to a bag of lots of fun things!

4. Kevin the Minion Waffle Maker 

Looking for a gift this year for a Minion fan that is also an avid breakfast lover? Look no further than this Minion waffle maker. 

Simply heat up, pour in your favorite waffle batter, and wait a minute or two for Kevin’s picture to show up on your family’s breakfast! 

Even better? The outside of this minion waffle maker is decorated to look like a Minion as well- making it the perfect kitchen accessory to leave out all year long!

5. Army of Minions

A perfect addition to any bookshelf, work desk, or area looking for a little Minion fun, this Army of Minions comes with 10 unique Minion action figures to help any fan show his loyalty. 

Each action figure is small enough to display tastefully but to keep the fun spirit that Minions provide. From royalty to caveman, these Minions are designed in a way that will remind you of some of the best Minions scenes throughout the years!

This is a thoughtful Minions gift for adults that any Minions fan would love to receive.

6. Despicable Me Memory Game 

There is an awesome memory game for families that is themed with Despicable Me characters that is the perfect addition to this minion gift list. This game is fun, educational, and any Minion fan will love to play it all year long. 

With 48 picture cards, you match your favorite Minions and the player in the end with the most matches wins! Even better? You can play over and over since the cards can always be laid out in different ways to challenge the mind. 

7. Monopoly Game Despicable Me Edition 

Who knew that you could get the world famous Monopoly Game designed for a specific movie franchise? When I found this out, I had to double check to see if they had a Minions themed version. Spoiler alert: they do! 

This Monopoly game Despicable Me edition is awesome, to say the least. Every detail is designed with the movies in mind – you can even play a Minion character as one of the game pieces!

8. Bob the Minion Plush Toy with Teddy Bear 

This Bob the Minion with Teddy Bear is a must buy this holiday season. I mean, when it comes to plush toys, it doesn’t get much more adorable than this. 

I love this plush toy so much and I am convinced that any Minion fan will love it just as much.

9. Minion Sleeping Eye Mask 

minion sleeping eye mask

An eye mask is the perfect minion gift for adults this holiday season. Not only will it block out any light so that they can get a good night’s rest, they can represent their favorite Minion while they sleep. 

10. Mega Minions Towel Wrap 

Whether you are taking a trip to Universal Studios to visit the Minion theme park or just the local community pool, this mega Minion towel wrap is a great present. 

Sized for any adult with a sewn-in hood, this towel wrap is an excellent gift for anyone looking to show off their Minion obsession and stay dry. 

11. Minion Mugshot Shot Glass Set 

For the Minions fan in your life that has everything, why not consider these adorable Minion Mugshot shot glasses this Holiday season? If they are of legal drinking age, of course.

This shot glass set comes with 4 unique shot glasses with different Mugshots of all of your favorite Minions. 

12. Minions Themed Charging Cable Protectors

Help everyone on your gift list this Holiday Season keep their charging cables last much longer with a cable protector. Even better? Personalize it with a super adorable Minions themed charging cable protector! 

This kit comes with 4 Minions doing fun activities like skateboarding, inner tubing, riding a unicorn and of course with a Banana. This kit will help keep phone chargers working properly and smiles all around whenever they are being used. 

So tell me… what did I miss? What are your must buy Minions gifts for adults this Holiday season? Tell me below in the comments!

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