20 Awesome Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

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Are you shopping for a great gift idea for a 14 year old boy? Finding the perfect present for teenage guys can be tough, but you don’t have to worry! We’ve gathered the best gift ideas out there that your special 14-year-old boy will definitely love!

Teen boys. He’s stinky, he’s moody, and is trying to figure out why his feet are so big and why life is suddenly so confusing. You can help by surprising him one of these awesome gift options that shows him you’re cooler than he realized. No matter what his hobbies or interests are, these gifts for 14 year old boys are sure to make his day.

And as always – our kid gift ideas for kids are 100% kid-chosen and kid-approved!

If you’re searching for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for 14 year old boys and don’t know where to start, then you’re in the right place. We’ve even broken our best gifts down into categories of interest to help you find that perfect gift for your teen boy without any extra work. Skip ahead if he is a boy who loves:

  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Outdoors
  • Educational Gifts

Top Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Boys Who Like Music

Electric Guitar Set

A fantastic gift for a death metal angsty teen. Encourage your teen to be more creative with a new and improved guitar. This Fender Squier set comes with everything he needs to jam out solo or with his friends.

Side note: Dads, you can TOTALLY teach your teens your favorite 90's rock songs!

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5 Piece Kids Drum Set

What?!?!? You can't hear over the drumming?!?!? Oh I'm sorry! Hold on! This 5-piece drum kit is the perfect choice for any music loving teenager. It's also a great way to let their feelings and creativity flow.

(Parent note: Yes, we have a drum kit in our house, and yes we actually recommend it. Trust us when we say the benefits of a music-loving teen with an awesome drum kit totally outweigh the "noise" it makes!)

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Bluetooth Beanie

This is a practical gift paired with cool technology that any music lover will enjoy receiving! Keep their head and ears warm while they listen to their favorite tunes - no headphones or earbuds needed. They just connect their device via Bluetooth for up to 20 hours of continuous play.

Makes a great gift for an older kid or young adult who enjoys lots of outdoor play time but doesn't want to be completely disconnected.

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Great gift for a singing teen! Can use both Bluetooth or USB cable. The built-in high-quality Bluetooth module can be used as a wireless speaker, mp3 player, or recorder, and is compatible with various singing applications.

Comes in black gold, gold, blue, silver, and more colors! Grab a micro SD card too, to be able to record that amazing music.

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Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys Who Love Video Games

Funny Gamer T-Shirt

Funny and clever video games t-shirt for teenage boys who never want to stop gaming. Also, I'm 99.9999999999% sure that every mom out there can agree with this. Comes in black, navy, asphalt, and other cool colors.

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Gaming Headset

This gaming headset is a great gift for someone who enjoys an ultimate video game experience. It brings vivid sound field, sound clarity and sound shock feeling, capable of various games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, EA Sports UFC, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.

It has a noise isolating microphone and is compatible with many different gaming platforms. Its super soft over-ear pads are more comfortable for long time wear, and it is a great headphone especially perfect for a gamer!

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PlayStation 5 Console

It goes without saying, but yes the PS5 is a super hot gift that any gamer would love to have. This gaming console has been so popular that it may be difficult to find it in stock, so grab it if you see it!

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Gifts for the Teen Guy Who Likes Cool Toys

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

Laser tag is a great game for a group of kids to get out and play. They can play one on one or form teams of two. Our kids absolutely love playing laser tag, and will play all day!

This set includes 4 target vests and 4 blasters with 150 feet shooting range.

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Mini Nano RC Drone for Kids

There are a lot of great toys for kids and teens out there, and this is one of them! This mini remote control drone is both easy and speedy, making it perfect for beginners. The quadcopter can be folded into the controller, which is small and easy to carry.

A fun gift to get your kid to go outside and take to the sky! If you live near the water, this RC boat is another good idea!

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While this drone is great for beginners, if you want a more high-tech drone option check out our recommendations in our gift ideas for 19 year old boys!

Dartboard Set with Bullseye

This dartboard set is a cool toy that teens can put on their doors/walls/etc. and play with friends. The board has self-healing sisal fibers, so they can play darts as much as they want! Do I sense a little parent/child competition in the future?

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NERF Modulus Regulator

You're literally never too old to enjoy playing with a Nerf blaster! Featuring SwitchFire technology and 3 modes: Single-fire, burst-fire, continuous-fire. Take this gift to the next level and pair it with a Nerf Bunkr and a custom-built Nerf armory!

Your teen can play with his younger siblings or challenge his best friend to an awesome battle with this awesome gift idea.

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Good Gifts for the 14 Year Old Boy Who Loves Sports

DribbleUp Basketball with Virtual Trainer App

Take his skills to the next level with this smart basketball! Using an app, he can practice various dribbling skills and drills to really up his game on the court. Practice on your own or with guided training.

A great choice for any skill level, beginner and up. (We actually have one of these and love it! Parents will enjoy this too, trust me!)

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Spikeball Pro Kit

Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 game played with rules kind of like volleyball. Play indoors or outdoors for hours of fun without tons of screen time!

Described as an incredibly fun and addicting game, this set is labeled an "Amazon's Choice" product with a full 5 star rating by thousands of happy players. You'll see why this Shark Tank item is a winner!

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Store and Score Laundry Hamper

Kids aren't always the best about putting their clothes in the hamper, but there's a fix for that! If we make it into a game where they can shoot their clothes into the hoop hanging from their door, suddenly dirty laundry is much more fun.

Comes with LED lights on the soccer ball, batteries, and a zipper at the bottom for making emptying the net easy on laundry day.

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Cool Gifts for 14 Year Olds Who Love the Outdoors

Portable Hammock

For someone who would rather be outside than in, this camping hammock is going to give them one more reason to stay in the wild outdoors!

Whether chilling in the backyard or going on a camping trip, they will love putting their feet up in this comfy portable hammock. A #1 best seller on Amazon with 5 stars and over 20k ratings!

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Casio Men's G-Shock Stainless Steel Sport Watch

This is one gift option that he won't expect, but will love to have! A nice upgrade from a basic watch, the G-Shock includes tough solar technology and is water resistant to 200 meters. Featuring a stainless steel bezel and case, this timepiece sports a rugged look and maintains the shock resistant structure for which G-Shock is known.

Attractive, functional, and high quality - as a men's watch should be. If he's ready for an accessory upgrade, this is the one to get.

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Refracting Telescope for Beginners

A telescope is the perfect gift for an inquisitive and adventurous child. Your child can learn about the wonders of the world that are so far away and how amazing science is. 

This telescope has quality optics with 400mm(f/5.7) focal length and 70mm aperture. It comes with two replaceable eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens. It also includes a wireless remote, adjustable tripod, phone attachment, and carrying case.

Study the stars and planets together for some educational quality time outdoors!

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Educational Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

MATTER Science Subscription Box

Listed as a subscription box for adults, this popular science box is also a hit among teens! Monthly shipments of fossils, tools, specimens, materials, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our accessible universe.

Part museum, part laboratory, perfect for fun at home - and a good idea to have on your list of gifts too!

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Chemistry Set

Some science kits for kids can been lame for teenagers who don't want to play with "kids" stuff. This is your answer - the ultimate advanced chemistry set! Includes cool stuff and high-quality lab equipment such as test tubes, beakers, flasks, and dozens of chemicals to conduct over 333 experiments.

While this chemistry set is great for a one-time purchase, we also highly recommend MEL Chemistry as a subscription box option!

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Part toy, part learning activity, this educational STEM robot toy makes engineering fun for everyone who builds it. Builders of all ages will love building and coding their fully-functional robot to walk, talk, and even play games or complete tasks! Combine creativity and technology for hours of fun.

These toys are being retired, so get them while you can!

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