15 Rockin Gifts for Guitar Players You’ll Want to Pick

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Whether it be acoustic or electric, are you new to the guitar playing hobby or a time worn player? Is it a dream of yours to see your name in lights or perhaps you just want to develop personal talent? Maybe it’s none of the above and you’re shopping for friends or family who love to strum a few chords. Whatever your story or reason may be, these gifts for guitar players are perfect for you and your guitar shopping needs!

How to Choose a Guitar Gift They Will Love

If you know nothing about guitars, there are a few things to consider before you can choose the perfect gift:

  • What type of guitar do they like to play?
  • What kind of music are they interested in?
  • Who do they consider to be one of the “greatest” guitar players?
  • Do they have a musical space to decorate, or do they just like to play?
  • Are they a beginner or a more experienced player?
  • What are some tools they can use to improve their skill?

There are just as many guitar gift ideas out there as there are songs on the radio, but choosing a really good gift may take some research. Strike up a conversation and ask them to tell you more about playing the guitar, and they may just let a clue slip out.

Do they wish they had a better guitar? A nicer strap? A stand to display their vintage guitar collection? Maybe they even want private lessons so they can get better, or tickets to see a local band.

Regardless of their preferences, you can’t really go wrong with these guitar gifts we’ve chosen below. They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any day of the year. Scroll through for some of the best gifts for guitar players and music lovers and grab a few solid gold winners!

Best Gifts for Guitar Players

1. Guitar Pick Punch

Seasoned players and newcomers alike both know playing the instrument raw is a pain on your fingers. Which is why the presence of guitar picks is recommended and preferred, however sometimes the designs of picks on sale isn’t ideal. This is why this product designed to hole punch your own guitar picks is the perfect gift for you or a loved one!

2. Finger Strengthener for Guitar Beginners

Practice before the product, with this finger strengthening machine to welcome your hands to the idea of a guitar. Serving as physical therapy and preparation before the actual professional choice of a guitar. Equipped with an adjustable velocity change to prepare for unique weights, this product is ideal for the dreamer on their way to the real thing!

3. Memorization Guitar Deck

Learning and adapting, this product is for the newcomers or long returning players, unfamiliar with the strings and frets but willing to learn. With a fun game like concept, you’ll memorize everything you need to know in no time!

4. Guitar Stringing Tool

Capable of both acoustic and electric guitars, this product can tune and string your guitar way faster than your fingers! Which is an ideal keeper for the guitar fanatic in need of a handy 3 in 1 purpose guitar product!

5. Guitar Pick Holder

Becoming a collector of the needed but numerous guitar picks? Well this product is perfect for you or the loved one in need! With up to 20 fitting placements for guitar picks, acoustic or electric!

6. Guitar Holder Wall Mounts

Guitarists know guitars are expensive delicacies, whether they be acoustic or electric. They deserve either casings or mounts, so why not choose these mounts. Ideal for the studio room and display of the musician with a collection to share!

7. Guitar Reference Poster

For memorization and reference, this product or kit rather is inclusive of 2 posters and 3 cheat sheets. Referencing needed chords for either teachers or players, proving a unique and worthy purchase for the learner of the music form!

8. Rose Themed Guitar Strap

Constantly holding the guitar and its weight proves a burden to the performing or casual player. Which makes all the more reason to purchase a guitar strap, over the shoulders and adjustable to relieve stress on the body. All wrapped in the nice bow of a rose theme!

9. Guitar and Guitar Pick Wall Mount

A multipurpose product to tackle many musician needs! Able to hold 1 guitar and countless guitar picks with a small tray for other items and 3 hangers for guitar straps or even clothing, this mount is perfect for the organized guitarist!

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10. Smartphone Guitar Clip

Modern technology clashing with talent, this piece being the perfect example. Clip your smartphone on to the end of your guitar while taking guitar lessons or tuning. This piece is ideal for the modern musician adapting to the times!

11. Guitar Fretboard Cleaner

For the germaphobe guitarists, this product is perfect for running down the strings of your guitar for a cleaner and neater fretboard. Across the span of guitars, ukuleles, banjos and other musical instruments it’s the multipurpose cleaner for the musician!

12. Liquid Callous Formula

For those with more sensitive skin but still chasing the guitarist dream, this medical adhesive serves as a second skin to protect from dreaded callouses formed against guitar strings!

13. Guitar Accessories Bundle

A perfect starter kit and bundle for the learning guitarist, featuring a chord buddy attachable tuner and helpful instruction books along with other accessories. all topped with the needed guitar picks, varying for left or right handed players!

14. Guitar Pick Guitar Attachable

Every guitarist or general musician has a lucky or favorite guitar pick, whether it be passed down by a family member or a collectible. So take that favorite pick on the go, locked and loaded for any performance or personal play at attachment to your guitar!

15. Guitar Repair Kit

Sometimes hand-me-downs or thrift store guitars aren’t always in quality condition but worth keeping nonetheless. That’s why this repair kit is ideal for you and your repair needs, with everything you need to restore your treasure to playable condition!

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