19 Best Gifts for 19 Year Old Guys

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Buying gifts for adult children is often a difficult task. Old enough to be out on their own, but not quite old enough to be considered a true adult, finding the right gifts for 19 year old guys can be tricky.

We’ve put together this list of gift ideas that toe the line between the teen years and maturity. We’ve included ideas that are fun, cool, trendy and just right for your favorite 19 year old guy. So whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts on a budget or looking for the best birthday gifts to blow his mind – we have some perfect options for the special occasion.

Whether you’re looking for practical gifts for your almost-adult, something simple like a gift card or something unique and extraordinary we’ve got 19 of the BEST gifts for 19 year old guys.

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The Best Gift Ideas for 19-Year-Old Guys

1. Nintendo Switch

Teenage boys love video games and that doesn’t really change when they reach adulthood. When you’re not quite settled or you’re coming back and forth from college, 19 year old guys need something a little more portable. A Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift that allows them to play all of their favorite games, even on the go.

2. Lightning Reaction

Shocking and fun, your 19-year-old boy will have hours of fun with his buddies when they play Lightning Reaction Reloaded. Perfect for game night with the guys, they will test their reflexes and double over with laughter as they watch their friends get an electric shock.

As a mom, this party game doesn’t sound very appealing – but apparently a shocking game is tons of fun. What can I say? Teenage boys are kinda strange.

3. Gaming Headset

Photo via HyperX

A gaming headset lets your 19 year old communicate with friend and players while playing his favorite video games. This is especially important if he’s moved away from his high school friends.

This headset is lightweight and wireless with hours of battery life, so he can enjoy his game console of choice for a long time. (There is a wired version of this headset as well, if he prefers that kind.)

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Photo via Bose

Whether studying, working out or hanging with friends, the mood is often set by the music played. That’s why portable bluetooth speakers are such a popular gift – and one your young man will actually use! He can bring his tunes wherever he goes with a Bose Bluetooth speaker with incredible sound.

The compact design makes it easy to toss into his backpack and carry around, plus it doesn’t take up too much space in small apartments (the ones young men typically live in, with sparse furniture). And while black is a pretty safe color option, there are different colors available to choose from.

5. GoPro

Photo via GoPro

I’m not even a 19 year old boy, but this great gift idea is so cool that even I want it for myself! The GoProHero10 will allow your 19 year old to record all of his coolest adventures. This waterproof camera takes high quality photos and videos and allows you to live stream to your favorite social media platform.

6. High-Tech Drone

Photo via Holy Stone

The Holy Stone High Tech Drone is designed to be easy to fly and takes superior images whether you are looking for video or still shots. Quiet and powerful this drone folds up into an easy to carry bag when not in use.

7. Electric Scooter

Photo via Hiboy Store

If your 19 year old is in need of affordable transportation around campus or to and from work, the Hiboy Electric Scooter is a fantastic choice. With speeds up to 19mph and an impressive 25 mile distance range, this scooter will get him where he needs to be.

8. Spikeball

Photo via Spikeball

Spikeball is the most popular outdoor game amongst teen boys and young adults (even my teenage son loves it). This fun game is perfect for the backyard, the beach or the park. Spikeball provides a great opportunity for fun, competitiveness and exercise.

9. 19th Birthday Shirt

19th birthday unlocked tshirt

He will love to celebrate his special day in a fun way with this cool 19th birthday t-shirt. It’s comfy, 100 percent cotton, and looks a little rugged and worn (kinda like him). Comes in different sizes from small to 3XL, and a variety of colors too!

10. Sports Tumbler

Photo via Tervis

Any guy would love a stainless steel tumbler with his favorite team logo. Get him one for each season so he can stay hydrated and support his favorite teams from football to baseball to basketball and everything in between.

11. Tent

Photo via Coleman

What’s more fun than grabbing the guys and heading out for a weekend camping trip. A good quality Coleman tent like this is the perfect size with room to share – perfect for guys whole love to head into the great outdoors to escape the real world for a little while.

12. Outdoor Smartwatch

Photo via Garmin

An outdoor smartwatch is perfect for tracking steps, hikes, and miles running or biking. It can also keep track of heart rate and monitor sleep patterns so your 19 year old can be his best self.

13. RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet

Photo via The Ridge

Wallets don’t have to be bulky, and this is one that will be put to good use. This RFID Blocking Wallet uses military grade materials to keep your credit cards safe (trust me on this, as my cybersecurity husband says it’s very important these days).

This new wallet is a great choice and holds up to 12 cards and includes a cash strap.

14. Electric Bike

Photo via Vivi

Get around without the expense of a car with an electric bike. This is one of the best gifts for 19 year old guys that are busy and on the go.

15. Emergency Kit

Photo via VerifyGear

An emergency kit with a variety of survival tools can come in handy to guys who love hike or spend time in the outdoors. This is the best gift for 19 year old guys that have everything.

16. Tie Gift Set

Photo via Hisdern

A classic gift for any man, a selection of ties is essential for guys heading out for interviews or who have just recently joined the workforce. Look stylish and responsible when you choose on of these sets of neckties.

17. Acoustic Guitar

Photo via Fender

Has your 19 year old always wanted to learn to play the guitar? Gift them an acoustic guitar and schedule them for several lessons at a local music shop to get them started on their way to being in a band.

18. Tool Set

Photo via Craftsman

When you’re out on your own, you need to be prepared to fix things in your home or apartment. Having the right tools is half the battle. A Craftsman Home Toolkit includes the essential tools needed to take care of most small in-home projects.

19. Gift Cards

Photo via Visa

Many people shy away from gift cards because they feel impersonal. One of the best gifts for 19 year olds is a gift card because it allows them to use it for what they most need or want. Gift cards can be used for gas, food and essentials.

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