21 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers

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Is there a special kitty you want to spoil? Or maybe you know someone who is teetering on the edge of being the crazy cat lady? Our list of unique gifts for cat lovers are just pawfect! (Shopping on a budget? Scroll down to find our gifts for cat lovers under $10 at the bottom!)

Gifts for cat lovers

Why trust Gift Brilliant’s gift recommendations? We won’t overwhelm you with a huge list of gift ideas that people don’t really want. We share gift options that we have personally gifted or received, gifts that others have told us they loved, and a few gift ideas that we would love to have ourselves!

Cat Lover Gifts They’ll Never Fur-get

Petcube Cam Pet Monitoring Camera

Install this Petcube Cam Wi-Fi pet camera so you can check in on your furbabies while you’re away. The camera works with Alexa to provide 1080p HD video with night vision. Provide security for your home and pet anytime with full live streaming video. If you capture any suspicious pet behavior, you can consult a professional vet 24/7 to see if your pet needs a clinic visit by quickly starting a chat from the Petcube app.

Real time alerts detect any abnormalities; an instant push notification is sent to your phone. Speak to your pets and hear them respond to you. Who knows, you may capture the next viral pet video!

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PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

Keep kitty satisfied all day with the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder. The easy-to-use feeder holds 25 cups of food and can be set to release at specified times. No more pre-dawn wake up calls! And be secure in the knowledge that Puss Puss is being well fed while you are away.

I bought this feeder for my daughter's cat a couple years ago, and it is still going strong! However, we have had to add some strong tape to the lid since her kitty quickly learned how to knock off the top for an all-you-can-eat buffet.

You can stay connected with your pet by recording a voice message that will play for them at mealtimes. You can also opt for the wifi-enabled version and control your cat's feedings through an app.

The LCD screen makes setting up the feeder a breeze and only dispenses the set amount of kitty’s favorite kibble based on its age, weight and activity. Yum yum!

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PetSafe Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Raise your hand if you are too pooped to scoop? Well worry no more! This automatic litter box is totally self cleaning and uses crystal litter that provides five times better odor control than traditional clumping litter by absorbing the urine and dehydrating solid waste.

Safety sensors ensure that the scooping cycle only occurs when kitty is out of the box. It uses disposable trays that have a plastic lining to help protect against leaking, and each tray comes with a lid for quick and easy disposal.

There’s even a health counter that tracks how many times your furry feline uses the box, which is a convenient way to detect early signs of a health issue.

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Motion Activated Automatic Cat Laser Toy

Inside every cat is a tiger just waiting to pounce! Help your cat satisfy his inner tiger with an auto rotating laser pointer. Create a challenging hunt with five adjustable circling ranges rotating in a random 360 degree pattern.

The interactive toy automatically turns the laser off after 15 minutes to prevent your cat from being over stimulated and keep the game exciting.

Keep your kitty trim and fit! Place the laser pointer anywhere in the house; this cat toy uses four AA batteries or a USB charger.

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Cat Crack Catnip

The best crack money can buy … for cats! Cat Crack Catnip (say that five times in a row!) is a premium blend that’s infused with maximum potency to drive kitty wild. It’s 100% natural, freshly grown, guaranteeing the highest quality with no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Send your cat into fits of ecstasy, just sprinkle any amount on Kitty's favorite toy, bed or scratch post, and watch them purr, roll, meow and play for hours! 

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Best Cat Dad Ever Coffee Mug

Give the cat dad in your life a warm way to say he’s great. Pour up the love with the 11 ounce coffee mug that says “Best Cat Dad Ever.” The ceramic mug is totally dishwasher and microwave safe with the imprinted design on both sides of the mug. It’s lead free and purrrfectly safe to hold whatever drink dad desires.

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Cats Welcome, People Tolerated Sign

This sign lets everyone know where they stand in the cat hierarchy. The sign can be mounted on the wall or stand free on a shelf or counter (where kitty will surely knock it off!). The wood distressed box is black and white to coordinate with virtually any decor. #Pawfect

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Show Me Your Kitties Wine Glass

Cat ladies aren’t just crazy, they’re risque as well! Give the gift of laughter with this stemless 15 ounce wine glass which reads “Show Me Your Kitties.” The ceramic ink design will not fade, is dishwasher safe and comes in a durable gift box. Open the best vintage and relax with your special friends - the cats of course! 

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I Meow You Cat Pillow Covers

Show the love to the cat parents who can’t get enough of each other. This set of “I Meow You” pillowcases says it all! These his and hers cases are purrfect for cat lovers to cozy up to at night.

The 20 x 30 inch pillowcases are a cotton polyester blend and fit most standard and queen pillows and have an envelope closing to keep the pillow in place. Be the cat’s meow with this purrfect gift for cat loving couples!

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Cat Ring Holder

Never lose precious rings again with this whimsical and beautiful cat ring holder. Keep it by the sink or the nightstand and slip rings down the cat’s tail. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces. It holds rings of various sizes and shapes.

The easy-to-clean chrome plating will stand the test of time and keep a brilliant shine. This delicate gift is great for just about any occasion. 

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How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety book

If you thought raising children was tough, you will definitely need help with raising your cat. This informative (and yes, novelty gag gift) book is a best seller and a favorite among cat lovers everywhere!

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Cat on my Lap Socks

The socks say it all. If the cat is on my lap, I'm not moving! These kitty socks for women are made of premium combed cotton that makes them extremely soft and durable, fitting US women's sizes 6-12.

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Personalized Cat Necklace

For the cat lover who has lost their furever friend, this personalized necklace is a great way to keep them close to their heart. 

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Gifts for Cat Lovers Under $10

Whether you’re shopping for cat stocking stuffers or maybe some budget-friendly ideas for a coworker or acquaintance, these gifts for cat lovers under $10 are some of our favorites! (Disclaimer: These gifts were priced under $10 at the time of publishing. Prices do fluctuate, so if you notice a price higher than $10 let us know!)

Cat Lover's To-Do List

This sticky to-do list notepads are purrfect for the cat lover and chaos organizer. I mean, not sure there's much more to do than snuggle your cat... but just in case you have other obligations, this notepad will help.

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Feed The Cats Reminder Magnet

This Feed the Cats magnet makes a great gift idea for those that can't seem to remember to feed their cats - or those that live a busy life and just don't have the time.

This magnet from Amazon Handmade measures 2.25" round and is a perfect Christmas, Birthday or even housewarming gift for a friend or loved one that owns cats or kittens.

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Catit Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Cat Toy

It's a gift for the cat and the cat lover at the same time! Mount this cat brush on the wall for your cat to rub up against. Kitty gets the pleasure of having their fur brushed, without you having to do any of the work. Even better - the brush collects the loose fur for easy clean up!

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Cat Shaped Ice Cube Tray

We know. Nobody actually NEEDS a cat shaped ice cube tray. It might even seem a little weird to put cat shaped ice cubes into your glass and drink. But if you have a cat loving friend who has a silly sense of humor, we are pretty sure this would make a great gag gift! We kinda want this too, just sayin.

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Cat Shaped Paper Clips

We're pretty sure Angela from The Office would have loved to get these cat shaped paper clips at the annual Christmas party. It probably would've made her smile... just a little. For your coworker who loves their cats more than anything else, these paper clips make a great cat lover gift!

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Really Cute Cat Pens

These really are just a bunch of adorable cat pens. Can you see them? Click on the picture to see more closely. Told you - they are CUTE.

These pens are some that your cat loving friend won't want to lose! And for this price, you might as well order a set for yourself too - because we doubt they will want to loan these out.

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I'm So Purrfect Cat Cosmetic Bag

A purrrfectly inexpensive gift idea for your cat loving woman, this cosmetic bag is a cute reminder of how perfect she is. Even if your feline loving female friend doesn't wear makeup, this waterproof toiletry bag can be used to store pencils, jewelry, or whatever she likes.

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21 Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers
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