17 Best Retirement Gifts for Teachers

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Do you have a favorite teacher, or know of a retiring teacher and want to show your appreciation of their years of service and hard work? Retirement only happens once, so you probably want a memorable gift that will help them kick off a happy retirement. Take a look at this list of the 17 best retirement gifts for teachers that I have put together to hopefully make shopping a little easier.

retirement gifts for teachers

Great Ideas for the Perfect Retirement Gift for that Special Teacher

1. Willow Tree Sculpture

Willow Tree honestly has a sculpture to fit any situation, and is such a sentimental gift. This particular sculpture is great for any great teacher. The woman, with wire angel wings, holding a single apple, will fill any teacher’s heart with joy.

2. Teacher Retirement Blanket

Your retiring teacher will get a chuckle out of this gift idea if they have a sense of humor! They can smile and enjoy the quiet of their home each time they pull out this blanket.

3. Apple Paperweight

Apple gifts can be boring and cliche for teachers. However, you can make an apple gift as something special. This crystal paperweight is sleek and smooth and a perfect desktop accessory.

4. Retirement Golf Balls

retirement golf balls

Does your teacher enjoy a nice day out on the golf course? Now that their school days are over and they have a lot of free time, they can enjoy this fun gift on the golf course! I guarantee that they will appreciate this set of golf balls that read “ Retirement is now in Full Swing”.

5. Candle Set

Teachers are truly some of the most selfless people that we will ever meet. They are focused on helping others and they touch the lives of many students. A great gift idea for a teacher retirement party is a set of aromatherapy candles that will help them relax on their own time. One candle to detox from the day, one to bring positive energy, and a third to help relax at bedtime.

6. Personalized Cutting Board

Maybe you know a Home Economics or Culinary Arts teacher that is about to retire and need to find a meaningful gift. A personalized cutting board is the perfect gift for someone who likes to cook. Even if they already have one, it’s always nice to have a spare.

7. Foot Spa

No matter if a teacher is a coach or a math teacher, the facts are that they spend a lot of time standing on their feet during their teaching career. A great retirement gift for tired feet is a personal foot spa. This foot spa gives a wonderful bubble massage while soaking in heated water.

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8. World Map Travel Poster

Is your high school history teacher the one retiring? Maybe they plan to travel all over the world during retirement. An excellent gift to encourage them to live life at its fullest is by giving them this scratch off traveler’s map. They can scratch off each area of the map that they visit ask they go on their travels in this next chapter of life.

9. Personalized Yeti Tumbler

It’s no lie that most teachers live off of coffee. However, that being said, the last thing they will probably reach for in the cupboard is a sappy retirement coffee mug. Instead, go the extra mile and give them a personalized gift like a brand new stainless steel Yeti that will keep any drink, hot or cold, all day and all night! Just add their name, monogram, or a personal message to make this a unique retirement gift they’ll never forget.

10. “F in Exams” Book

Do you have any book lovers as teachers? Maybe your English teacher? Who are we kidding, teachers love books. Kick off the end of the year with a funny retirement gift like this silly book, written with teachers in mind. This book contains some of the best wrong answers that were given during exams.

11. Wooden Planter

If you want to show them they are the best teacher of all “thyme”, then the best gift is this wooden planter. Includes thyme seeds so they can exercise their green thumb in all their extra time.

12. Bath Robe

I don’t know anyone who would be disappointed in a new comfy bathrobe. Chilling on the couch in their robe and pajamas is the perfect place to start their retirement. This plush robe is super soft and comfy with two pockets. Perfect as a single gift, or even pair it with the foot spa or candles for an extra special gift.

13. Bath Spa Kit

Encourage your retired teacher to sit back and relax with this bath spa kit. This set comes with everything they need to relax after their last day of work. Includes a variety of items to create their own spa-like experience at home, all packaged up.

14. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

A teacher’s life line, for many years, is coffee. Show them your appreciation with this fancy gourmet coffee set that includes 4 sampler coffees for them to enjoy. A delicious cup of coffee that they can sip slowly on their days off is a great way to kick off their retirement.

15. Retirement Clock

retirement clock

Remind your teacher that they will no longer have to be anywhere by a certain time. No more tardy bells. No more alarm clock. This wall clock is perfect for this lesson, as it shows all the numbers piled up at the bottom and shows the word “Who cares!… I’m retired.” No more rushing.

16. Whiskey Set

This whiskey set is a great option for any retiree who you are sure loves Jack Daniels after a long day. This lovely set comes with glasses, rocks, tongs, and a velvet pouch, all in a wooden box. Add in a bottle of their favorite whiskey or bourbon to take this perfect gift idea to the next level.

17. Amazon Gift Card

When all else fails and you have absolutely no idea what your teacher may or may not like, you cannot go wrong by offering them an Amazon gift card. This way, they can find whatever they want.

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