20 Best Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas for Boyfriend That’ll Make Him Go Super Saiyan

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Have a classic anime boyfriend who loves Dragon Ball Z? Maybe you want to give him a gift but aren’t sure where to start with anime gifts. Here we’ve gathered our favorite Dragon Ball Z gifts that we’re sure he’ll love!

Top 20 Dragon Ball Z Gifts for Him

1. Dragon Ball Cordless Lamp

This 4-star Dragon Ball lamp is officially licensed merchandise, so you know it’s legit! Features a USB-powered rechargeable battery and includes said USB cable so you don’t need to buy one yourself. A perfect way to light up his day.

2. Collectible Dragon Balls

This set is perfect for the man that loves collectibles. Contains 7 Dragon Balls, each with their own number of stars, all made of crystal glass.

3. 3-Piece Drinkware Gift Set

This set includes a drinking glass, coaster, and coffee mug. You also have the option to choose the journal set – which comes with a notebook, mug, and keychain – or the tumblr set – which comes with a tumblr and a journal.

4. 4 Star Golden Ball Herb Grinder

For the man that loves to cook with his own ground herbs. Come with its own scraper. Is made of zinc alloy and aluminum, so the weight proves it is quality instead of feeling like light plastic. This is my favorite Dragon Ball gift idea for your boyfriend because of how useful and practical it is.

5. Goku Super Saiyan Sweatpants

Everyone loves a good pair of sweatpants. These are custom designed to display a graphic of Super Saiyan Goku, so he’s sure to love them and the graphic!

6. Goku Airpods Case

This airpod case comes in the style of Goku’s head and face! Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta are also options to choose from for him.

7. Dragon Ball Z Face Masks

Here you have the option to choose between six different masks or get a pack of three. Made from 100% cotton and adjustable. Isn’t this the perfect gift for him to show how Dragon Ball Z is his favorite anime?

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8. Couples Matching Keychains

This one is a gift for the both of you! Be as much his as he is yours – he’s sure to get the reference even if you don’t. If you do, even better!

9. Dragon Ball Z Starry Night Art

Love the art classics but want to give him a little spin on things? This Starry Night parody is a beautiful recreation of the classic painting with a Dragon Ball twist that he’s sure to love!

10. Dragon Ball Z Crockpot

This is the perfect way to cook a meal for a Saiyan’s appetite. This Shenron-inspired cooking set is sure to get any chef’s heart beating and his stomach growling.

11. Dragon Ball Training Wall Art Poster

Dragon Ball Training Wall Art Poster

This wall art is gorgeous, Dragon Ball-themed or not. Gift this to him so he can add some decor to his place… or yours.

12. Dragon Pendant

Dragon Pendant

Want to give him something more extravagant and elegant? Gift him this Dragon Pendant and he’s sure to be excited and grateful for this more grandiose gift. Handmade with gold plated sterling silver. This is a wonderful Dragon Ball Z gift for him.

13. Dragon Ball Whiskey Decanter Set

Dragon Ball Whiskey Decanter Set

This set is fully customizable – you can decide what all you want! You can choose between the decanter, number of glasses, coasters and who is engraved on them, and even the box itself.

14. Dragon Ball Baby Jumpsuit

Dragon Ball Z Baby Jumpsuit

Have a little one to think about? Give him this jumpsuit so he can dress your little one up in the style of his favorite anime!

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15. 20 oz Engraved Tumblers

Engraved tumblers

Choose between Vegeta and Goku with these engraved tumblers. Let him drink in style! He’s sure to appreciate this, as well as having a nice gift from the person he loves.

16. 4 Star Dragon Ball Planter

4 Star Dragon Ball Planter

Do you both love plants? Give him a planter so he can dress up his plant friends in style! Perfect for succulents and other small plants.

17. Dragon Ball Z Apple Watch Band

Dragon Ball Z Apple Watch

If he has an apple watch, he can easily switch out the wristband for this Dragon Ball-themed one. The perfect way for him to be stylish while showing his anime allegiance.

18. Engraved Flask

Engraved Flask

If he’s old enough to drink, he can use this flask to carry his alcohol – if not, then he can just put water or juice in it. You also have the option to personalize it if you choose!

19. Dragon Ball Z Shirt

To be simple, you can get him this classic t-shirt! You can never go wrong with a plain white graphic tee.

20. Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Hoodie

Help him stay warm with this hoodie. Features regular Goku as well as Super Saiyan Goku.

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