20 Rockin Rolling Stones Gifts

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From the early 60s to modern day The Rolling Stones have earned our hearts for decades, arguably being side by side with The Beatles. If you’re looking to find the best gift for a Rolling Stones fan, we have some great options here for you! Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, their birthday, or some other special occasion, these awesome Rolling Stones gifts are sure to be a hit – with options to fit every budget!

The 20 Best Rolling Stones Gifts

1. 50 Years Of Rolling Stone Book

This hardcover 50 year anniversary Rolling Stones book is the world’s culture as told by the band in length, making a valuable purchase for not only Rolling Stones fans but pop culture followers through the decades alike!

2. Rolling Stones Bow Tie

Rolling Stones bow tie

For The Rolling Stones fanatics with class, this stylish and fashionable logo designed bow tie choice is perfect for the loyal classic rock admirers, such as yourself or a loved one this season!

3. Rolling Stones Mug

For the coffee, tea, or other beverage filled morning, this mug is sure to be a favorite of The Rolling Stones fanatic at the kickstart of a day or even for display related purposes for the collection of the loyal fans!

4. Mick Jagger Rolling Stones Mugshot Print

For the 60s and 70s classic rock fangirls who craved bad boys, this print featuring the front view of Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones mugshot is ideal for you or a friend, sure to spark conversation!

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5. The Rolling Stones Gear Book

Looking to reimagine the sound of the late legends in your own home? Well this book listing the instruments and equipment used by The Rolling Stones is a great gift for those fans of the British invasion!

6. Gimme Shelter – Song Lyrics Wall Art

gimme shelter wall art

If Gimme Shelter is your favorite Rolling Stones song, this wall art is perfect for you! The waveform image represents the entire track from start to finish and is completely unique to this song. Great for your own wall or a gift! (Want a different song? Create a custom order!)

7. The Rolling Stones It’s Only Rock N’ Roll Puzzle

For the fans or friends who particularly prefer ‘It’s Only Rock N’ Roll’ to other albums and also enjoy a challenge this puzzle based off the album art is an awesome gift for use then framed display for the rock collector’s home! There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than listening to your favorite Stones songs while mindlessly completing a sweet jigsaw puzzle.

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8. Rolling Stones Chain Wallet

This stylish trendy chain included wallet is complete with numerous printec pictures of infamous Rolling Stones album covers, sure to get the fanatics talking and serve as a fine addition to your collection of the bands memorabilia!

9. Rolling Stones Hat

Simple but stylish, a Rolling Stones infamous tongue out logo printed on to a jean based style cap is perfect for not only fashion but collection of the 60s and 70s music fanatics loyal to the sound of classic rock!

10. Rolling Stones Tee shirt

You could gift any item related to their favorite rock and roll band, but honestly sometimes classic fit tees are all we really want! With the classic mouth image front and center, nobody will wonder what band fills their record collections.

11. Sticky Fingers Vinyl

Those infamous jeans matched with the legendary sound of The Rolling Stones marked their placement in the music timeline in 1971. Revisit the nostalgic feeling or experience it for the first time with this record ready for rotation!

12. Rolling Stones Logo Clock

Ready for wall mount, display, and use, this clock fitting for the house of a Rolling Stones fanatic is ideal for you or that special loved one ready to check the time with a notable nod to a legendary group!

13. The Rolling Stones Concert Poster

Based and off the vintage Rolling Stones concert posters, this reproduction would make a fine addition to any fan’s home decor!

14. Happy Socks Rolling Stones Gift Box

Happy Socks Rolling Stones Gift Box

Get the complete Happy Socks x Rolling Stones collection with the limited edition 6-pack gift box. The turquoise vinyl-sized design features the iconic “Lip & Tongue” logo in a unique colorway. A perfect gift for the fan in your life, or for yourself, the set includes every electric style from the exclusive collaboration.

15. Rolling Stones Dog Collar

Rolling Stones dog collar

Who says the fashion choices designed off the late legends has to be exclusive to just humans? Get this cute and stylish Rolling Stones collar for your pup or friends pop now for a valid conversation starter!

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16. Keith Richards Style Skull Ring

Did Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones pull off this grungy fashion statement? Well you can too with this similarly-styled ring to aid your own homemade rockstar image!

17. Rolling Stones Baby Onesie

Welcome a new baby to the world in style! This Rolling Stones onesie is sure to be a favorite of rock-loving expectant mama, and a conversation starter at the baby shower! (We also love handmade pop culture baby clothes from Mi Cielo!)

18. Rolling Stones Neon Sign

What better way to light up the room than with this real glass Rolling Stones neon sign? Perfect for the wall of a media room, home bar, or man cave.

19. The Story Behind Every Track The Rolling Stones

Stories and meanings can sometimes be hard to decode in your favorite songs, which is a valid reason to purchase this book telling in detail the story behind every single Rolling Stones track, from ‘Let It Bleed’ to ‘Fancy Man Blues’ and many more!

20. Stoned Rolling Stones Photographs And Treasures Book

Documenting photographs and other treasures familiar to the journey of The Rolling Stones along the way of their musical impact. From concerts to the backstage of the late 70s, this purchase proves a need on your bookshelf for a good read of the classic rock fanatic such as yourself!

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