20 Stress-Free Gifts For People With Anxiety

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Let’s face it: we all have anxiety. And it doesn’t help that oftentimes we’re told to “just relax” when we REALLY can’t. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend, these gifts for people with anxiety include activities and tools you can use to help relieve some of that worry and move forward with a focused mind!

Zen AF Gifts for People With Anxiety

1. Thera-pets Positive Affirmations Cards

Everyone needs a little pick-me-up sometimes. These emotional support cards are a great tool for when you need to think more positively or simply need some affirmation to go about your day. Plus, the gorgeous drawings of cute animals is sure to put a smile on your face.

2. Sensory Fidget Toys Kit

This bundle has a lot of various fidgets to use when you’re feeling anxious and just can’t sit still. Perfect for people who has sensory needs and just want something to fidget with. And even if you don’t, they’re still fun to play with.

3. Herbal Tea Sleep Aid

This herbal tea blend has chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower, making a very delicious tea that’s sure to help you with your sleep troubles. A great way to relax and drift to sleep.

4. Listify

This writing journal is the perfect way to start practicing mindfulness. By listing and journaling your way through the anxiety, you’ll come out feeling balanced and like you’re taking better care of yourself.

5. Buddha Board

The Buddha Board allows you to create art with water before it fades away. This way, you can find some zen in your day and always have a blank slate to start with! I used this for when i felt the need to doodle but didn’t necessarily want to waste paper. It gives a very cathartic feeling!

6. Wreck This Journal

In this journal, you’re meant to make mistakes and destroy the journal as you go! Some pages urge you to spill coffee on the paper, break the book’s spine, and more! A great way to relieve stress and amuse yourself. I used this journal and found it to be very amusing and helped distract me from stressors.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you enjoy relaxing to soothing scents filling the air, an essential oil diffuser may be a great investment for you. You can put a few drops of your favorite scents inside and sigh in relief as they fill the air, or can try mixing scents to see what your favorite blend is. I like using lavender or a similar calming, soothing scent.

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8. Lamare Affirmation Cards

Ever heard of tarot cards or affirmation cards? In this minimalist-designed deck, each card has its own affirmation and guidance for the day. Simply pull one (or two!) cards a day to see what motivation you need to carry yourself with as you go about your day.

9. Adult Weighted Blanket

Everyone could use a weighted blanket. I would know – I have two of them! Coming in three different sizes and seven different weights, the weighted blanket is the perfect gift for anyone who has anxiety or stress in their life and just needs a nice heavy hug to relax.

10. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Tibetan singing bowls are a great way to relax and center yourself when you’re feeling a little stressed or disconnected with the world. This set includes a 4″ singing bowl, a striker, and a non-dampening pillow to rest the bowl on. Perfect for meditation and overall relaxation.

11. Self-Therapy Checklist

Ever wanted to practice self-care but you’re still not sure where to start? This checklist serves as a way for you to do inventory on the stressors in your life and evaluate how they make you feel. Reflecting is always a good thing to do as self-care – you can’t properly take care of yourself when you aren’t processing your emotions and what’s bothering you in your life.

12. Let That Sh*t Go Motivational Wall Art

Ok, this one is maybe less practical help and a little more theoretical help. That being said, it IS nice to have a little reminder to breathe and let go of the BS in your life. Something stressing you out and you just need to take a break from thing? Go ahead and let that sh*t go.

13. Lisa M. Schab’s “Put Your Worries Here”

Whenever I felt anxious or couldn’t stop worrying about all the possibilities in life, I would turn to this journal. With a lovely green color scheme, each page was filled with different exercises that helped get down all the worry and anxiety. Schab encourages you to analyze those worries, acknowledge them, and then release them. We also love Schab’s “Put Your Feelings Here” book – and you can read a full review on Twilighters.

Yoga is great for relieving anxiety too. See our favorite yoga gifts here!

14. Organic Bath Bombs

organic bath bombs gifts for anxiety

For the people that love soaking in the tub to combat anxiety, these handmade organic bath bombs are the perfect addition to your relaxation time. Plop one in as you relax and allow your spa moment to pass in soothing bliss.

15. “I Need a Leaf Blower But For People” Shirt

i need a leaf blower but for people shirt gifts for anxiety

Everyone needs a little “me” time. The best way to ward off undesired attention is to let them know before they approach that you’re not ready to have conversation. Great for getting people to NOT talk to you.

16. Anti Anxiety Reminder Card

anti anxiety reminder card gifts for anxiety

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder that all negative emotions come and go – they never stay intense forever. This little card is the perfect way to remind yourself of that. “Anxiety comes. Anxiety goes. I will remain.”

17. “Breathe” Wall Art

breathe gifts for anxiety

Sometimes, all we need in life is a visual reminder to breathe. Everything will be ok. Just keep breathing.

18. The Mental Wealth Box

Mental Wealth Box

This subscription box comes with some mental health and self-care goodies. It comes with educational books, activities, and other fun ways to practice mental health wellness.

19. Hemp Crate Co Box

Hemp Crate Co Box

There are 3 themed boxes with this one:

  1. Health & Wellness for sleep and recovery
  2. Hempa the Explorer for a little bit of everything
  3. Furry Friends for your fur babies AND for you!
  4. Perfect for those of you that love CBD oil or are wanting to try it out!

20. TheraBox


One of the most popular subscription boxes for mental health and self care is the TheraBox. Included are a therapeutic activity and 6-8 self-care goodies. Perfect for releasing stress and learning how to better take care of and protect yourself.

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