20 Thoughtful Going Away Gifts to Say Farewell

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Parting ways can undoubtedly be a heart wrenching experience, whether it be friends, family, or a lover it’s hard to say goodbye. Make it easier with one of the cute and memorable going away gifts from our list below. They will be sure to keep you in their minds and hearts forever.

Going Away Gifts They Will Love

Tiny Magical Message in a Bottle

This adorable gift is perfect for anyone moving to a new home. Written inside the tiny bottle is a note with the words "new home, new adventures, new memories." Whether your gift recipient is newly married, is moving away, or is a child headed off to college, this sweet handmade gift will remind them of the love and positivity that sends them on their way.

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Heart Photograph Holding Locket

A heart shaped charm with a sunflower in the center, opening to hold any compact picture you wish. Whether that be your face or a familiar loved one, this piece is ideal for parting ways in a fashionable and heartfelt sense!

Compass Friendship Necklace

Poetically stated in the packaging and showing off a shiny compass stylish necklace. This fashionable piece is sure to give your loved one something to remember you by to help cherish the friendship through literature and accessories.

Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Cup

Cheers to a beloved coworkers farewell, say goodbye in the funniest way with this “Good luck finding better coworkers than us” stemless wine glass. Perfect for one last cheers and a wholesome goodbye among your work friends!

Miss You A Latte Spoon

A pun and play on words in this utensil for the coffee lovers, say farewell in a cute way to your lover or family member. Sure to get them thinking about you even through the distance every morning!

Going Places Necklace

For the farewell to a friend who has a sense of adventure and is on the go to chase that dream. Say goodbye with this well-written cover and fashionable heartfelt necklace, sure to make them remember you when exploring the world!

Mother Daughter Puzzle Piece Matching Keychains

Matching puzzle pieces to imitate the bond between the mother and daughter even through farewells, this keychain set is a sweet reminder while apart. This makes a sweet going away gift for the daughter as she heads off to college or when mom or daughter may be moving away.

I Wish You Lived Next Door Mug

Distance hurts between those you care for, so send them this mug labeled “I wish you lived next door.” It’s sure to get them thinking of you as they pour their coffee every morning!

Funny Mean Gag Gift Balloons

A farewell made funny with these balloons scattered by aggressive yet humorous messages. Such as “Traitor” and “Congrats to leaving this hellhole” for the workplace retirement or graduation in a laid back and funny environment!

New Chapter Signable Poster

Some of the best going away gifts are ones that can be personalized. As the new chapter of a familiar friend or family member starts, be sure to send them on their way with this poster labeled “New Chapter”. Including a blank white slate background for everyone to sign and be remembered by!

Connectable You’ll Always Be a Part of Us Bracelet

Connected in the middle creatively to imitate bond, showing one side isn’t complete without the other. Similar to the friendship or relationship of the person you choose to give this beautiful going away gift to.

Work Will Suck Without You Keychain

Some people brighten the day of others around them with their positive attitude and presence. Show that person you care with this parting gift labeled “Work Will Suck Without You” sure to make them feel cared for while also giving them a chuckle!

Goodbye to Goodnight Keychain

Wholesome for whom you plan to marry, even through the distance, always look forward to the future with your spouse. Remind them of the same with this well stated “One day we will never have to say goodbye only goodnight” keychain!

Sister By Heart Pillow

Sometimes the people you’re not related to still feel like family, show that feeling of familiar kin with this well written piece plastered on to a comfy pillow. Sure to be a sweet farewell gift to a best friend of your choice!

Friendship Vine Leaf Necklace

A gift for the friendship familiar to both love of nature and human bond, featuring a vine leaf as the necklaces charm and a poetic piece on the gift of friendship. Amazing for a cherishable emotional piece for the friend leaving.

Friends Forever Makeup Bag and Mirror

For the fanatic of the classic cartoon with emotional attachment to the gift giver, makes for a perfectly gifted makeup bag with the heartfelt Winnie The Pooh quote. Reading “We’ll Be Friends Forever? Even Longer” sure to make for a memory driven tear or two for a loved one!

You Are Extraordinary Message and Necklace

A lovely tree based locket unfolding to wholesomely hold a cute and colorful heart, including a kind message aside it, fitting for the particular friend you find extraordinary!

You Are Dead To Us Now Banner

Another hilarious going away gift for coworkers – for the comedic and laid back atmosphere, this banner stating “You Are Dead To Us Now” is great for a good laugh among your peers at a farewell party!

True Friendship Pillow

Many friendships and bonds today are unfortunately divided by distance, however with this comfy cuddly pillow you can tell them your there in their heart, sure to show off the heartfelt feeling to a buddy!

Love Reminder Sign

Sometimes we forget people through time and distance, make sure that doesn’t happen and send your moving friend on their way with this sweet sign as a reminder!

I Love You Sister Wood Plaque

The official feeling of a plaque uniquely delivers a heartfelt message designed particularly for a sister. So whether she’s on her way to college or moving out be sure to send her on her way with this thoughtful sign.

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