11 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers and Shooting Enthusiasts

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Got a gun enthusiast or avid shooter in your life? Want to add a few accessories to your home armory? We’ve got you covered. Doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a pro, there’s something on this list for gun lovers of all ages. Here we’ve found some of the latest gadgets and gizmos that make the perfect gift for gun lovers and gun enthusiasts everywhere.

11 Best Gifts for Gun Lovers (with gift ideas to fit all budgets)

TacStar Brass Catcher

Never spend valuable time policing your brass. Whether you are at the shooting range or having a little target practice in the field, the TacStar Brass Catcher easily attaches to almost any type of gun to collect those spent casings.

This is extremely handy for rapid-fire rifles and pistols. The heat resistant pouch holds approximately 223 spent cases and zips open at the bottom for easy emptying into the collection bin of your choice. This Brass Catcher definitely belongs on the list of gifts for any gun enthusiast out there.

Ultimate Rifle Build – Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat

Proud to be an American? Show it, with this stars and stripes adorned cleaning mat for rifles. The sturdy waterproof mat can withstand the stress of oils, cleansers and rifle parts. Made from premium materials with stitched borders, the natural tree rubber backing of the mat won’t let you slide when cleaning your gear. The top is printed with heat transfer graphics so you don’t have to worry about smearing the red, white and blue.

This is an easy gift for gun lovers because you really don’t need to be a seasoned professional to know this is a winner. Plus, the American flag is pretty much always a hit for gun enthusiasts in the United States. We can salute to that!

Gun Cleaning Kit

This is an essential gift for gun owners. Nothing is more important than keeping your weapon clean and free of dangerous buildup than can cause misfires. This universal gun cleaning kit comes with all any gun owner needs from mops to brushes, adapters to muzzle guards. The kit comes in a handy and durable hard plastic case so it can go anywhere you can.

Owners of a 9mm may want to upgrade their kit so they’ll be sure to have the correct jags and cleaning brushes. Otherwise, this kit fits almost every caliber gun.

Biometric Gun Safe

Another must-have for any gun collector is a secure place to stash their firearm. The RNPB Gun Security Safe is a quick access safety device with biometric fingerprint and RFID locks. Great for the home, office or on the go. This discreet and unassuming piece of tech is durable and features a pry-resistant door.

This is a no-brainer for any gun owner with children in the home. It can hold multiple pistols and handguns. The safe comes with mounts for securing to the floor or other large pieces of furniture. 

Gun Magnet

Got an aspiring spy in your life? Do you work in a dangerous field or even a not-so-safe area? Then this gift is a great option for you! The adhesive gun mounts allow you to mount your handgun under any desk or table for fast access when needed.

This is a great gift idea for those working in law enforcement, private detective work or if you just want to feel like a secret agent. You can even mount a large handgun or shotgun under your bed or in a vehicle. The mounts won’t scratch your firearm and the hardware is easy to and quick to install. Remind me to never cheat at your poker games!

Shooting Ear Protection

Let’s hear it for safety! If you care anything about your ears, you know you need this: ProCase Shooting Ear Protection. Whether you are outside or at an indoor range, these earmuffs are always a great idea for firearms training. These premium soundproof earmuffs come with 10 comfy ear plugs and a set of lightweight, anti-fog scratch resistant safety glasses.

Everything fits in a compact waterproof Jacquard hard case with a two-way zipper. Specially made for indoor gun ranges, these earmuffs can be used in any excessively noisy situation and fit both men and women.

Double Long Gun Bag

Get carried away! If you travel anywhere with your firearms, a carry case tactical gun bag is essential. This best selling bag fits both long rifles and comes in cases from 36 inches to 55 inches. It holds two rifles, two pistols with extra compartments. The molle grid case comes with backpack straps and lockable paracord zipper sliders.

Also included are padded removable gun dividers and sewn-in hook and loop fastener straps. Padded muzzle and stock sleeves protect your precious cargo from scratches. Now you’re really packing! 

Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight

Light it up already! No more shots in the dark with this Firefly V2 Flashlight Sight for pistols or rifles. The laser has a disorienting strobe function with a 220 lumen powered flashlight which can all be easily activated from either side of the unit. The laser can be seen at distances of up to 100 meters!

This bad boy has a built in magnetically rechargeable battery so you can keep it mounted while charging. It fits most any gun – rifle, shotgun or handgun – with a picatinny or weaver rail. Use the elevation and windage wrenches included to adjust the laser and really zero in on your target. Bonus: this product is made by a veteran owned company. Be all that you can be!

Bullet Rocks Glass

Unique gifts are always a good idea in my opinion! Shoot back a little bourbon and have a good time. This novelty is right on target for the gun guy, whiskey connoisseur or just for a good laugh. The optical illusion is a fun way to serve up a drink. This highball glass holds 11 ounces of your favorite beverage and is made with a real 0.308 caliber bullet!

The hand-sculpted glass is made in the good ol’ US of A and can also be ordered as a pint beer glass. And don’t worry, this bullet is gunpowder and lead free.Though we still don’t recommend you bite the bullet. #Bulletproof

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Splatterburst Targets

Go ahead, have a blast with these high visibility range targets. Your shots burst a fluorescent yellow allowing you to see every single bullet hole, that is, unless, you are that good! The classic target silhouette is printed on a heavy duty non-adhesive tagboard that can take an epic spray.

Splatter targets make a great gift for people who like guns, as well as gun enthusiasts who shoot Airsoft, BB Guns, shotguns and even paintballs. Aim high folks!

Bottle Cap Launcher

While this last gun gift may seem like a gag gift, this bottle opener and cap launcher is actually useful AND fun. (I would know, we have one of our own!) Use this little tool to pop the top on your favorite beer bottle, then aim for the trashcan and shoot!

Makes a great inexpensive stocking stuffer, or pair it with a 6-pack of your gun lover’s favorite brew for a gift you can enjoy together.

Other Gun-Related Gift Ideas

Here are a few other popular choices that belong on your gun lover’s Christmas gift list this holiday season:

  • a gift card to a local gun store or shooting range
  • magazine subscription
  • gift certificate for shooting lessons
  • a gun vault
  • man cave decor and accessories
  • trigger locks
  • lots of training (as in quality time practicing with you!)
Gifts for Gun Lovers and Gun Enthusiasts

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