23 Awesome Gift Ideas for College Girls

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Starting a new chapter in life by moving away to a college campus can be a bit overwhelming for the young men and women. The exciting part is being their own boss. No more Mom and Dad watching their every move. At the same time, that is also where life gets tricky. What will they eat? Do they know how to keep up with everything that is going on? What will they do when they aren’t in class? I have put together a few different lists with great ideas for gifts to help make their life run a bit smoother. Whether you want to get them a great Christmas gift or something that they can take with them to enhance their college apartment, you are sure to find something in this list. And if all else fails, gift cards are always a win!

college girl gift ideas

Dorm Room Gift Ideas for College Girls

1. The Fabulous Planner Subscription Box

Fabulous Planner Subscription Box

Life during the college years can be very fast paced. Lots of classes. Lots of tests. Different activities going on all the time. A planner to keep track of everything is the best thing she can have. This fun Cratejoy subscription for planning supplies to be delivered once a month is perfect for helping a young college girl with keeping all of her plans organized.

2. Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

Phivi Artisanal Desserts Box

For many young adults, living away from their family in the college dorms, is the first time they have had the responsibility of making sure they have food. Lots of snacks and cheap meals will be consumed over the next few years. The least you can do is provide them with this awesome subscription that, once a month, they get 8 freshly baked desserts delivered to their door. That way, they still get to enjoy the small pleasures in life.

3. Alarm Clock

College girls will need help getting up in the mornings. Chances are they aren’t going to sleep every night at 9:30, and they won’t have their parents there to wake them up to make sure they get to class on time. This stylish alarm clock is a perfect gift idea that is pretty and useful.

4. Echo Dot

The Echo Dot, in my opinion, is one of the best gifts that you can give to a college kid. It can be placed anywhere in the dorm room. The living area, the kitchen, or even the bedroom. It is a great way for the busy college students to quickly set reminders or take notes that they don’t have time to write down. 

5. Portable Generator

It doesn’t matter if it is a holiday season and you are looking for the best Christmas gifts, or if you are shopping for a college girlfriend, this portable generator is a life saver! It has two AC charging ports, two USB-A, and one USB-C charging ports. This is perfect for a weekend trip, or for a dorm room that has limited outlets. Also, when in college, “no power” isn’t an excuse to not have your homework done. That 10 page report paper that is due tomorrow, but lightning knocks out the power, no worries!

6. Mini Fridge

Let me assure you, one of the best gift ideas for current college students ,who are limited on living space, is this mini fridge. It has great reviews and will become the college friends best friend. Not only does it save so much space, but the best part is that is can hold up to 130 cans! We all know about the fun life of college. No food and all drinks are always filling the fridge.

Fun and Trendy College Girl Gift Ideas

7. Cell Phone Case

coach iphone case

Any college-aged girl would fall in love with a designer phone case. While she is out living her best life with her college friends, she will stand out with a stylish case. Phone cases come in a variety of colors and styles. 

8. Smart Watch

A perfect Christmas gift or a great gift idea for a current college student, or a recent college graduate, is a smart watch. An Apple Watch, or a Galaxy watch are both excellent choices. They both have a long battery life and can make calls. They can monitor a sleep schedule and heart rate. Watches have definitely come a long way! Smart watches are one of the top gifts given to college students today.

9. Ugg Slippers

A perfect college gift, especially during the winter months is a pair of good quality slippers. These Ugg slippers are a very popular Christmas gift. They come in many different colors and last for a long time. Late night study sessions are best accompanied by comfy slippers.

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10. Party Games

There is no better perfect way to celebrate being out of high school, than some great college party games. A very fun gift that will be sure to show the campus that this girl is no “Square”. As long as nothing too crazy gets posted on social media. With this gift, you may want to include some behavior advice.

11. Wireless Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

A good idea for a gift idea that can also be put into the category of school supplies are wireless headphones. Apple AirPods are the best for canceling outside noise. This is a great feature when it comes to taking online classes and you are trying to watch a presentation or listen to instructions. Of course they are also very great for listening to your favorite songs.

12. Pair of Sneakers

Trust this gift guide when it tells you, the right gift for any occasion is a nice pair of sneakers. A clean pair of shoes to start the college year out with is an easy way to make any girl smile from cheek to cheek.

13. Apple Pencil

When it comes to useful gift ideas that are also part of the fad, a little research helps. That’s what I am for. If the college girl you are shopping for is someone who uses Apple devices, this Apple pencil is a great option

14. JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker

This waterproof speaker is great for bringing the party anywhere you go. Bluetooth compatibility makes it a breeze to connect to your phone and listen to your favorite music. It fits in small spaces, and there is no need to worry about cutting the party short due to battery life. You will get a lot of time out of this small but powerful speaker. Up to twelve hours of constant music, so ROCK ON!

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for College Girls

15. Reusable Water Bottle

With the busy life of college, some students forget about self care. One of the best ways to keep healthy is to consume the proper amount of water. These water bottles that list how much water you should have consumed by a certain time are definitely helpful. Very stylish and convenient.

16. Face Masks

Another type of self care is making sure to relax and refresh your skin. These face masks are designed for any skin type. They will not cause any type of rash or irritation. They are easy to use and guaranteed to make the face feel smoother and more relaxed.

17. USB Port

If you have never lost a USB port, I would say that you have a magical gift that many do not possess. We all depend on the USB ports to charge one of our most valuable possessions, our phone! Well, a great gift idea is a multiport charging USB station.

18. Portable Shower Caddy

Living in a dorm full of other students can be a bit nerve racking. Especially if the showers are shared by the whole dorm. A shower caddy would be very useful, if this is the case. One that isn’t clear, so there is discretion, but has enough holes that any water that gets inside can easily drip out.

19. Day Planner

A day planner is something that is needed by anyone who has the potential of having multiple events happening in a month. When you are in college, that is definite. Class, exams, projects, parties, study groups. It gets easy to forget important things if it isn’t written down. A day planner is a place that all important information can be written down in the same spot.

20. Record Player

This Victrola turntable with Bluetooth was the very record player my daughter wanted when she moved into her first apartment. Record players are a little fancier these days – with the ability to play vinyl records or stream music digitally!

21. Silk Pillowcases

A good night’s rest is always helped by the assistance of a good pillow. In order for a pillow to be perfect, the pillow case needs to be comfortable. The softest and smoothest pillowcase can help someone relax and fall asleep.

22. Recipe Book

College students typically live on a tight budget and are pressed for time. A cookbook that provides simple recipes that are quick, affordable and use only a few ingredients. This is a must have for new college students.

23. Coffee Maker

School. Sleep. Coffee. Life runs off coffee. Late night study groups, will result in early mornings that need caffeine in order to function. A simple coffee is all that is needed to give a student the little boost they need.

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Awesome Gift Ideas for College Girls

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