19 Yoga Gifts That Any Yogi Will Love

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If you are looking for a gift for someone who’s really into yoga, we’ve gathered some great ideas. Giving a gift to someone interested in something you don’t know much about can be tricky. We’ve gathered up this list of 19 yoga gifts that any yogi will love. Whether they are a beginner or seasoned yogi, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Yoga Dice – Change up your routine with a roll of the dice. Create a new session every time you come to the mat with thousands of possible sequences.

Yoga Socks – Inspired by ballet shoes these no-slip yoga socks will keep your toes warm and your feet where you want them.

Meditation Cushion – Get height and sit comfortably while you meditate. Perfect for extended periods of sitting and as part of your daily yoga routine.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray – Good hygeine has never been more important. Make sure your yoga mat is always clean. Just spray and wipe and you’re done.

Woodstock Chime – Create instant calm and refocus your mind with a single tap. Its a great way to begin a yoga session.

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Yoga Door Hanger – This simple signal will remind others to allow you to have a peaceful yoga session without being disturbed.

Yoga Wheel and Accessories – Enhance your yoga session with theses accessories. Improve your stretch and work towards a healthier and more flexible body.

Headband with Mask Clip – Keep your hair out of your eyes and your mask off your ears so you can enjoy a comfortable session and focus your attention on other things.

Himalayan Salt Lamp – This lamp emits soft light and natural ionic air. Create a calming environment in any space. Switch colors with the touch of a button.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers – Extend your practice of calm and focus into the shower. Turn your shower into a spa with these discs that release soothing essential oil blends.

Tibetan Singing Bowl – Create a beautiful sound that enhances deep meditation and spiritual healing.

Knee Pad – Don’t let sore knees keep you from enjoying your practice. This knee pad is non-slip and rolls up for easy storage and transport.

Instructional Mat – This yoga mat is perfect for beginners or someone just beginning a solo practice. Illustrated with 70 poses you can design your own session with confidence.

Aromatherapy Bracelet – Add a few drops of essential oils to this beautiful bracelet and take peace with you everywhere you go.

Namaste Note Cards – Send a thank you note with these playful Namaste note cards. Each card has a cute pose on the front and the words Thank You printed on the inside.

Yoga Bag – Carry and contain everything you need for your yoga practice with this large yoga mat bag.

Meditation Mug – Enjoy your morning coffee or a cup of tea from this calming meditation mug.

Yoga Towel – Create a protective barrier between you and the surface of a shared mat or use the towel during a session to feel dry and fresh.

Glass Water Bottle – Stay hydrated and avoid toxins with this glass water bottle. The bamboo lid is stylish and environmentally friendly.

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