14 Sunflower Gifts for Sunflower Lovers

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There are a lot of sunflower lovers out there, and it’s no wonder why. Sunflowers are bright and cheery and can illuminate any decor or create a beautiful fashion statement. We’ve rounded up a collection of sunflower gifts, so it’s always easy to add a little sunshine to someone’s life and brighten their day. Enjoy these 14 gifts for sunflower lovers.

Unique Sunflower Gifts to Brighten Someone’s Day

Sunflower Trio Printed On An Upcycled Antique Dictionary Page – Lovely yellow sunflowers with just a touch of green printed on 120+ year old dictionary pages.

Advice from a Sunflower Pillow – This decorative pillow is the perfect addition to any sunflower lovers living room decor.

Sunflower String Art Kit  – This colorful, one-of-a-kind, do-it-yourself Sunflower String Art Kit will brighten every crafter and sunflower lovers’ day.

Tervis Sunflower Tumbler – This American-made sunflower tumbler is BPA-free and perfect for hot or cold drinks.

personalized sunflower makeup bag

Personalized Sunflower Makeup Bag – These make great gifts for your upcoming wedding, best friend, coworker, and more!

Sunflower Ball Cap – Even bad hair days can be bright and sunny with a sunflower baseball cap.

Bath & Body Works GOLDEN SUNFLOWER Deluxe Gift Set – Pamper yourself with this Bath & Body gift set that contains sunflower scented body cream, shower gel, lotion, and a fragrance spray.

Wooden Sunflower Serving Utensils – Wooden Cooking Spoons make the perfect gift for anyone! Made from natural wood, in the heart of Ozark mountains. These custom utensils are a great addition to your marvelous kitchen as it brings the flavor of the mountains and the rich nature inside your home.

Check out our useful gifts for bakers too!

Sunflower Shirt – This pretty sunflower shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes so you can match the style of your favorite sunflower lover.

Sunflower Seeds – Grow your very own supply of gorgeous sunflowers to enjoy all season long.

Sunflower Pin – This cute little present can go on bags, coats, jackets, anywhere you would like to pin it.

White Sunflower Infinity Dream Catcher – Add a bit of whimsy to any room with this sunflower dream catcher.

Real Sunflower Petal Ring w/Gold Accents – Real Sunflower petals grown at Craigsfarmhouse are set in a clear resin with gold flakes. Rings come in different sizes and can be stackable with other rings. Perfect for Fall, Summer, and gifts to those obsessed with sunflowers.

Sunflower Beach Tote – This playful bag is perfect for going to the beach, the gym, or as an easy carry-on bag.

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