25 Useful Gifts For Bakers

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Not all superheroes wear capes; some wear aprons. And the best thing you can do is to keep your favorite cook in the kitchen, baking up delicious goodies to eat! Here are 25 useful gifts for bakers that your favorite baker (yes, you can be your own favorite baker) will use and love!

For handmade and DIY gift ideas and tutorials, scroll down to the bottom.

The Best Gifts for Bakers that They Will Love

Food Storage Container Set – Here’s a way to help your baker organize their pantry with this useful container set. Comes with blank stick-on labels and marker. Because no one likes a messy kitchen/pantry. No one.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer – If you’re going to call yourself a baker, you MUST have a handy dandy mixer. You’re not a baker if you don’t have one. You’re just someone who bakes. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. These bad boys come in all colors but we here at Gift Brilliant Headquarters like silver to keep your kitchen looking clean and sleek.

Fox Run Marble Pastry Board – Keep your dough cool as you handle it with this must have marble board. These come in black, white, and circle. (Bonus: if your favorite baker also happens to be a food blogger, these pastry boards make gorgeous photo backgrounds.)

Bread Lame and Danish Whisk Set – Who doesn’t like artisan bread? Monsters, that’s who. This stainless steel kit has everything you need to make the perfect homemade artisan bread. Get some butter or warm olive or coconut oil and a sprinkle of salt and you have the perfect snack. We promise this gift won’t be “lame” at all.

Bread Proofing Basket – This sturdy bread proofing basket is a great gift for bakers or just for a bread lover. Gift it along with the whisk set and you’ve sent your baker on their way to a dough-y heaven.

Cheat Sheet Baking Apron with Measurement Conversions – Remember in school when you used to look at the conversion table in the back of composition notebooks for answers? Well, this apron has the same sentiment. Struggling to remember how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon? Then this is just the thing for you.

Blue Q Oven Mitt – You can’t always be nice. Sometimes you need to add a little naughtiness to a recipe to spice things up. This is perfect for those foul-mouthed bakers who think outside the cookbook and serve up a little sass.

Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons – A high percentage of bakers are cat lovers. Or maybe a high percentage of cat lovers are bakers. Maybe it’s a stereotype. Maybe it’s a fact of life. Either way, these measuring spoons are cute and quaint and your baker-cat lover-extraordinaire is sure to love them.

Linen Bread Bags – What’s better than the eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving? Charming and reusable, these linen bread bags are a fantastic gift that your baker absolutely kneads in their life.

Butane Culinary Torch – This safe and versatile culinary butane torch is for all the crème brûlée makers out there. (Butane gas not included, so make sure to grab some fuel along with a set of ramekins to complete the gift!)

Flour Water Salt Yeast – This hardcover cookbook teaches the building blocks of making artisan bread and pizza from scratch. Use one of the linen bread bags above as a gift bag for this cookbook!

Silicone Pastry Mat with Measurements – This stick resistant rolling mat will make your baking and cooking ten times easier with reader friendly measurements. No more cookies of various sizes – this mat will help you get the same size every time, plus keep the work area clean!

Vintage Apron – If you’re in love with the fashion and aesthetic of yesteryear, this is the gift for you. This quality apron boasts pockets and an adjustable neck strap.

Betty Crocker 3-Tier Cooling Rack – Non-stick, easy storage, and an extra sturdy design for heavier baking items, this space-saving cooling rack is sure to be a useful gift for your baker.

Cake Decorating Tip Set – This cake decorating set features 20 different high quality stainless steel tips and gives you the chance to flex your creative muscles with plenty of designs.

Baking Utensils – Sleek and stylish, this nylon and stainless steel baking utensil set makes for a perfect, year round gift.

Premium Flour-Sack Towels – These sturdy, multipurpose premium cotton towels are a gift that won’t go unused. And everyone always needs new towels!

Mini Cake Pop Maker – Who doesn’t like cake pops? This mini cake pop maker is perfect for homemade sweet or savory delicacies.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Dutch ovens are kitchen essentials. If this isn’t in your arsenal, we’re calling the flavor police. (FYI – this particular Dutch oven make look expensive, but it’s actually budget friendly!)

Cookie Press – Make your baker’s life a little easier with this Wilton Preferred cookie press that has all kinds of designs. Makes a great gift for young bakers too!

Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan – This pan is on my own personal wish list. Make the perfect brownies with this non-stick brownie pan that makes ALL edge pieces! With one continuous chamber so your batter can be spread ultra easily and this unique design adds two wonderfully chewy edges to each and every brownie you make.

Handmade and DIY Gifts for Bakers

If you prefer to make or upcycle your gifts rather than buy them, these DIY gift ideas for bakers will get your creative juices cookin’!

DIY Flip Stir Whisk Mason Jar Set – This DIY tutorial will show you just how to create an adorable farmhouse-style utensil storage set using a few pieces of wood, some mason jars, and paint.

Stuffed Oven Mitt – Great for a bridal shower or even a college student who loves to study in the kitchen, this super easy (and budget friendly!) stuffed oven mitt is useful right down to the “gift bag.”

Mini Gingerbread Baking Ornament – For the baker who bakes the most delicious gingerbread cookies every year, this adorable ornament showing a miniature gingerbread baking scene will be the most treasured decoration on their tree!

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs – Every baker knows that nothing pairs better with cake or cookies than a delicious hot cup of coffee. Add to their collection with these DIY marbled coffee mugs that you can easily make with nail polish! The perfect way to clean out your bathroom cabinet, plus give them a gift they will love using 365 days of the year. (Pro gifting tip: Add their favorite coffee to the gift bag too!)

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25 gifts for bakers they will love

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