17 Best Pokemon Gifts for the Ultimate Pokemon Fans

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Gotta buy them all — these Pokemon gifts, that is! If you are one of the many parents who have kids who love Pokemon (or even if you’re a significant other to a true Pokefan), but you have no clue what to get them, you’re in luck! Here are our top picks for Pokemon gifts they will love!

Top Pokemon Gifts for Pokemon Lovers

pokemon jigsaw puzzle

Pokemon Jigsaw Puzzle – When you want them to have less screen time, but you need a secret weapon so they don’t complain. Buffalo Games have been leading the puzzle industry for over 30 years, and their jigsaw puzzles are top notch! This 1000-piece Pokemon puzzle is my personal favorite, and it comes with a small poster of the image to help you find where those tricky pieces go. There are puzzles from 100 to 2000 pieces, depending on how much of a challenge and how many hours of fun you’re looking for.

Pokemon Gengar Plush – How can something be cute an slightly terrifying at the same time? This Gengar plush is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cuddling with a plushie while watching Pokemon!

4 Piece Pokemon PEZ Set – Pokemon Pez, I choose you! Pez candy is a fun treat no matter how old you get. Yummy gift for Pokemon lovers.

Pokemon Pikachu Lamp – These 3D lamps are growing in popularity, so of course a Pikachu lamp is a must! Makes a cool gift for Pokemon lovers to have on their desks while doing homework and/or other desk work.

Mewtwo Funko Pop – Funko Pops make a great collectible item, no matter which genre you’re into. This Mewtwo action figure is a must to put on the shelf of your Pokemon lover.

Pokemon Pokeball T-shirt – Pokeball t-shirt, I choose you! Great gift for someone who needs a reminder to go watch Pokemon after their homework.

Pokemon Pikachu Hoodie – Great gift for Pokemon lovers so they can stay warm in the winter while they are out playing Pokemon Go around town!

Pokemon Card Binder – Good gift for people that need a place to organize their Pokemon cards! Never worry about bending or losing those precious cards again.

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Pokemon Pokeball Watch – Super cool watch for people who love Pokemon! With a Pokeball face, this watch will help you keep track of how long you’ve been playing Pokemon Go. (And from customer reviews, this watch is fine for kids/tweens/teens but quality is good enough for adults as well!)

Pokemon Snorlax “Not Today” T-shirt – Cute and funny gift for Pokemon lovers (or anyone else, for that matter) that don’t want to get up on Monday mornings!

Pokemon Pokeball Mug – You might not have time to watch an episode of Pokemon before school, but you sure can have a cup of it! Pack this ceramic mug with an assortment of teas, hot chocolates, or their favorite coffee flavors for a full gift option!

2 Piece Bulbasaur Plant Holders (Ceramic) – Use these two cute Bulbasaur plant holders for succulents, flowers, and other plants. They will look adorable in your Pokefan’s room!

100 Pokemon Cards – Any Pokemon fan will love more cards to play Pokemon with. This set comes with 5 rare cards and a totem deck box. Pair it with the Pokemon Card Binder above for the ultimate Pokemon gifts!

4″ Pokemon Pokeball Plush – This cute and soft Pokeball plush is great for anyone to cuddle with while they watch Pokemon!

Pokemon Squirtle Funko Pop – Another adorable Funko Pop figurine, awww. Great gift to put on a shelf of a Pokemon lover. Approximately 2.75 inches tall. Stocking stuffer, anyone?

Pokemon Charm – This trainer pendant is perfect for adding to a charm bracelet or necklace (compatible with Pandora and others). Made with sterling silver and hypoallergenic, this is a Pokemon gift that will be treasured forever.

Pokemon Bluetooth Speaker – It’s a Bluetooth speaker shaped like a Pokeball. And you gotta have it.

Pokemon Herb Grinder – For the more sophisticated Pokemon fan, this herb grinder is a must have in the kitchen. Choose from the Pokeball or Pikachu style.

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