29 Best Gifts for Truck Drivers

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Know a trucker or happen to be a trucker? Shopping for gifts that make someone’s occupation more enjoyable is pretty much always a win. Here we’ve gone the extra mile and gathered the best gifts for truck drivers, both for the truckers who have a short drive as well as those who spend long hours traveling across the United States and back. Check out our great gift ideas to get a head start on your holiday season shopping!

Gifts for truck drivers

29 Top Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

1. Microfiber Towels

A practical gift option, these towels are perfect for any wet or sweaty situations. The fibers of the travel towels are thinner than most, so they dry exceptionally fast and cover more surface area. They’re also smooth and are easily stowed away, so they’ll take up much less space than regular towels. Perfect for spills or for wiping your sweat away.

2. Long Distance Keychain

This keychain is perfect for any truck driver that has a loved one waiting for them to come home. It’s a wonderful reminder to them that they have someone that loves and cares for them and is waiting patiently for their return from those long drives ahead. Cute, right? Right. Makes a great stocking stuffer when you just can’t think of any other Christmas gifts for your special trucker.

3. “So You Think I Just Drive a Truck” Shirt

This one’s on the funnier side, and I won’t lie: I don’t really get what it’s saying either! However, truck drivers are sure to know exactly what this means and will give them a good laugh.

4. Bad*** Truck Driver Pocket Knife

When you spend a lot of time on the road, you have to be prepared for anything. A pocket knife is good to have when you’re on the road and happen to need a sharp edge. Alternatively, it’s a good thing to have in order to potentially protect yourself, but I think I can speak for us both when I say I hope that situation never pops up.

5. Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Sitting down for long periods of time in a semi truck can cause your tailbone (and butt in general) to feel really sore – even fall asleep! This practical gift idea provides amazing support for coccyx, tailbone, back pain, and sciatica relief. Trust me when I say you don’t want to be seated for hours at a time and have your butt go numb. It’s not fun, so investing in a seat cushion is a great idea for your favorite trucker – and they will thank you!

6. Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Here’s another seat cushion for your special trucker friend; however, this one is for lumbar back support. It’s good to have a cushion supporting your back so you don’t deal with lower back pain later on, and this one allows you to lean back into additional support. We recommend pairing this back support cushion with the tailbone support cushion above in order to best protect yourself and your bones.

7. First Aid Kit

Now a first-aid kit is a gift we all hope we never need to use, but is something every vehicle should have – especially if you’re in the trucking industry and find yourself miles from town. You never know when you’ll need bandaids, an ice pack, tweezers, or even gauze. We’d rather you not need to use it while you drive, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Bonus gift idea: Find out which truck stop they use most frequently and buy them a gift card so they can purchase fuel and/or their favorite snacks!

8. Emergency Urinal

If you really need to go but the next truck stop is too far away, you can make your own pit stop using this emergency urinal. This portable urinal has a tube that is extendable when in use and is shrinkable when stowed away. Although this is able to be used by kids and adults regardless of gender, it may be a little difficult for ladies due to how small the opening is – which brings us to our next gift recommendation.

9. Female Emergency Urinal

We know there are female truckers out there, and the last thing they want is to be stuck on the road without a potty! This emergency urinal is made to be a little easier to use for the ladies – although I’m sure men can use it too. The opening is wider, so there’s less possibility for spillage. Also, it’s very easy to clean given that it’s made with high-grade silicone and is smaller in design. Comes with a cute drawstring bag for storage.

10. “What Part Of Don’t You Understand?” Shirt

I won’t lie. Even as someone who knows how to drive a stick shift car, I’m not 100% sure what this says. But again, a trucker would be able to read this shirt and understand it – hopefully it’ll bring a laugh out of them, too!

11. Catered Cravings Snack Box

Everyone needs to pack snacks when they’re on the road. Instead of having to stop several ties for food, give the gift of food to a trucker so they won’t have to make as many stops! This box is filled with a variety of fan favorites and is sure to make that trucker a happy person.

12. Big Trucker Mattress

When they’ve hit their quota for the day, it’s time to rest on a good mattress (and by good, we mean GOOD). Even if they already have a mattress in their rig, they will love a new mattress like this one. This 7-inch thick mattress can support over 400 pounds comfortably and ensures your favorite truck driver a wonderfully good night’s sleep after a long day. You can pick exactly what size you’ll need, too!

13. Personalized Trucker Tumbler

Most truckers drink coffee. But do most truckers have a super awesome personalized mug to enjoy their hot beverages while they drive through remote areas of the country? Probably not. This travel mug allows you to pick between 7 different background colors and engrave your name on it! It’s the perfect Christmas gift and is much nicer than just a regular old mug, in my opinion.

14. Dash Cam

Honestly, everyone should own a dash cam for their own safety. You never know when someone may try to commit insurance fraud, or when you just get into a bad situation and need a dash cam to back yourself up. This one has night vision as well, and it’s very easy to set up and use.

Is your favorite trucker a manly man? We have super manly gift ideas too!

15. Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag

This bag is very easy to clean and water resistant. Truckers need to keep up with their hygiene just like everyone else, so this toiletry bag is a great way to help them out! Made with high grade PU leather and with plenty of storage space, gift this bag to your trucker (or yourself) so they can better take care of themself in style!

16. Electric Lunch Box

This electric 2-in-1 lunchbox is the perfect gift for a trucker with a long way to drive. This lunchbox can keep their food warm while they drive, so it’ll still be warm when they decide they’re ready to eat. Is compatible with car chargers AND wall chargers. Make this thoughtful gift even better by filling it with homemade meals to enjoy on the road!

17. Polarized Sunglasses

Honestly, a good pair of sunglasses is just the perfect truck driver gift – trust us! These 2-pack (or 3-pack!) frames from Kaliyadi are a very stylish way to protect your eyes while on the road. Coming in a large variety of styles and selections, these are definitely a great investment, even if you’re not a trucker! They are polarized and have a UV protection coating, so it’s definitely worth getting a pair (or two… or three).

18. SnapSafe Lock Box

This multi-purpose portable vehicle safe is great for holding handguns, jewelry, cash, medications, passports, tablets and more. For if you need to store valuables while driving or at a rest stop. Also meets TSA guidelines, on the off chance you happen to need to travel by plane.

19. Electric Heated Blanket

It can get cold sometimes when you’re driving or resting for the night. This electric blanket is the perfect way to stay bundled up and warm during the winter months on the road. There are also three different colors, including camel, dark brown, and a moose pattern. Includes 3 heat settings, overheating protection, and a 4 hour auto shut off feature so you don’t waste the batteries. It does have a wall plugin, however, so you’ll need to get a wall-to-car converter – we recommend the one featured below.

20. Car Power Inverter

This inverter allows you to plug in electronics that have wall plugs and charge them in your car… or truck. You plug the wall chargers into the inverter, then plug the car charger attached to the inverter into a charging port, and voila! Perfect for if you have a computer, phone charger, electric blanket, or any other device that would normally need to be plugged into a wall.

21. Bluetooth Headset

Ever been on the road when you suddenly receive a call? This bluetooth headset allows you to answer that call without needing to pick up your phone (note: DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE). They support 16+ hours of continuous use. I highly recommend getting a bluetooth headset so you can more easily answer calls when necessary while still being safe. Also great for listening to audible or music when you have down time or are going to sleep.

22. Audible Subscription

Audible gifts for truckers

You know what’s really fun to do while driving? Starting and finishing a book – NOT by reading it, but by listening to it with an audiobook subscription instead! Audible is a truly great way to make those long days go by faster, especially when you’re on the move and have nothing else to do but drive. I personally have found Audible’s monthly subscription has a LOT of great audio books you can listen to, and being able to spend one point a month for a high-quality read truly makes the experience even better.

23. YETI Cooler

Coming in five different color options, this cooler is the best way to keep all your cold drinks and food cool while on the go. Inside is PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall, so it’s guaranteed that your snacks will stay refrigerated for a long time! YETI is one of the best of the portable coolers out there, and definitely is a great gift idea for your fave trucker!

24. Portable Coffee Maker

Ever wanted to have coffee but couldn’t spend time going to get it from a store? This portable coffee maker allows you to make your OWN favorite cup of joe while still on the go! It features a 2 minute brew, and all you need is coffee and hot water!

25. Hula Girl

Ok, come on. Every trucker needs a hula girl, right? Right.

26. Interior Car Lights

Want to make your big rig cabin just a little more snazzy? These interior lights are great at brightening up your cabin at night. Plus, all the colors make it just look cool, you know? Features compatibility with a smart app and a “dynamic music mode” where the strip lights connect to your music and change with the beat.

27. Car Phone Mount

Again, do NOT text and drive!

However, if you need to follow a GPS, this phone mount allows for easier accessibility so you can see where you’re going without added risk of looking away from the road for too long.

29. Strength Training Device

Truck drivers may not have much time or much room to exercise, but their health is still important! This Activ5 can connect via bluetooth to your phone so you can utilize the training app on your phone to workout! Perfect for a trucker that doesn’t want to miss a workout or simply wants a reason to get moving and get muscular.

More Tips to Find The Perfect Gifts for Truck Drivers

No matter what the special occasion is, you want to ensure the gift you give is going to be one they like. Here are a few tips to make sure the gift you choose is a good idea:

  • When in doubt, gift cards or prepaid credit cards are always needed. You don’t have to worry about those being the wrong size!
  • Think about what specific interests your trucker has. What do they enjoy doing in their free time on their off days? If you can combine those loves with truck driving, you will likely find a perfectly unique gift idea that they would never expect!
  • Regardless of what gift you give, think of ways to make it more special. Can you add a personal message to the gift, either written in a note or by engraving the gift somehow?

Hopefully our gift list gives you a starting point to finding the right gift for your favorite truck driver!

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