The Best Hospital Gifts for Guys to Get Well Soon

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Being sick or injured and having to spend time in the hospital for a long recovery is no fun. This can be especially challenging for guys who are always busy and don’t like to sit still. Yet, when we’re ill or recovering from surgery, rest and relaxation are two of the best things we can do to help our bodies to bounce back quickly. To help your favorite guy get through the boredom of staring at the same four walls for days and let him know you are thinking of him, send one of these 27+ hospital gifts for guys.

What Gift to Send to a Man in the Hospital?

A bouquet of flowers and cards are thoughtful gift ideas – but when your family member, friend or coworker is in the hospital for an extended stay they need something a little more meaningful and a bit more practical. Here are six great ways to make his hospital stay a little bit better:

  1. Entertainment Gifts – Funny books, movies, video games, puzzle books and card games are small yet thoughtful and can keep your sick friend entertained for some time.
  2. Creature Comforts – When selecting hospital gifts for guys think of the things that will make them feel comfortable like a new bathrobe, slippers, a comfortable pillow and some guys might even appreciate teddy bears. Anything to dull the discomfort of those scratchy sheets!
  3. Personal Care – Personal grooming can be difficult in a hospital because your friend may not have the tools he needs. A men’s care package with things like a manicure set, a shaving kit, hand lotion, shower gel, or an essential oil diffuser can boost their spirits.
  4. Tasty Treats – Although they’ve made improvements over the year, hospital food isn’t the greatest. As long as your buddy doesn’t have food restrictions send a home-cooked meal or order something for delivery. Even a box of cookies or a small care package can make the best gift.
  5. Pet Care – Does your guy friend have pets at home? Offer to take the dogs for a walk, feed the fish or check in on the cats. Order some special treats or a cool toy and have them delivered right to his front door.
  6. Home Help – Even while you are in the hospital things at home still need to get done. Pick up the mail, make sure the trash has been emptied, mow the lawn or hire a cleaning service.

Best Hospital Gifts for Men

Bedridden in a strange place with none of the comforts of home can be extremely boring. One can only sleep so much in a day so the need for something to fill the awake hours is great.

Keep your best guy entertained while in the hospital or let him know he’s in your thoughts with one of these fantastic gift ideas.


A good book or two is the perfect hospital gift for guys who love to read. Or make it even easier for him with an audio book!

Try one of these popular titles:

Movies and TV

A hospital room may not have a DVD player but they probably have wifi. Purchase a subscription to a streaming service like an Amazon Prime gift Membership so your guy friend can watch his favorite shows and catch a few of the latest movies from his hospital bed.

Add some Amazon Coins and your buddy can save big on paid movies, games and other streaming services when he purchases them through the Amazon Appstore.

Grab an Amazon gift card if you’re just not sure what he will love so he can choose for himself.

Fun and Games

Guys love video games and nothing can help pass the time more than getting wrapped up in your favorite game. A Nintendo Switch Lite or another hand-held game system would be an incredible gift for a guy who’s facing an extended stay in the hospital.

If he’s already got the system pick up a new game like one of these:

  • ARMS – This fighting game is a great choice for guys who aren’t into sports. The cartoon-style graphics are fun and you can never go wrong with an arena fighting game.
  • Clubhouse Games – With 51 classic games including chess, backgammon and black jack, this game is perfect for the guy who has everything else. All the games can be played alone, locally or online with up to four players.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – With several new playable characters and 7 worlds, Tropical Freeze is a great sequel to the first Donkey Kong Country game.
  • Game Builder Garage – This game is perfect for guys who like to think and create. Game builder takes you inside the world of game development and lets you create games, puzzles and more using “Nodon” coding language.

If your buddy is more into board games, cards and puzzles there are lots of ideas for him, too!

Photo via INTEGEAR
  • Katamino – This colorful puzzle is similar to Tetris add has over 500 puzzles with thousands of possible solutions. It will challenge your friends mind and help them focus on something other than being stuck in the hospital.
  • Playing Cards – Cards are perfect for solitaire. Instead of a standard deck, pick up something off beat like this deck of black playing cards.
  • Puzzle Books – Puzzle books have a variety of puzzles to help a man in the hospital to pass the time. This book contains crossword puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, cryptograms and more.

Personal Care

One of the best hospital gifts for guys is a collection of items that can help them to look good and feel good. A boost of self-confidence with some self care is perfect for raising morale and pushing him further down the road to recovery.

Photo via Shoeslocker
  • Bathrobe – A high quality, soft plush robe like this one from Nautica will help your buddy to feel more comfortable when it’s time to get up and walk around. No one wants to take a trip down the halls with just a hospital gown.
  • Slippers – Pair your robe with a comfortable pair on non-slip memory foam slippers and your good friend will be the most stylish guy in the recovery wing.
  • Manicure Set – A manicure set is a great gift to help keep nails and hair trimmed. The gun metal color of this set is manly and stylish.
  • Shaving Kit – After a few days, a man in the hospital is going to need to give his beard and mustache some attention. This shaving kit has everything he will need and he will enjoy using when he gets back home too.

Tasty Treats

Hospital food is just not very good. Additionally, the meal schedule may leave your friend feeling hungry at odd times of the day.

Check his food restrictions first and if he’s in the clear, call and order takeout to be delivered, give him a gift card to his favorite restaurant or load him up with a custom care package that he will love.

Even just a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup can make him feel so much better!

Photo via Nut Cravings
  • Snack Box Variety Pack – This care package includes 50 different snack items. There will be enough for your friend in the hospital to share with hospital staff if he’s so inclined.
  • Dried Fruit & Nuts – Satisfy your friends craving for something salty and sweet while still offering something that’s at least kind of healthy. Dried fruits and nuts are the perfect choice.

Pet Care

If your buddy’s furry pal has been staying with relatives or is in kennel care, break him out for an afternoon of fun and cuddles. While not directly a gift for your guy friend in the hospital, it’s a unique gift and certainly a gesture he will appreciate.

Photo via Tonka
  • Chew Toy – This Tonka chew toy will remind your friend of his childhood and Fido will love fetching and playing tug-o-war with it.
  • Ball Thrower – Your friend may have trouble throwing or even bending over for some time when he gets home so this NERF ball thrower is the perfect gift that will still allow him to enjoy playtime with his pup.
  • Cat Fishing – Satisfy your buddies desire to get on the lake while making sure the kitty gets attention too. This retractable fishing pole is perfect for your angler friend.

Home Help

Getting chores done around the house following an extended stay in the hospital can be tricky. Hire a cleaning service or surprise your pal with one of these cool gadgets.

Photo via Amazon
  • Roomba – Make the chore of vacuuming super easy with a robotic vacuum that’s Alexa compatible. Clean floors are so easy now! (FYI, I have this and we LOVE it.)
  • Alexa Smart Lightbulbs – Bed rest can make it difficult to turn the lights on and off when you need them. Grab a set of Alexa controlled light bulbs and the lights will turn on and off at your command. (Also another gadget in our home that we love whether we are sick or not!)

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