21 Gifts for Piano Players That Are Noteworthy

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Want to give a pianist a gift that’s noteworthy and original? Maybe you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful gift for a piano teacher? Or maybe you’re shopping for piano enthusiasts that just love pianos and everything related to them? Check out the different gifts for piano players we’ve gathered below!

This list of the best gifts for all things piano-related will help you find just what you need for that special occasion. Whether that’s a great Christmas present for the holiday season, a birthday present for a special pianist, or just a token of love for no reason at all, these gift ideas will give you some great options!

Top Gifts for Pianists and Music Lovers

1. Treble Clef Handle Music Coffee Mug

This 12.9 oz ceramic mug is the perfect gift for the pianist that loves their coffee… or tea… or any hot drink, really. My kid’s music teacher would have loved this given the number of times he allegedly showed up to class with coffee – on that note, be sure to show your music teachers appreciation too!

2. Handcrafted Metal Pianist

This little guy is the perfect companion for the piano player that loves musical decorations. Maybe he’ll make a cute little mantle ornament in their living room, or will have a special spot on their piano cover if there’s room!

3. Piano Patent Art Prints

With this gift, your pianist friend will get a set of four 8×10 photos. Note that frames are not included, but you can choose your own preferred frame this way – don’t you just love gift customization?

4. Piano Panels Wall Art

These sepia-toned panels are a gorgeous addition to a piano-lover’s living space. Each panel has a black hook already mounted, so they’re ready to be hung up immediately once you get them!

5. Manual Keynote Decorative Throw

Made of 100% cotton, this decorative throw is one of the best piano gifts for any pianist or music-lover. Although knowing a little music theory may help a little, it’s certainly not necessary to enjoy a warm and pretty cool blanket.

6. Piano Music Box

This lovely piano music box comes with the option to have either Canon or Fur Elise as its song to play. A great gift idea for the romantic or simply someone who loves piano music boxes.

7. Piano Jewelry Box

Does your piano player enjoy wearing jewelry? Give them a piano jewelry box for them to store their favorite pieces!

(There are other types of jewelry boxes they provide, but… let’s assume they’d prefer the piano one.)

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8. Piano Key Necklace

This is one of those unique gifts that doesn’t fit the obvious choices – which is why I love it!

These necklaces are made of genuine ebony piano keys – pretty cool, right? Your pianist is sure to think the same! From upright pianos made in 1880-1920.

9. Piano Keyboard Earrings

The perfect gift to pair with the piano jewelry box! Any earring-wearer is sure to love these dangling keyboards and will love having a new jewelry box to put them in as well.

10. Piano Patent T-Shirt

This black unisex adult shirt displays a vintage patent drawing of a piano. The relaxed fit is perfect for a male pianist or female – all they need to do is love pianos!

11. Multicolor Piano Outline Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Want something a little more colorful? A cool tie-dye piano shirt is a great choice for any musician! Comes in different colors – black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and heather grey – as well as different sizes.

12. Grand Piano Musician Heartbeat Shirt

Another cool t-shirt option for your piano lover. Music makes the heart beat, right? Available in other color options. A good gift for the pianist who lives to play.

13. Piano Keyboard Scarf

Is your piano lover also a scarf lover? Make them extra happy by giving them a scarf with a piano keyboard design!

This makes one of the best Christmas gifts – and you get bonus points if they live somewhere where they actually need one to stay warm!

14. Piano Keys Necktie

The perfect choice anyone who loves to wear ties, be sure to give them a piano key necktie. The tie is split vertically, featuring musical notes on one side and piano keys on the other.

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15. 3-Pack Music Score Crew Socks

Ok look – themed socks are actually the ideal gift for me. And of course these piano socks are perfect for the pianist that has a special occasion coming up! Comes with three different pairs, two black and one white.

16. Pop Up Grand Piano Card

Not sure what to get them or want to keep things simple? A card that has a pop up grand piano is sure to do the trick! Perfect for any piano lover out there, no matter who they are. Just add one of their favorite gift cards and they couldn’t ask for a better gift!

17. Gold Music Holder Clip

Is your piano lover an actual pianist? They’re sure to love this gold music book clip that’s perfect for keeping their sheet music in place!

18. Piano Classics Sheet Music

This book contains 351 pages of the world’s most loved and most popular pieces. A great idea for the pianist that loves learning and playing classical music and wants a challenge.

19. Soundbrenner Core

This watch can be a vibrating metronome, a chromatic contact tuner, a decibel meter, and keep time all in one! If you struggle to hear a metronome or need a more discreet one, this is the perfect gift for you.

20. Piano Keyboard Bottle Opener

If they’re old enough to drink, gift them this bottle opener! If they’re not old enough to drink, maybe they can use it to open bottles of root beer or some other soda.

21. Bamboo Piano Cheese Board

For the piano-loving chef, gift them a cheese board that also functions as a tool set. This will make a great addition to their kitchen collection. Anyone else like charcuterie boards?

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