15 Best 30th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

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If a couple has managed to spend 30 years together, that’s a milestone that deserves celebration! We’ve found some of the best 30th anniversary gifts for couples, including traditional anniversary gifts, modern gifts, and a few creative interpretations of each to celebrate this special occasion. With gift ideas to fit every budget, check out our 30th anniversary gift ideas for her, him, and for the couple to share together!

30th anniversary gift

Traditional Pearl Anniversary Gifts for the 30th Year of Marriage

People have celebrated wedding anniversaries with the giving of gifts on that special day since the Middle Ages. Traditional anniversary gifts have been traced back to the Victorian era, with today’s traditional gift list being largely based on Emily Post’s list that was published in 1922.

The traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift is the pearl. While handing over a precious pearl is nice, we have found a few pearl-inspired gifts that you may like instead (with more than just pearl jewelry) to celebrate this major milestone that the married couple has reached.

1. Freshwater Pearl Necklace

There is nothing more classic than white pearls, and a necklace is a traditional present that is never out of style. This gorgeous necklace features a sterling silver infinity design with a freshwater pearl at the center. Yes, that is a REAL pearl. Makes for a lovely anniversary gift for your beloved and allows them to wear something traditional with pride.

2. Pearl Wire Tree

pearl anniversary wire tree

This beautifully handmade wire tree is a way to give a pearl wedding anniversary gift with a modern twist. This Pearl Tree is crafted from 50ft/15m of nickel silver wire and 96 beautiful white pearls, hand-strung and twisted to make leaves. The tree itself is a symbol of good luck, a work of art that makes the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift.

3. Antique Pearl-lined Mirror

For the couple that loves wearing makeup or simply wants a nice mirror. This bronze mirror is a wonderful gift and is lined with imitation pearls. Have fun getting ready and pretty with this anniversary gift!

4. Pearl Clutch

For the fashionable one in the relationship. This pearl clutch is a wonderful anniversary gift that is sure to be a wonderful accent to any outfit – although it may clash a bit with more sporty looks.

5. Mother of Pearl Assisted Folding Pocket Knife

Perfect for the one who likes camping, hunting, hiking, self-defense, or really any other reason you might want to have a pocket knife. It’s also safe and easy to carry, so if you’re a little clumsy I’m sure you’ll be fine.

6. 5×7 Pearl Metal Picture Frame

Want a picture frame to highlight your favorite picture from your wedding? This stylish picture frame can be placed horizontally or vertically and is a lovely way to show off your favorite wedding memory.

7. Pearl Earrings

Aren’t these gorgeous? These elegant stud earrings are a wonderful way to style yourself and your outfit for your anniversary dinner! The gift that can be worn again and again and not lose its sparkle.

8. Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

These make a wonderful pair to go along with the pearl stud earrings. This way, you can both be stylish for dinner and have a gift you can both consistently use – no matter if you’re overdressed for the occasion or not.

9. 30th Pearl Anniversary Picture Frame

With this picture frame, you can make a before and after piece. Place your favorite wedding picture on the left, then a picture of the two of you on your 30th anniversary. Isn’t that just adorable and sweet?

Modern Diamond 30th Anniversary Gifts

Over the years, the traditional anniversary gift lists have evolved to include more modern gift ideas. The modern 30th anniversary gift is the diamond (not to be confused with the traditional 60th diamond anniversary).

With 60 years of marriage being fairly difficult for most couples to achieve (especially with today’s singles waiting until they are 30 or 40 years old to marry), the modern diamond anniversary gift is a fantastic symbol for 21st Century couples to celebrate a rock-solid marriage.

Here are our top picks for diamond anniversary gifts, with a few creative gift ideas that are “diamond-inspired” to fit your budget.

10. Customized Crystal Photo Picture

This personalized crystal picture comes in mini, small, medium, and large. A wonderful decoration that truly shows pure happiness, having a 3D model of your love is truly a wonderful thing to behold.

11. Couple Diamond Watches

In need a watch and want to be a cute matching couple? These stainless steel waterproof watches are a perfect yet simple gift that you can both enjoy.

12. Diamond Hand Ornament

Diamond Hand Ornament 30th Anniversary Gifts

This lovely statue is a great icon to display your love and companionship in life. Put this anywhere in your home and admire its beauty and significance of your relationship.

13. Custom Diamond Shelf

Custom Diamond Shelf 30th Anniversary Gifts

This shelf comes with several finishes: matte black, satin white, satin grey, satin taupe, copper metallic, rose gold metallic, rose gold metallic, silver metallic, and gold metallic. The wood also comes in several stains: white, natural, warm oak, white oak, early american, medium walnut, dark walnut, smoke, classic grey, and classic black. A very cool diamoned shelf for you to install.

14. Diamond Vanity

Diamond Vanity 30th Anniversary Gifts

This elegant vanity is the perfect gift for the more extravagant couple. Embrace the luxury and glamorize your makeup station. The vanity is designed with the highest quality 90 CRI light source so you can better see what you’re doing with a better light source than most makeup mirrors.

15. Green Apophyllite Crystal

Green Crystals 30th anniversary gifts

This finding is truly a diamond in the rough. You want to go all out for your anniversary? This crystal is definitely the way to do so.

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