25 Best Gifts for Fans of The Office

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Question. Which of these gifts is best? False. All of The Office gifts listed below are the best! If you’re looking for a great gift idea for someone who is a huge Office fan, then you’re in luck. We’re on the party planning committee and have found the best gifts that every true fan can appreciate. Check out our top recommended gifts for people that love the hilarious comedy show, The Office.

The Office Gifts for Super Fans of The Office

That’s What She Said Button – How about a gag gift for Office fans that they will LOVE. With one of the most famous lines, this “That’s What She Said” button sounds just like your favorite character, Michael Scott. Guaranteed to get a good laugh, you’ll want to hit it all day (TWSS).

Dundie Award – A funny award for The Office lovers, what better way is there to show your appreciation for someone. Congratulations, here’s your Dundie! This 7 inch tall Dundie Award trophy is great for anyone, not just your coworkers. I actually gave one to my dad last year.

Great to put on a desk in their own office, or on a shelf as a funny decoration.

Schrute Farms Bed and Breakfast Hoodie – You don’t have to love beets to want this sweatshirt; you just have to have a love of the office. Your favorite Dwight fan will feel the warmth of Schrute Farms with this Schrute Farms Hoodie. Plus, it’s the color of a beet. Obviously.

Dwight Schrute “False” T-Shirt – Great outfit for two things. To start a conversation, and end it just as quick as it started. Comes in red, black, and denim heather.

Dwight Schrute “Fact” Socks – Fact. This is the best gift for a fan of the show. Anyone who says otherwise will face Dwight’s Karate. Begin praying.

The Office Uno Set – The best way to pass the time until 5:00 PM is with card games, right? How about a little UNO, The Office style?

New rule! When you get to one card/ employee left, you can yell, “Michael!” Great gift for The Office lovers.

Michael Scott Funko Pop Action Figure – Funko Pops are the coolest little small figurines, aren’t they? Any big fan of The Office needs a collection of all of their favorite Office characters – Funko Pop style. If they don’t have a collection started yet, there’s no better place to start than with Michael Scott.

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Mug – Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. You might not be able to watch The Office Episode before work everyday, but you can definitely enjoy a cup of Jim pranking Dwight.

This iconic scene has been portrayed in many ways and on various products, but this simple print on a basic coffee mug just seems to be the perfect fit. Every fan needs this Office mug for sure.

Dwight Schrute Funko Pop Action Figure – Fact. You can put me on a desk or office space. Watch Battlestar Galactica with me. I’ll make a great addition to your alliance.

That’s What She Said Mug – You can’t argue. Why? Because that’s what she said. One cup of Michael Scott’s classic lines and memes, hot and fresh!

The Office Trivia Game – Do you think you’re the biggest Office TV show fan? Have you watched the complete series at least 5 times? Do you have what it takes to win this party game?

Quiz your friends and family on The Office with this trivia set. Whether you’re the smartest of the Dunder Mifflin employees or not, you’ll definitely have too much fun to go to work tomorrow.

The Office Door Sign – Here’s another one of those fun gifts I gave my dad for Christmas last year! This Office sign is great gift for your friends, family, teacher and/or boss!

They can hang it on the door of their home office and feel like the World’s Greatest Boss.

Michael Scott “Boom Roasted” Popsocket – “Stanley, *roasts Stanley* boom roasted!” This PopSocket is a great idea for any fans of the show who get tired of dropping their phones.

Kevin’s Spilled Chili Socks – Poor Kevin Malone. He worked so hard for that chili. And now your socks are chili stained. R.I.P Kevin’s Chili.

The Office Car Shader – It’s funny for both the owner and the people seeing it. Great for someone with a brand new car.

Michael Scott Beer Opener (TWSS) – Great gift for a The Office lovers twenty first birthday. And yes, that’s what she said.

Assistant to the Regional Manager T-shirt – This t-shirt is a great way to let everyone at the office know that you rank slightly higher than they do. But not really. Congratulations on your promotion!

Stanley Pretzel Day Poster – Cool and funny gift for people who love food as much as they love The Office. I mean, who wouldn’t love pretzel day? Make this gift even better by packaging it up with freshly baked pretzels.

Michael Scott Face Mask – The perfect gift for a The Office lover in quarantine. It fits the fashion of 2020. Even someone working from home can wear it during their Zoom call, just because.

Michael Scott Bathroom Decor – This 8×10 unframed print is sure to be a conversation starter. Hang it over the toilet in your Office-themed bathroom and invite your coworkers over for chili.

Handmade The Office Gifts

Want something a little more unique than what you can find on Amazon? Check out these creative gift ideas from Etsy!

The Office Christmas ornament

The Office Christmas Ornament – Happy Birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party’s so lame. This ornament is perfect for any White Elephant party at your office!

Game Against Office

Game Against Office – If you love The Office and enjoy Cards Against Humanity, you’ll love this knockoff version with The Office theme! Gift it to someone who will challenge you to a game immediately.

dwight claw can cooler

Dwight Claw Can Cooler – Easiest gift ever: A pack of White Claw and this Dwight Claw can cooler together in a bag. Boom, done.

The Office floor plan

The Office Floor Plan – This unframed print of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company floor plan comes in a variety of sizes. Perfect to decorate the wall of any office.

That's what she said tshirt

That’s What She Said T-Shirt – A clever way to quote Michael Scott. Only true fans of The Office will get this one, but it will bring lots of smiles!

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The Office Gifts for Fans of The Office

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