50 Cool Batman Gifts for Adults and Kids

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If you are looking for a unique Batman gift for a family member or friends who are superhero fans, you may be wondering what are the perfect presents that fit the Batman theme. No worries – we have found some super cool Batman gifts that would be perfect for any special occasion!

Many of us became Batman fans as kids and remain Batman lovers as adults today. My husband, for one, still has a stack of graphic novels and would love his own Batmobile if he could have one! There’s just something about that DC Comics superhero that makes us all love him.

Whether you’re looking for some cool Batman stuff for yourself or shopping for Batman gift ideas for someone else, we have a list of all the best Batman gifts for adults and kids – with options to fit all budgets – saving you time so you can enjoy the gift!

Batman Gifts

Cool and Unique Batman Gifts (plus some cool Batman stuff you’ll love)

1. The Lego Batman Movie DVD

Something for Batman loving kids, with parents looking to pass the torch! This cute, funny, animated movie is perfect for the young ones’ introduction to Gotham and the heroic vigilante!

2. Batman Who Laughs Action Figure

From the darkside of Bruce Wayne comes the horrifying ‘Batman Who Laughs’ molded by The Joker’s antics and morals. Driven to insanity and evil intentions in the comics and animations, new to the image and perfect for display via this collectible for edgy Batman followers!

3. Batman Converse

These unisex Converse x Batman x Chinatown Market Chuck Taylor high top shoes are a fashion MUST for any Batman fan. Chucks pretty much go with any outfit, any time, and these are no exception. Don’t want the dark Converse style? Check out the white and purple Batman option instead!

4. Batman’s Batmobile LEGO Set

This is an amazing gift for any Batman fanatic who also loves LEGO sets! Based on the design of the 1989 Batmobile, this kit includes over 3,000 pieces for an exciting challenge. Featuring a slide-open, dual minifigure cockpit and 2 hidden machine guns with a pop-up function, you can build your Batmobile and then show it off on the rotating model car display stand. (Includes 3 minifigures: Batman, The Joker, and Vicki Vale.)

5. Batman Arkham Trilogy Video Games

From Xbox 360 to Xbox One the Batman Arkham trilogy has proven a lasting gaming experience through the times. Experience two of the most critically acclaimed titles of the last generation – Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, featuring fully remastered and updated visuals for an improved playing experience. Featuring numerous playable characters such as The Joker, Robin, and Batman himself.

6. Tervis Batman Travel Mug

For the coffee lover who is also a major fan of Batman – this stainless steel insulated tumbler is the perfect way to start the day. Even superhero crime fighters need a little caffeine to get them going, and nobody wants their hot drink to get cold while chasing villains! Keeps drinks hot up to 8 hours or cold for 24 hours.

7. Batman The Dark Knight Mini Montage Film Cell

If you’re looking for a birthday gift or other special gift for a true Batman fan, this framed mini montage film cell would make the perfect decor for their media room or home office Batman collection! One of my personal favorites, ‘The Dark Knight’ is beautifully displayed in this piece and definitely deserves a spot in the home. Don’t miss out, as this is a limited edition item with only 2500 available!

8. Classic Batman and Joker Collectible Figures

Based around the original blue and grey design of the 1960s, this sculpture of Classic Batman and Joker have a gorgeous wood-carved look. Secured in a branded gift box, this piece is a great addition to any display for Batman collectors everywhere.

9. Bat Signal LED Light

The classic Black Bat against a vibrant yellow background is the Dark Knight’s trademark calling sign, and can be your own personal superhero calling card in your home! Mount on the wall or hang using loop plates on the back.

10. Voice Changing Batman Mask

This super cool Batman gift idea says it’s for kids 4 and up, but we want to emphasize UP for the adults! Modeled to tune your voice to the husky voice of Batman himself, this mask is great for upgrading your Halloween costume, for cosplay, or simply just for having fun.

11. Batman Projector Pen

Send out a signal to call for the Caped Crusader with this light-up ballpoint pen that projects the Batman logo! Makes a great Christmas gift if you’re looking for one last stocking stuffer to give. (Batteries included)

12. Batman and Harley Quinn Motorbike LEGO Set

This amazing LEGO set combines Suicide Squad characters Harley Quinn and Deadshot with our beloved Batman . Build this set to create two motorbikes for Harley and Batman and a jetpack for Deadshot. Intended for kids aged 7-14, but lots of fun for older kids and adults too!

13. Batman Pedal Go Kart

This is one of the cool Batman birthday gifts for kids that I wish I had gotten years ago! Give your kid this stylish Batman themed pedal go kart to cruise around in style for bragging rights on the playground and a kickstart to their comic following career!

14. Batman Light Up Carved Clock

Carved away from the plain and simple circular clock, this Batman themed clock features the man himself peering over Gotham. Hopefully soon to peer over your room at a simple purchase sure to spark a conversation between the fellow Bruce Wayne followers!

15. Batman Kids Twin Bed

One of the best gifts a kid can get is a super cool bedroom. Get the Batman bedroom makeover started with this batman themed twin bed frame from Delta Children. (By the way, we love these beds at Gift Brilliant and even have two of them at home!)

16. Batman Upholstered Armchair for Kids

Why stop with just a bed when you can make their room even cooler with this Batman armchair? With the bat symbol on the back, this chair is the perfect size for kids. Ages 3 and up, holds up to 100 pounds.

17. Batman Hot Wheels Pack

Not 1 or 2 but 5 featured Batman and general Gotham themed toy cars published by Hot Wheels themselves from shelves to your kids room or your guilty pleasure adult display case!

18. Batwoman Arrow Edition Figurine

The female counterpart to the infamous bat, gives the girls a familiar face and valued representation. Presented by an Arrow presented packaging, equipped with a gorgeous black and red color scheme, hopefully soon to be a part of your diverse Batman collection!

19. Batgirl 50 Years Celebration

Another familiar face for the women fanatics this hero dating further back than Batwoman is an icon to the DC universe. Celebrate her 50th anniversary with this book jam packed with some of her most defining comic book moments!

20. Classic Batman 75th Year Limited Edition Watch

This might be one of our favorite Batman gifts for men, and you can probably see why. This 75th year limited edition watch with the iconic symbol on its face is only 1 of 500 that was made. Comes boxed with a certificate of authenticity, and will become the most cherished gift this holiday season for your favorite Batman loving man.

21. Batman The Long Halloween Book

For the comic book fan – Considered a staple piece among Batman fans, this comic book shows off Batman’s detective skills accompanied by the side of Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent. Dead set on tracking a killer named ‘Holiday’ with appearances from original more classic villains such as The Joker and Scarecrow. Sure to be a worthy read of you or a special DC comic follower in the family or fellow friends!

22. Batman Plush

What better way to start your kids attachment to your favorite superhero, than this 80th anniversary collectors Dark Knight Batman plush, sure to make them know batman is better than Superman. So get this cozy stuffed plush for your kid to take everywhere so they can grow their love for the coolest hero ever!

23. Batman Built In Face Mask Kids Hoodie

It goes without saying that Batman is an interest of kids worldwide, as his heroic morals are inspiring to the youth. So give that special child a representation of that with this zip up hoodie featuring the pointed upward ears and built in face mask for your Batman lover to be just like their favorite superhero!

24. Batman Year One Book

Pre Gotham vigilante, this comic focuses on the early years of the man behind the mask Bruce Wayne and his adventures as a beginning crime fighter. A staple piece to the Batman lore readers or newcomers ready to be loyal to this DC peak, ready and available for your purchase now!

25. Batman The Dark Knight Returns Book

Focusing on the future this comic depicts an elder Batman forced out of retirement to face a genuine threat and save Gotham City once again. Perfect for somebody craving a new concept to this crime fighters lore, yet still ideal for the usual good old fashioned DC comics fanatic!

26. Retro Batgirl Pink Tee Shirt

For the more feminine fanatics craving a pinkish side to the DC universe and Batman’s familiar friend and occasional foe Batgirl. This gift is quite the perfect fit for that very wish, available at the click of a button, ready to show off in front of your friends and family!

27. Wayne Industries Lanyard

Show a pretend employment to the billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne aka Batman, with this lanyard labeled ‘Wayne Industries’ ready to hold your keys and keychains.

28. Batman Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Open your bottles and decorate your fridge front with this familiar household name Batman logo for a solid conversation sparker among your Batman-loving friends!

29. Batman Black And White Book

Visit this unique style and concept following some of the many adventures of Gotham’s savior Batman but in black and white for an old school feeling. Ready and available to stock your shelf this season with the new artwork color scheme brought to you by the iconic DC comics!

30. Batman Funko Pop Pride Edition

Something for the inspiring LGBT community, this Batman Funko Pop being valued representation for the familiar rainbow is colorful and powerful alike collided with the likes of the DC comics frontman Bruce Wayne aka batman. Ready not only for Gotham followers and fanatics, but the evolving evolution of pride and its wholesome love defining movement!

31. Batman A Death in the Family Book

Many men have taken to the role of Batman’s crime fighting sidekick Robin and many grew a father and son like bond with the Gotham icon. This story however focuses on the Robin named Jason Todd and a dark twist to his story aside his leader. Heart Wrenching and emotional, perfect for the comic book collection of yourself or that special loved one!

32. Batman Carseat for Kids

File this under “really cool Batman stuff we didn’t know existed but can’t live without.” We’re honestly not sure if this qualifies as Batman gifts for adults or kids, but it’s the perfect gift for the Batman loving family. Your little one will be rolling to daycare in style in this seat. Just promise us you’ll call your black minivan the Batmobile, ok?

33. Batman Logo Keychain

This piece based on the infamous Batman gadget the batarang is an attachable keychain designed for the decoration of a lanyard. Which is perfect for the DC follower ready to show their loyalty to the bat on the gland around town!

34. Perched Batman Figurine

Perched and peering over Gotham serving as a warning to villains and security to civilians, Batman is the savior of the crime ridden city. He shows his well earned spot on top of the gargoyle over the town in this collectible piece ready for packaging or unpackaging, to whichever the collector prefers!

35. Retro Batman Action Figure

Retro and rarer than more modern figurines, this packaged and potential collectible is officially licensed and based on the 60s hit tv show. Ready for the tiptop shelf of your home’s decoration and display now!

36. Retro Batcycle

Batman and his many gadgets and vehicles is a running fad even through the decades, proven by this one batcycle dated back to the time of the more retro aesthetic. Potentially a collectible piece so it’s designed to stay in packaging, however it’s still a very fitting piece to DC die hard fans home unpackaged as well!

37. Retro Batgirl Figure

This female empowerment example has been on the big screens since the 60s classic hit show. Saving the day stylishly with her fashionable costume and making her way to our hearts and hopefully your shopping cart at this purchasable retro product!

38. Retro Landline Batman Phone

As seen on tv, this rotary landline phone is inspired by the prop from the original 1960s Batman tv show. Perfect for not only the fans of the Gotham lore but also the fans of the retro tv classics, ideal to be a multi pleasing gift for display this season for that special loved one!

39. Batman Who Laughs Book

Ready to follow the origin of the darker and creepier Batman? Well this book is a perfect order, sure to aid your knowledge to the story of how he became ‘The Batman Who Laughs’.

40. Batman Joker Vandalized Funko Pop

This whiteout edition of Batman seems to be a unique blank slate, up until the vandalization executed by the Joker himself. Sure to make that pro villain Joker preference message to your lengthy Funko Pop collection!

41. Batman Coloring Book

Something for the kids of the Batman fans household, share this coloring book with your mini me and see what colors their imagination gives the icon Bruce Wayne!

42. Batman Who Laughs Rising Board Game

Return to the entertainment of the olden days and golden days, with a board game rather than a video game. Featuring a nice figurine and cooperative based play, this rule driven piece is fun for the whole family in preference of the Bat over Gotham!

43. Batman DC Gift Box

Officially licensed by DC, this toaster is the next best thing to having Alfred bring you breakfast. Is it a little ridiculous? Obviously. But it’s an impressive gift and will make the perfect addition to the kitchen of your favorite Batman fan.

44. Limited Edition Rainbow Batman Funko Pop

Rare and limited edition, this collectible and hard to find Batman is covered head to toe in a rainbow palette color scheme. Surely a different look but still stylish in his journey’s to save Gotham and perch on your shelf top!

45. The Lego Batman 60 Sealed Lego Collectible Figures

60 sealed along with the cardboard store ready display, uniquely to your home porch and house display and use. Featuring such a lengthy number of bags, this purchase is sure to include at least one of the desired figures you crave!

46. Classic Batmobile Hot Wheel

Nothing beats that classic Batmobile design in the eyes of the fans and followers, so order this for loyalty to that opinion today. Ready for display or use for your kid you’re ready to convert to a DC superhero fanatic!

47. Double Edged Batman Logo Knife

Stainless steel, sharp cut, and a double edged blade knife, what more could you ask for? Feel like you’re owning a genuine gadget of Bruce Wayne himself with this compact and portable pocket knife!

48. Batman Keys Case

Wrap your keys contently and safely in the cape of Gotham’s savior Bruce Wayne today. At the click of a button and shipment to doorstep today, all the more reason to bragging rights in front of those familiar DC loving friends!

49. Batman Face mask

Stay safe with this Batman logo mask to protect your health and the health of others in style while representing your favorite hero!

50. Handmade Batman Notebook

This handmade leather Batman notebook is inclusive of a straight comic book piece aesthetic. Ready to hold your thoughts, drawings, or needed notes for the prop feeling DC based design. Ready for bragging rights at the showing off of this thick and lockable Bruce Wayne journal!

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