23 Best Boat Gift Ideas

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So you’re looking for boat gift ideas to give for a special occasion. Whether you’re shopping for your first mate, a new boat owner, or someone headed out on a long cruise, we have some amazing gift ideas for you to choose from.

When a group of boat owners get together and start spending time together, a strong bond is made and the memorable moments become a little more special. A new boater friend is like a new family member, and will be treated as such.

Just like buying a new home, some people receive gifts to enhance their home. When someone gets their first boat, it is a nice gesture to provide them with a gift.

It could be simple practical gifts, unique gifts, maybe a nice nautical gift, or even a funny gift. No matter who you’re shopping for or if the only thing you know about a boat is that it floats, you’re sure to find the perfect gift here.

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The Best Boat Gift Ideas for Boaters

Stainless Steel Personalized Compass Necklace

This high quality compass necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves exploring. You can customize the front with specific coordinates (maybe the location of a special place), as well as adding a personalized engraved message to the back.

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Boat lovers will love sporting this stainless steel necklace on the water and off.

Anchor Themed Bottle Opener

Being in the sun makes you hot and thirsty, so of course you need to be prepared with proper refreshments. There's no better way to pop your top than with this anchor themed bottle opener.

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Your boat captain will have a good laugh when you gift him this bottle opener along with a 6 pack of his favorite beverage.

Garmin Striker 7SV GPS Fishfinder

If high-end gifts are more your style, let me tell you about this fish finder. The absolute best gift for any fishing trip or sea travels. It has a 7 inch display screen, which makes it easy to see. The Garmin Striker 4 is similar, but its screen is much smaller. This device uses sonar to show you exactly where the fish are. It can detect below the boat and each side of the boat. You can store marking points along your route to remind you where the good spots are, and it has the capacity to mark up to 1 million acres!

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This is such a great gift idea that your boat enthusiast will never want to get out of the water!

Engraved Compass

Any adventurer - whether seeking adventure in nature or in general life - needs a good sense of direction so they won't get lost. Of course a simple solution is to use a compass, and this personalized compass is the perfect choice. Customize both the compass and its case with a special message, logo, or image. You can even use your own handwriting! This is a unique gift that will be treasured forever.

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Sea Salt Soap

This sea salt soap is a great stocking stuffer! With a light, clean scent and gentle lather, you'll leave the shower with soft and moisturized skin. Has a gentle exfoliator that reminds you of the sea.

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Lake Topography Art

Crafted to capture the topography of their favorite lake or coastal region, each three-dimensional map recreates water depths, using information gathered from studies of the Earth’s surface. It also displays surrounding roads, towns, and landmarks, so let the sweet summer memories flow. Hand-assembled in the size of your choice, framed in cherry wood, and made in the USA.

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Compact First Aid Kit (228pcs)

A first aid kit is a MUST for anyone. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worst. This first aid kit is waterproof, so even if there's a water disaster the contents inside the kit will still be useful. This may not be the most exciting gift, but it is always a plus when someone thinks of thoughtful gift ideas. Before heading out on any adventure, this first aid kit is a handy tool that should not be forgotten.

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Dock Lines

Every boat needs a set of dock lines, no matter if they are small boats, pontoon boats, or if your friend is a yacht owner. No one needs their water party floating away when they are docked at their nice beach house, right? Double braided and ultra strong, this line has a 12 inch boat loop on the end for quick tie up.

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Floating Waterproof Speaker

If you're planning to spend a long time on the water, this portable waterproof speaker makes the perfect present. Even if it falls in the cold water or gets caught in the rain, you don't have to worry. And the best part -- it floats! With the volume turned all the way up, this floating speaker will last 10 hours! However, if you like the music on low, it can last up to 4 days, or 100 hours! Talk about fun in the sun!

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A boat isn’t complete without music! A waterproof speaker is, by far, at the top of the list for perfect ideas. If your friend has a smaller boat, you may wish to choose the JBL Charge.

Custom Long Sleeve Shirts

Sometimes practical items make good choice gifts. These long sleeve shirts are designed with your special boater friend in mind. They are lightweight and provide 50+SPF! No need to apply sunscreen every hour when wearing these cool shirts with long sleeves for amazing protection. They come in vibrant colors and can be customized to make them even better.

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Check out our favorite fishing gifts too!

30W Solar Panel Kit

A solar panel is a nice gift for any outdoor lover. The solar panel is for outdoor use only. It turns sunlight into energy, therefore the flat surface needs to have direct sunlight for maximum effects. It has a waterproof design and is weatherproof, so it will survive the elements of nature for up to 10 years. This solar panel is great when being used as a battery charger, and has a safety feature so it will not short out.

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Personalized Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers should be on any gift list. They are perfect for any holiday season, and honestly, they make a great addition to any cup collection. These tumblers can be personalized to say whatever is appropriate and come in different colors. Gift one of these tumblers with a bottle of their favorite wine for the ideal gift!

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You could also get an assortment and have some that say first mate or perfect companion. If you like giving funny gifts, you can always put a funny quote on them.

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

When going out - whether it's on a boat, hiking, or camping - it is a good idea to have a waterproof bag with extra supplies, such as dry clothes and shelter material. The Earth Pak Dry Bag comes in many different sizes: 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L and 55L, so there is a bag made for every type of traveler.

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Deck Boat Gas Cap Key

It’s never a bad idea to have spare parts when it is something important. The deck boat gas cap and water tank key is a fairly small item that, over time, can become broken or lost. These are not costly at all, and very convenient to have.

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Square Drain Plug Wrench

Another practical tool that isn’t a flashy novelty gift, is this drain plug wrench. Folks seem to have a time keeping up with this tool and the plug, after it is removed. This wrench has stepped up a level and comes with a spare plug, just in case. Also, it is made with a super magnet so that you can simply attach it to the boat or trailer with no worries of it falling off.

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LED Light Strips

Party lights make cool gifts. Help set the party mood with a colorful strip of lights. If the boat isn’t intended for a party, a set of plain white lights would do just fine. These do come in a variety of colors.

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Boat Medallion Necklace

A wonderful gift for the Lady of the Boat is this beautiful 14k gold boat medallion necklace. Very small and dainty, this is a beautiful gift that will last a lifetime. My go-to choice for the perfect gift has always been jewelry. I think this is such a beautiful piece of work. No worries of wrong gifts when you give something like this to a boating enthusiast.

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Bottle Coolers

Forget the koozie and mugs at home when you have this bad boy (or girl). This is a game changer for the bottle drinkers! This bottle cooler will keep your bottled beverage frosty for hours, if your drink lasts that long. It even has its own built in bottle cap opener - how convenient!

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Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

Ahoy there, it's time for dinner! This silver-plated serving bowl is shaped like a row boat and comes with wooden utensils (carved from rosewood) shaped like oars. Perfect for serving salad or fruit, and guaranteed to be a conversation starter during the meal.

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OLYMPUS Waterproof Digital Camera

Pics or it didn't happen. When you're out and about on an adventure, a waterproof digital camera is a must. With 5 underwater shooting modes and water proof to 50 feet, the OLYMPUS Tough TG-6 can capture photos and video - even of the one that got away. (I recommend you check the customer reviews on Amazon to see some amazing macro shots and high quality photos.)

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Waterproof Phone Case

For those who don't adventure without their phone, this universal phone case is waterproof to keep their device safe. Most phones nowadays are water resistant, however, it is not guaranteed that it will survive if submerged for long periods. These cases have clips to make it easy to keep up with, and guarantee the safety of your phone from water damage.

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This phone case is a practical budget-friendly gift that makes a great stocking stuffer!

Fishing Pole Mount

No fishing boat is complete without a pole mount. Give those hands and mind a break. Let the mount hold the pole while you enjoy a drink or a snack. This is a perfect gift for any boater or fisherman.

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We hope our gift guide has helped you to find an awesome gift for your boating friend! We update our gift selections often, so be sure to save this list and check back for new gift ideas soon.

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